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Suicide caused by harassment of loan recovery staff

I was seriously disgusted after reading the following news article about a man who committed suicide after being harassed by MCB’s recovery staff.

Due to the alleged immense pressure and threats from the loan recovery staff of a bank, a man committed suicide inside his house within the jurisdiction of the New Karachi police station.

According to his father, Mohammed Munchi:

Mohammed Tufail, 27, was residing in New Karachi, which is where he committed suicide.

He added that his son, Tufail, got married a few years back and had one son. Due to some differences with Tufail, his wife had left him and gone to her parents’ house. A few months back, he had also gone through another setback, suffering a big financial loss in his LPG business.

Later, he applied for a loan from the Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB). Due to a delay in the payment of an installment, the recovery staff of the MCB started visiting his house and threatening him with dire consequences.

On Sunday, when Tufail was present at his house, the recovery personnel once again came calling and began to continuously pressurize his son. Tufail’s sister was home and the recovery team went to the point of grabbing her hand and harassing her. Their neighbors are eye-witnesses to this event. After a heated argument, the MCB recovery staff left.

This harassment of his sister was the last nail to Tufail’s self-esteem’s coffin, because earlier he already had suffered a huge loss in business. He locked himself inside his room and hanged himself from a ceiling fan.

Station House Officer, New Karachi, Pervez Gujjar, commented that they are waiting for the statement of the family and, as soon as they approached the police for the registration of an FIR against the recovery staff of the MCB, they would oblige.

Will the Recovery Staff of MCB tried readily in court? Will Tufail receive any justice? What was his fault?

This is not the first time that I’ve read and heard about the antics done by recovery staff of banks. They don’t only bad-mouth on phone but harass by coming over at office/home address. They are trained to go and pummel down the doors and pursue the “loan offenders”.

However, bank loans are available on silver platter, provided on dropping a few names and documents (which can even be fake). What is the remedy of this? Whatever the condition maybe, why there are not strict terms and policies used by banks so that such people are saved from the system and vice versa. Why give a bankrupt person loan? How many more to follow with our fast-paced and stressful work life?



You don’t expect to find such a sign in an eatery place but I did and found it interesting.

Shoot anybody

Guess the place?

* It is not Gunsmoke.

18th Annual Aalmi Mushaira to be held tonight

The 18th annual Aalimi Mushaira organised by the Sakinan Shehr-i-Quaid will be held at the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology’s Gulshan campus on April 30 at 10pm.

A large number of well-known poets including six from India are scheduled to participate in the event.

The Indian poets include Waseem Barelvi, Munawwar Rana, Dr Naseem Nikhat, Dr Kunwar Bahadur Beychain, Mansoor Usmani and Rai Bastooi.

The poets from Karachi who will be presenting their poetry include Raghib Muradabadi, Himayat Ali Shaair, Anwar Shaoor, Mehmood Shaam, Saleem Kousar, Athar Shah Khan Jaidi, Tariq Sabzwari, Azm Bahzad, Ahmed Naveed, Mrs Zakia Ghazar, Saeed Agha and Mrs Sehar Ali.

Source : Dawn

Icky goo

sludge1.jpgEvery morning, there is a team of CDGK guys cleaning up the sewerage line here, close to my office. I pass them almost every day. This morning, whilst I enjoyed the cooler Karachi temperature with my car window rolled down, I had a head-on collision with a terrifically potent, extremely vile stench. I escaped the scene with just only a disgusting feeling, but this was the man, that had to handle the cause of the stench. (more…)

Sufi Music Festival to be held tonight

From an email sent by Sabeen Mahmud:

Following the success of the previous Sufi festivals in Lahore and in Karachi, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) is taking the 5th edition of the Festival on a national tour. With its main venue set in Multan for 2008, the festival will travel to Karachi, and Islamabad, with a three day showcase in Lahore. RPTW has generously offered to stage the Karachi event in aid of disabled persons of the earthquake-hit areas to benefit CHAL Network, a project of Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre.

The four hour programme will be staged at the Beach View Garden of Carlton Hotel, DHA on 30th April 2008 at 8:00 pm.

You may obtain your Donor Invitations from Copper Kettle – Zamzama; The Second Floor (t2f); Aghas Supermarket, or by contacting CHAL Network Coordinators at 0300-269-2646 & 0321-242-1231 against a contribution of Rs 1,000 for the cause.

The Sufi Music Festival Features:

Hamid El Kasri (Morocco)

Sanam Marvi (Sindh)

Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad (Sindh)

Taj Mastani (Sindh)

Naseerudin Sami & Brothers (Sindh)

Fakir Abdul Wahid Jamali (Sindh)

Jamal ud din Fakir (Sindh)

Shah Jo Raag / Faqir (Sindh)

Akbar Khemeso Khan & Ayaz Hussain Nigara Player (Sindh)

SAMAA Ensemble (Iran)

Muni Begum (Sindh)

2 Drummers, 2 Malangs (Punjab)

Whirling Dervishes (Syria)

Total Duration: 4 hours (8:00 pm to Midnight)

VIP movement on Sh-e-Faisal

Just got a call from a colleague of mine saying that Sh-e-Faisal and Baloch Colony are both blocked because of some Very Irritating Problems movement passing through.. My Goodness! Almost feels like I am role playing a GE diagnosing a serious condition! But point of this is, if you don’t have to anywhere in a dire emergency, you may want to consider steering clear of these places.. After all, they are ONLY Karachi’s most traveled through locations.

Would appreciate if someone could give the green signal here when they manage to travel through the open road again-

On World Dance Day, Today.

sk01.jpgToday was world dance day and the significance of classical dance, in our culture, heritage and through the history was brought under the spotlight by Sheema Kermani, in a small café “The Second Floor” in Karachi.

The event kicked off with a brief history of classical dance which dates back to fifth millennium B.C. since then different forms of dance flourished and evolved in the region into what we see as classical dance today. The movements and body gestures one sees in different schools of classical dances can be recognized sculpted into the ruins found through out the Indian sub-continental region including the Indus civilization and at several other places in Pakistan which links  classical dance closely and undoubtedly to our own history and heritage. 

Classical dance unlike other pop-dances of today requires a proper training, it is a meticulously defined form of dance witch can only be performed after years of hard work and total dedication to this art, through which an artists can express stories, feelings, cultural values and so much more to it’s audience with great sophistication and grace.

At the end of the event a small demonstration of the art to further highlight the points included in the lecture by Sheema Kermani held the audience completely spell bound and one could easily trace joy, happiness, wonder, heartbreak and all in her meaningful facial expression, hand and body gestures and foot steps each of them in complete harmony with the music.

Classical dance is a refined form of art, which is an undeniable part of our heritage and culture. In a classical dance performance one could easily find stories, beauty, love, sadness and even terror but the only things which are untraceable in this refined art form is the chaos, vulgarity and a clash of our cultural values which we see today in almost every popular dance performance extravagantly fed to the general public by our media and pop artists. 

Today on the world dance day so lets not disown what’s our.

KMB on Samaa Tv

Today a member of our KMB team Awab Alvi was invited on the Samaa tv talk show by “Faisal Qureishi” alongwith his father to talk about “Social awareness” and how the burgeoning elite of our society are accomplishing nothing by their actions for this country.

First of all, i would like to congratulate the Doc or both Docs in fact :), they did a fine job. Awab represented and argued his points well enough, his father obviously is no stranger to making good points on a forum like  Live Tv.

However as i watched the show and this is totally my own singular opinion. I came to realize that this show is less social reform and more political rant. That too of the most vile kind as the host does the ranting while the guests sit and are i guess supposed to nod their heads.

What is the benefit of such shows i wonder? Its the first time i have seen this show and probably the last time i will see it, because i do not see the point of it. Samaa is a relatively new channel and is getting quite popular in Karachi with its attempts at different sort of programming, but to me they have made a blunder with the plot of this segment atleast.

Anyways Big up Doc for representing Karachi and yourself well!!  Perhaps we can all just agree to disagree eh?

Why did the cow cross the road?

cow2.jpgThis was a MOST fun sight I came across whilst driving through the Punjab colony area, from Clifton, onwards to Defence… A line of cows calmly crossing the street. Me, armed with my camera, of course did what was so natural – stop and click the scene!

Here’s something that never ceases to amaze me. The time it takes a cow, for example, to cross the road, would be enough to get cars and cars full of busy people going about their busy lives,  to honk like crazy. Few people would take the opportunity to switch off their cars and just let the ‘dairy on feet’ pass by. All this riff raff, cow11.jpgrunning around seems a bit… inhuman.. unnatural.

I know I’m sound like quite the oldie here, but it helps to take a minute away from the fast paced life and well… watch the cows go home, every once in a while. And if we let them cows cross the road peacefully, then perhaps one day we will quite rightfully be able to look at a sight like this and say, “Hey Buddy! Mooooo Over, will ya?!”

Mensa GBM – Saturday, April 26

The Pakistani Chapter of Mensa, the worldwide high IQ society, held a General Body Meeting on Saturday, April 26, which was open to all members and non-members.

The event started at 3:00 with a screening of the movie Syrianna. After the screening, the attendees moved to a separate room for an open discussion session, where plans were discussed for how to create more visibility and awareness of Mensa in Pakistan. A session of Origami followed, where an origami expert taught the audience step-by-step how to make two different types of cranes from a single, uncut, square piece of paper. The meeting ended with certificate distribution for the people who had passed the previous test. All in all, it was an interesting evening for the attendees, who enjoyed it immensely.

DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Managing Committee of Mensa Pakistan.

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