Here comes Rabiul-Awwal

When will those who claim to be our “leaders” focus their “demands” on actual needs of the hapless people they claim to represent? Take for instance this this recent report from The News. It quotes the the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) Karachi chief, Shabbir Abu Talib demanding amongst other things a two day official holiday for the birth (and death) anniversary of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

“The government should officially announce two-day holidays on the 11th and 12th or the 12th and 13th of Rabiul-Awwal” he insisted, whilst also calling for “uninterrupted electricity supply during Rabiul Awwal processions”, a “special cleanliness campaign” (as a part of which limestone should be sprinkled at roadsides, footpaths, grounds and garbage-dumping centres he demanded) and “high standards of law and order in the city” which would ironically include accommodations for crowds to proceed in processions without any barriers and prior permissions.

Even keeping aside the irony of his demand of a “high standard of law and order” which gives specific people part of the Rabiul Awwal festivities (although some now border on being gimmicks then festivities) the honor of being above the law, I cannot help but feel absolutely furious at seeing such reports.

Does Mr. Shabbir Abu Talib realise that the academic year has shrunk down to a mere 140 days because of a plethora of vacations, gazetted holidays, exam leaves, weekends, and unscheduled closures? Does he realise that several parts of the city are facing load shedding for as many as thee times a day (so much so that in some parts the total number of hours where power is cut of exceeds the total number of hours where you do get power!)?

Yet still there is the “demand” that there ought to be not one but two official holidays, who cares if this further compromises on on already feeble educational set up? “Uninterrupted power supply” for almighty processions and lighting up of mosques for the entire week approaching 12th Rabiul-Awwal are also entirely necessary despite the acute shortage of power the city faces.

What’s most disturbing is this we do this year after year in the name of our love for the Prophet, peace be upon him. I’d not want to go into a specific debate about the permissibility or otherwise of this event from a purely religious perspective, but I do understand that whatever disagreements their are amongst scholars regarding mawlid celebrations are not about the event it self, but about related “excessiveness”.

Why does our love for the blessed Prophet peace be upon him never extend beyond the festivities of attending processions and milads? Why is it restricted merely to these displays twice a year instead of a more all encompassing incorporation of his sunnah and ways of life into our every day life? Why don’t we ask our selves if the Prophet would have approved of such questionable use of already meager state resources in the name of celebrating his birthday? I’m sure there are better ways in which we can celebrate the life of the beloved Prophet.

Post script: It seems the government has accepted these demands, the Associated Press of Pakistan reports that the Governor of Sindh, Dr. Ishratul Ibad Khan, has announced holidays throughout the Province on 11th of Rabiul Awwal and 12th of Rabiul Awwal, corresponding to Thursday, the 20th and Friday the 21st of March respectively! There you go, two more days taken of the academic calender, just like that.

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  1. balma on March 24th, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

    Spelling mistake:

    I meant greener pastures.

  2. kabirdas on March 25th, 2008 @ 3:07 am

    Ref: oldetymekarachiite March 23rd, 2008 7:44 pm

    Actually I would say they have found their salvation in ignorance. After all ignorance is a bliss.

    Ref: balma March 24th, 2008 3:34 am

    Let them declare their Jihad on me. I have already told you what Allama Iqbal said about Mulla’s Jihad.

    Ref: sceptic March 24th, 2008 6:53 am

    It is a good piece. However, please note the reasons given by BR for not being a Christian can not be cited in their entirety for not being a Muslim. If I ever decide to write such a book it will be titled : ‘Why I am not a Mulla.’
    If you happen to hold this book please read its Appendix titled: ‘How Bertrand Russel was Prevented from Teaching at the College of the City of New york.’ I found it most interesting to read. It shows the bigotry of their Mullas.

    Ref: wasiq March 24th, 2008 8:44 am

    Sorry, didn’t quite see its relevance to the issue at hand. If you are being circaustic (spelling ?) I will like to draw your attention to Albert Schwairtzer (spelling ? ) who was also a German. Don’t malign German as a anation.

    Ref: salmakhan March 24th, 2008 9:57 am

    Yes, they may be useful for that but under your ones watchful eyes.

    Ref: balma March 24th, 2008 10:53 pm

    You could have more aptly corrected your mistake by saying they have moved to Louis Pasteur (for pasteurization which they need)

  3. kabirdas on March 25th, 2008 @ 3:35 am

    Guys for a new very interesting issue get ready for a news which is going to hit news papers in next few days. Should one have freedom to pick and choose ones religion or not. Mulla believes in one way traffic only. Mulla believes followers of other religions should be made to convert to Islam by all possible means. However, if a Muslim converts to anyother faith he is Wajabul Katal meaning kill him in the name of Allah.

    Well, one poor Muslim, Magdi Allam, has done that today. He has been baptized by Pope. He has said:
    "I realize what I am going up against but I will confront my fate with my head high, with my back straight and the interior strength of one who is certain about his faith."
    For details you may visit:

    I am not pleased to learn about Magdi Allam’s conversion to Christianity as such but then anything that displeases a Mulla somehow pleases me. Anyway why make fuss about losing one Muslim when we are so efficient at producing new ones at a unmatchable rate :-)

    Mr. Ibrahim you are needed here again for your Bud Duas. What else can you do otherwise? This is an age of freedom. Freedom from tyranny.

  4. balma on March 25th, 2008 @ 8:46 am

    No, the person who leaves Islam is not vaajib-ul-qatal.
    But, if you keep writing qatal as katal, you will be vaajib-ul-qatal.

    Pope is quite stupid in giving such prominence to a conversion. get a job pope dude.

    Hazrat Ibrahim Aleh Salaam is about to jump into this KMB fire any moment……

  5. kabirdas on March 25th, 2008 @ 11:04 am

    Ref: balma March 25th, 2008 8:46 am

    You have made my day by your remarks about writng Qatal with ‘K’. After a long time I am going to start my day with a smile. I am glad nobody noticed my writing Qoran with a K which would have been even a great sin. Actually balma the problem is I am not a Ahl-e-Zaban hence this K for Q. Even Allama Iqbal was guilty of this. I think it may be easier to follow the Hydrabadis and pronounce K as kh:-)
    I will not take a chance on being a Murtid. There are 2 school of thoughts on this issue. One says conversion from Islam to any other religion is not Wajab-ul-Qatal the other says it is. I will not trust either one of them.
    You are right about Pope. Quite honestly I consider him an edifice of ignorance in this age. By the way another issue is brewing up in Canada over Laleh Bakhtiar’s Qur’an Translation – Verse 4:34. For detais you may like to visit:

    Wonder what would ibrahim say about all this. The poor chap may run out of his Bud Duas in dealing with so many issues :-) You know I miss his absence from this Blog. I hope he resurfaces soon and colour to the proceedings.

  6. بستنی (wasiq) on March 25th, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

    @kabirdas jee….

    My apologies to you and all the german readers of the blog…..!
    the relevence is to the one above….some non-RC readers might find it difficult to grasp….still my apologies.

  7. ibrahim on March 27th, 2008 @ 11:25 am

    Continued from above…

    Please point out the Kufr which " Retard Balma had been speaking kufr right, left and center." If he has done that I will personally take charge of him and join you giving him a joint Bud Dua. OK are you happy now. Show me the Kufr spoken by him in respect of our religion in your next post.

    Where shall I start? Ask him first and let’s see if he has an ounce of dignity in him. He has said a lot of things, mock the symbols of Islam, curse ahadith, and as Adnan quoted has said he has nothing to do with something called religion. Btw, since you call yourself an agnostic, what you say about Islam or somebody’s faith in Islam has no weight.
    I don’t talk to Balma privately. When I ignore 99.9% of his posts here, why would I ever talk to him privately?! You know very well that when I say retard I mean the arguments sound retarded….when one has nothing to talk about then he/she starts to split hair. Well done.

    No, khutaba is not the only thing that Rasoolullal (saw) said. He must have said host of other things. Why do you ask this question?

    Because either you are completely ignorant (highly likely) or you don’t want to believe in the many principles laid out in other ahadith.

    I agree with you that denying even a single verse of Koran is Kufr. However interpreting it differently is another matter.

    Do you agree a verse can be denied by interpreting it in a way that the meaning is completely changed? Just because it’s interpreted doesn’t mean the person doing so is not denying it. It’s clear cut in surah an-Nisaa’ that in inheritence a son gets twice as much as a daughter. Now, if you have a guy who "interprets" it to mean that they have equal share, is this kufr or not?

    I hold all scholors in high regard for their scholostic attainments particulary when they have something original to offer.

    This is why I say you shouldn’t talk about Islam, besides many other reasons. Any “scholar” is rejected who has something “original to offer” in Islam. The best of scholars or Muslims are those who try to follow the Quran, the sunnah of Rasoolullah (saw) and of his sahabah, etc. without bringing something new to the religion.

    Persons pretending and acting like scholors who can be spotted easily is a differnt matter. What are the symbols of Islam?

    Believe me, you don’t have an ounce of ability to spot a real scholars from frauds such as Javed Ahmed Ghamidi.

    Do you mean things like beard etc? Yes and many things else.
    Also what do you mean by the wahdaniyat of religions? I thought wahdaniat may mean unity or oneness etc.

    Yes, unity or oneness of religion. Like, your comment that this Kabirdas who was a Hindur or Muslim (nobody knows!) was above prejudice of religion when our prophet (saw) wasn’t. So, who is correct?

    I will have no hasitation to reject a Hadith which is clearly against the Book.

    May Allah guide you. How did you end up with this principle? Where did you learn this or made it up yourself? Is this mentioned in the Quran (it is not)? This is kufr, big kufr. Tell me: Would Rasoolullah (saw) say anything against al-Quran? If you say he didn’t; rather somebody else made up most of the ahadith (that are “clearly against the Book”) then how did you decide the ahadith that you believe in weren’t made up? I thought you guys were all into logic? Where does logic go when it comes to these issues.

    To illustrate his point he pointed out about 40 such Hadiths and said no Muslim in his right mind would accept that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would have said such a thing. I don’t have those 40 Hadiths with me now. Anyway even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to reproduce them here for the information and opinion of Mr. Ibrahim. They were unprintable!! So you see Master Ibrahim what I am trying to say in this regard.

    There is nothing that has been authentically reported by Rasoolullah (saw) that is “unprintable”. Don’t create fall impressions. Still, let’s say there were about 40 or 100 or 200 such ahadith. But, why is that munkar-e-hadith end up denying or drastically changing most of the ahkaam in Islam? This is because these “unprintable” ahadith are just an excuse to reject the most straightforward and clear-cut ahadith.
    You talked about ejima (ijitma as you said it). So, why not believe in ejima of most that munkar-e-hadith are kuffar? Where is ‘aql. O Allah, grant all of us sincerity and aql-e-saleem.

    … you may try a Doa insted of a Bud Dua for them. The Doa could be Oh God show them the right path. I promise you your this kind of Doa is likely to have better effect than the one you use now as a good Muslim and as paragon of virtues.

    Yes, good advice. And, I almost always do so. Ask Balma himself. But, the unfortunate part is, what is the response by people like you: "Oh, so you think we are misguided and you are the only guided ones!" When people don’t have sincerity in their hearts, then any argument or duaa in favor or against them is a loose-loose situation.

    Now, let me ask you a couple of questions:

    Do you believe that Islam is THE absolute truth…the only way to worship Allah and enter Jannah?

    Is a person who believes in relative truth (there are other ways other than Islam to please Allah and enter Jannah) a Muslim? This belief is similar but not exactly the same to wahdaniyat of religions.

    When Allah says in Quran that He has chosen Islam as THE religion and completed it (through Quran and ahadith and principles laid down by Quran and the sunnah), is it allowed for a person to bring something original to Islam?

    Lastly, I will follow up with your response most probably one more time. But, that’s it because what I have to say in principle has been said. Now, we are delving into examples and other issues before resolving the basic ones on which other issues stand. The problem is I will only talk according to the principles in Islam and judge what is said about Islam according to these principles inshaAllah.

    On the other hand, you and people like you have made everything fair game. You have no knowledge of usul-e-deen nor you care about principles. I’m saying follow the Quran and the sunnah and you are saying “My guru is BR”. What else then can I say except, by Allah, my “guru” is Rasoolullah (saw). You might be hurt by this, but you have very little knowledge of Islam, and you want to believe what you want to believe. But, remember at the end of the day every single one of us has to answer to Allah…kuffar and Muslims alike.

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