Terror sets in……an open response

My previous post “Terror sets in” triggered numerous comments, mostly directed towards the good that our current state of affairs hold for them. The number of comments, and the repeated emphasis on my perspective only compels me to write this open response to all the commentors.

Before I begin, I must say that I am not a political analyst of any sort, nor am I cunning enough to understand any underlying motive of any establishment, be it in power or opposition. My opinions are purely from an average ordinary joe perspective, that represent more than 70% of this country’s population. Also, since the commentors have luxuriously used the names of our rulers, please allow me to do the same.

Our nation does not hold many choices when it comes to running the country. We have seen our situation go from bad to worse under different governments. As a child, I was as naive as most of our nation today, and was an ardent fan of Altaf Hussain, with a poster in my bedroom and a firm belief that he is the all-good in our country. I would snap at anyone who criticized ‘Altaf bhai’. But like I said, I was stupid! Till very late, I couldn’t see the extent of evil that man is. How ordinary people have to bear the expense of his frivolity in maintaining his so-called ‘life as a political refugee’!

Half the country sings carols for BB, to the extent of almost sainthood. My family took a direct hit during her government in the early 90s when my father, a very senior executive at the Pakistan Steel Mills, refused to sign off a payment cheque which had a pre-decided cut for the party in government. He, along with 5 other officials, was sacked overnight, after a series of threats. Some of those officials could not take the shock and died, leaving behind growing children with no bread-earners. Luckily, my mother was a working lady and we survived well. The incident however, did alter our educational opportunities. I’m sure there are others whose tales will shadow mine; our country has suffered tremendously due to her and Zardari and yet today, we are saying cheers to the very man who we called “Mr. 10%” and who became the 1st suspect in our minds when BB was assassinated. Are we not worse than them?

Onto Nawaz Sharif, oh well, we all know the various stories and projects to rob the country of whatever remained. Those who call the Zia’s regime as the worst era in Pakistan’s history, please note that Nawaz Sharif noted General Zia as his political mentor! There was however, 1 good that came out of his government, the nuclear tests! However, the famous 13th and 14th amendments clearly signify his never-ending thirst of power with no barring on any of his schemes. For the record, he was officially sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for corruption and tax evasion charges. The ‎Accountability Court of Pakistan has also disqualified him from holding any public office for 21 ‎years, and fined him 20 million rupees.

To reiterate here, I look at what these governments have given to ordinary citizens. At the end of the day, you and I have the same demands of security, human rights, affordability of basic necessities, and of course, prosperity.

Onward to Musharraf, the Martial Law that I have experienced enough to remember. Although many challenge that his term has been more corrupt than anyone else, the common man has seen atleast some good out of it in the form of economic growth, foreign investments bringing more facilities to Pakistan, better road conditions etc. I donot entirely disagree with the fact that Musharraf’s rule has been corrupt, much like the previous governments.

I think most of the commentors have taken my post to be pro Musharraf. Let me clear a few points here.

As a nation, we have lost all the civic sense we had, we have lost regard to law, regard to the rights of others, and any spirit to become a part of any struggle for improvement. As a nation, we are spoilt brats to the point that we need a stick to discipline us! we have lost the right to deserve democracy!

If I were to change my initial post any bit, it would be that we need a Kingdom system in our country. That way, even if the heads of the state eat off the national treasury, it would be only a matter of time till they realize that there’s no way out than to work for Pakistan! Sadly, that can only remain a dream!

Call it Martial Law, call it whatever you want, but eradicate the plague of the current lot of politicians, make the law and order enforcing agencies strict, execute a couple of terrorists in public and I’ll see how it doesn’t scare the Sh** out of everyone and reduce the crime rate!

70% of our population lives under some kind of fuedal setting. That’s what they know, that’s what they believe in, and that’s what they’re going to elect!

You cannot empower the nation until they know the difference between good and evil.

I end my post with an open prayer for prosperity of Pakistan!

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  1. wildanjel on April 11th, 2008 @ 5:35 am

    good post. I agree with you buddy. You almost covered all the parties being blamed or involved for these riots.

    @Doctor, @Teeth Maestro
    Look this is a kind of post that deserver appreciation NOT a biased one usually found in your posts. I am NOT a supporter of MQM, but don’t blame them as the only party for these riots, there are other parties involved in this too as an individual or a small group can’t carry out such a mass disruption.

  2. starkcontrast (stabani) on April 11th, 2008 @ 6:08 am

    Finally, a post that actually looks at the political situation in the proper light, especially on KMB which always at a slant towards the so-called "democratic" parties.

    Very Good Post. Agree with you 100%.

  3. balma on April 11th, 2008 @ 7:49 am

    Here is Balma’s million dollars solution being offered for free – to solve all ghunda gardi in Pakistan.

    Ban on early marriages in Pakistan – minimum age 25 for women and 30 for men. Older women can’t have kids as frequently as 15 years old women, and number of kids per family will be reduced. Same goes for men to some extent.

    Two to three children limit per couple. Please search my token scheme for creating a market for trading options on children production(search KMB.
    These options could be traded on Karachi Commodities Exchange that I heard was going to be built in now crumbling incomplete Hyatt Regency Hotel building in Karachi.

    Complete ban on cousin marriages in Pakistan for next thirty years. We have too many inbreds, generation after generation. After thirty years, if the stupidity level of Pakistanis goes down, people could apply to some office for marrying their cousins….well, pyaar to gadhee say bhee ho jaataa hae!

    Complete ban on people naming their kids Muhammad or Khan. People who go for double whammy – Muhaammad Khan – should be put in jails.
    This is sign of stupidity and promotes jahalat. Nobody cares if 80 percent rapists in Pakistan have Muhammad as their name. What kind of record are Muslims trying to make – that Muhammad is the most common name among ghundaas in PAksitan? Is that the fucking point in naming every one Muhammad in Pakistan?
    Note: Akbar had banned Ahmed and Mustafa type names. Also use of Khan, without a title, was banned during Akbar’s time. Name your kid Khan in Peshawar, go to jail – that was the policy during Akbar’s time.

    Local Police in every area of Pakistan. Increase in their salaries.
    When local ghundas are hired in local police, they will have to watch out. Nobody should be under any illusion that shareef people will go to police….no that is not the point….but…Even ghundas don’t want their mothers to know about their kartoots.
    Guess what? When a police vallah from Vaziristan takes rishvat at Hasan Square, he is pretty sure no one in KArachi knows his mother.
    Mother and wife say sub shareef insaan Dartay hain. Kum-az-kum Balma kaa to yehee haal hae.

    Ten more universities in Karachi. 100 more universities all over Pakistan.
    But extreme measures to cut down population should go together. Otherwise Pakistan can never go beyond current 20 percent literacy rate.

    Cut down religion in schools and colleges. More religion we get in schools, more zulm-o-barbaryat we see among our people. More religion we enforce, more rishvat khores we have in Pakistan. I don’t see why Urdu kee chauthee kitab has to have a chapter on tajveed-e-Quran.

    MAssive infrastructure projects in Pakistan and Karachi. Pakistan needs so much infrastructure that millions can be employed.

    Start enforcing train tickets in 3rd class in trains coming from north to Karachi. Free ride should be offered in 3rd class on trains going north from Karachi. There is no reason why everyone in Multan should end up in Karachi. They should be encouraged to go to Peshavar, Lahore and Islamabad as well.

    Second level cities in Panjab should be developed such as Multan, Bahavalpur, etc

    There are too many people in Karachi. More edhi, more charity, more free services you have in KArachi, more people from all over Pakistan will show up for a free ride on a free ride. Edhi and others should be encouraged to provide free food and shelter to Pakistanis at the source.

    Educated people in Lahore and Islamabad should be bribed to move to Karachi. Educated should be attracted to Karachi from all over Pakistan.
    Jahils from Karachi should be encouraged to move to Islamabad.

    No more massive manufacturing industries should be allowed in KArachi and within 100 miles radius of Saddar, Karachi. GM wants to set up a plan to manufacture cars in Pakistan? set them up in Sukkar or Peshavar. this way all uneducated labor can stick close to their homes in WAziristan and Panjab.

    Karachi should become IT and banking center. Do any thing to attract Microsoft and UBS to Karachi. Steal educated people from Islamabd and Lahore to work for high tech companies in Karachi.

    There are too many people in Karachi. Sixteen million is not a joke. When you have jahil, inbred, religeous zealots, ghundaas, stupids, good for nothing, unemployed running around Karachi – this is what you will get….

  4. obiwankenobe on April 11th, 2008 @ 8:32 am

    Balma, once again an excellent comment except your nomenclature scheme, people should be free to name their kids what ever then want.

  5. Faisal.K (faisalk) on April 11th, 2008 @ 11:13 am

    What i really like about yr post Farrukh is that you admit your mistakes as well as point out what the PPP did to yr family personally.

    Shows a lot to the people who keep harping on about someone just because she died, which although tragic does not take away from the fact that she and her husband stole billions.

    The comments on the other parties are right as well.

  6. Tariq Khanani (tariqkhanani) on April 11th, 2008 @ 11:17 am

    lets nuke this country and start over. some things can’t be repaired.

  7. bozz on April 11th, 2008 @ 12:20 pm

    well said …..

  8. barristerakc on April 11th, 2008 @ 12:21 pm

    farrukhahmed, nice post mate! where were you before? i thought we are infested by the venom of MB’s of Teetho, Adnan and Co. – you came like a ‘vet’ , appreciated!!!!

  9. barristerakc on April 11th, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

    reply balma – pls, could you stop being balma!! and not repeat posts – kinda fed up with your bloody solutions (it looked alright for the first time) ….. i wish your ctrl and mouse keys rot before you paste this shit one more time!!!!

  10. MB (kar_munib) on April 11th, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

    A good post indeed with all points well mentioned except the one about the DAD.

    If you are asking who the dad is, its the ARMY in my opinion.

    I was searching for some comments from Farrukh on ARMY itself which has somehow for GOD known ( or rather known to all ) reasons taken the responsibility of being a DAD

    When you all done throwing dirt on politicians may i humbly ask who bring these politicians into the cirus?

    THE ARMY does

    May i ask who is the one who always takes over saying enough wrong has been done and they will do right but when they leave they leave us with more theives, new terorist, new evils and then arragne some sort of manipulated elections with their fav. people winning and forming a fake political setup with all the corrupt back into power

    THE ARMY does

    Who is the one who has no regards for CONSTITUTION and LAW, WHO is the one who said CONSTITUTION is a shit piece of paper? (ZIA iblees)
    Who is the one who terrorizes JUDGES to legalize their military take over?


    All of those who are so pro-ARMY may answer my this question

    Every time they takeover with all the CORRECT reasons why is that they are not able to clean the mess given the fact that they always stay for a decade every time they step in.

    its because if the honest politicians are allowed to come in power, they will cut the ARMY budget, divert it to education and health, the BIG plots and luxries enjoyed by ARMY will be cut down, the dramas played bY ISI will no longer be valid

    So my friends before throwing dirt on children, curse the father first

    MUSH used to call BENAZIR,ZARDARI NAWAZ as thieves and said he will never allow them back or into power at any cost

    He wasted our billions to form NAB and then what he gave in the end. He proved just another of ZIA, wasted our engeries for the stupid ENLIGHTENMENT drama of WEST, to get billions by selling our men to USA and stay in POWER because WASHIGNTON NEEDED him

    Why is that the AMERICAN aid shoots up whenever a military takes over in PAKISTAN?

    why is that some sort of economic progress is seen at first all military regimes?

    Is is because there is progress being made in real terms?

    NO my LORD

    Thats a staged drama every time at the end of which, every time we have, inflation, divide between rich and poor, disturbance, loss of integrity, devastation of institutes, more plots and lands for GENERALs and nothing else

    Why is that they ARMY gov. remembers to build a NEW 9 billion GHQ but didnt think about new POWER PROJECTS in country for 10 years ??

    Oh its all the FEUDAL MENTALITY of the GENERALS first and their spoon civil officers plus the STUPID politicians third in place who are responsible for all the mess.

    And why do people keep on churning this investment crap?

    Who invested what ? what the investment bring to locals? Who profited from it? Flooding roats with cars is progress or mobiles phone is progress?

    What GOOD these investors are bringing to us except charging the 10 rupee (15 rupee) PEPSI for 45 ??

    They are acting like the modern version of EAST INDIA company.

    Why the gov. didnt help the local industry first if it really wants to help people.

    Oh please…… again………. when you throw DIRT on politicians, do it first on their GOD FATHER.

    ALTAF,BB,NAWAZ etc. are just **** puppets of the ESTABLISHMENT

    I will once again paste the link of KHAWAJA ASIF

    I will keep on repeating all that i do as long as people touch the topic……

  11. MB (kar_munib) on April 12th, 2008 @ 11:23 am

    Ah someone was talking about BB and NAWAZ being corrupt

  12. mqpasta on April 13th, 2008 @ 1:10 am

    Be positive … between nice post.

    We should also consider our individual responsibilities too!

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