Water supply threatened

The Sindh irrigation department has decided to discharge highly contaminated water from Manchar Lake into the Indus River, despite the fact that the water on the upstream of the Kotri barrage has reached a contamination level 350 parts per million (ppm).

When they did this in 2004, the river’s ppm went to between 500 and 600 ppm and over 40 people died in Hyderabad alone. This decision poses a threat to the populations of Karachi, Hyderabad and five other districts in southern Sindh, Daily Times learnt Monday.

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  1. BANANA REPUBLIC (unregistered) on January 17th, 2008 @ 10:10 pm
  2. Kabir Das (unregistered) on January 18th, 2008 @ 12:52 am

    Do not worry. Life is cheap in Pakistan.

  3. ali-en (unregistered) on January 18th, 2008 @ 2:40 am

    ^^ A simple yet very thoughtful phrase that sums up the entire situation–and the society in general–very well. Hats off, buddy.

  4. BoZz (unregistered) on January 18th, 2008 @ 9:39 am

    Not to worry. We will lap it all up, like most other putrid things that come our way.

  5. Dr. DRE (unregistered) on January 18th, 2008 @ 9:55 am


    what a novel idea for population control!!!

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