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Karachi University teacher severly beaten up by Rangers

Dr Riaz — a professor at the University of Karachi (KU) — was severely beaten up an hour ago by Rangers personnel at KU.

There was tension throughout the day at Karachi University and all the gates were locked. By 05:00 p.m. Dr Riaz decided to leave for home. He reached the main (silver jubilee) gate of the university, and told the Rangers personnel there to open the gate so that he may leave. He’s a teacher and has the right to get gates opened. The Rangers personnel got abusive, pulled Dr Riaz out of the car, and started beating him up with the butts of their rifles and sticks. They kicked him with their boots as well.

It is sad that such treatment has been metted out to a faculty member, we sincerely condemn this action and hope that a proper inquiry is conducted to bring these guilty to task

Inflated Gas Bills Anyone?

Daily Dawn ran a story about a large number of cases where SSGC has sent inflated gas bills to its customers. If you are affected by this trouble, please send in your customer details which will be submitted to the company which is now on its toes to get the issue fixed. Use the comments section to post your customer number found in your gas bill.

PPP to engulf Karachi

Yes, its ugly. And painful. But the reality is that PPP is going to be all over Karachi and there is little you could do to stop it. (more…)

Gassed out

In the last three months, the residents of our fine city have been fleeced by SSGC due to inflated bills. Reports of these inflated bills first started appearing in February and have now escalated to a full out uproar as many consumers in Defence, P.E.C.H.S and Gulshan – E – Iqbal Town have received bills upto 3 times the amount of their average billing.

Several residents including me have visited the lavish offices of the SSGC, only to be met with stone walling and various flimsy excuses. I was just reading yesterday in Dawn how a person was told by the complaint officer present that thousands of faulty “new” gas meters had been installed at residences across Karachi and the company was merely recovering its lost charges accrued over last year.

It is a fact that people who have switched to gas via kits on their petrol generators are now incurring equal to sometimes more cost of the power generated previously by petrol. Seems like there is no end for the woes of Karachiates as each passing season increases the load on their weary backs. Perhaps the SSGC is following PTCL in making a quick buck a la the Pakistan package. I really wonder which residences these faulty gas meters have been installed at? Perhaps we can dream that an audit will be carried out? We need consumer courts in this city and fast!! To stop these malpractices being suffered by all of us!!

Sindh Festival 2008

The fift Sindh Festival 2008 started on Friday night at the Sea View.

Have not yet visited it personally but from newspapers it seems to be some where worth being with Sindh Rangers setting up a desert village and the fishermen cooperative society, a fishermen village. The festival sounds informative and fun showcasing the people, music, food, garments, decoration pieces and other traditional stuff from the interior Sindh.

The festival has free entry with a large number of police and rangers and satisfactory security arrangements made.

With Some Creativity

We all love these sweet Jalaibies specially with our daily dose of evening tea. Some like the thinner crispier ones while the others like the fat and juicer ones. A shopkeeper here in bahadurabad got a bit creative and decided to give the fat jalabies a totally different name. He now proudly calls them Jalaiba.


Awaiting an ugly incident . . .
Credit : Mudsi

Snoopy: The end of a legacy

I was driving down Tariq Road last night, and noticed that Snoopy has been closed down and reopened as Pizza Next. This marks the end of a legacy.

For those of you who do not know, Snoopy was a very popular ice cream parlor in the ’90s, with numerous branches across the city. I remember one of the most popular ones used to be the one at NIPA, which made way for KFC. With the advent of foreign fast food chains, coffe houses, etc, the popularity of Snoopy’s probably started to wane quite a bit.

Finally, the last Snoopy parlor in the city has gone, without a trace. How many of you will remember it fondly? Let’s hear your thoughts. comments, and any special memories you have.

Woman raped at Mazar e Quaid mausoleum

A woman was ganged raped at Mazar e Quaid mausoleum recently. While local media for some unknown “reasons” is not covering it properly it has been reported in newspapers & over internet. “According to her statement and that of her husband and family members, she arrived in Karachi from the central Pakistani town of Lodhran three days ago. The newly-wed 19-year-old victim said she was kidnapped at gunpoint by two men from the gate of the mausoleum on 15 March. She told police she was drugged and then raped by her kidnappers and other men who later joined them. In the meantime, her family reported her as missing to the local police. On 17 March, the victim was found in a drugged state by paramilitary personnel on guard duty at the mausoleum.” Read all

A slight different account of the same story is posted here on Emergency Times.

I have often posted on the overall degradation of society & this is just one example. The first speech by Quaid e Azam regarding the safety of life n property seems like a dead ambition. If the second version of the story is true, it makes it even more difficult to provide justice to this victim.

Street Racing in Karachi

Ran into these street racer last Sunday, watching these cars race is an exhilarating experience but very much unsafe and definitely illegal. Proceed at your own risk


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