On World Dance Day, Today.

sk01.jpgToday was world dance day and the significance of classical dance, in our culture, heritage and through the history was brought under the spotlight by Sheema Kermani, in a small café “The Second Floor” in Karachi.

The event kicked off with a brief history of classical dance which dates back to fifth millennium B.C. since then different forms of dance flourished and evolved in the region into what we see as classical dance today. The movements and body gestures one sees in different schools of classical dances can be recognized sculpted into the ruins found through out the Indian sub-continental region including the Indus civilization and at several other places in Pakistan which links  classical dance closely and undoubtedly to our own history and heritage. 

Classical dance unlike other pop-dances of today requires a proper training, it is a meticulously defined form of dance witch can only be performed after years of hard work and total dedication to this art, through which an artists can express stories, feelings, cultural values and so much more to it’s audience with great sophistication and grace.

At the end of the event a small demonstration of the art to further highlight the points included in the lecture by Sheema Kermani held the audience completely spell bound and one could easily trace joy, happiness, wonder, heartbreak and all in her meaningful facial expression, hand and body gestures and foot steps each of them in complete harmony with the music.

Classical dance is a refined form of art, which is an undeniable part of our heritage and culture. In a classical dance performance one could easily find stories, beauty, love, sadness and even terror but the only things which are untraceable in this refined art form is the chaos, vulgarity and a clash of our cultural values which we see today in almost every popular dance performance extravagantly fed to the general public by our media and pop artists. 

Today on the world dance day so lets not disown what’s our.

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  1. Shamsi (shamsi) on April 30th, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

    Yes & The Lawyers will be dancing on streets Today onwards in Pakistan.

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