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Another Mineral Water in Town

Mineral Water
Thanks to our (all) governments whose incompetency in providing basic necessities of life one of which is clean water we have seen tremendous growth of companies selling mineral water and they are using the indifference of the gov. for their profiteering. As one of KMB author said “if our gov. doesn’t do anything NOW there would be a DAY when WE WOULD BE BREATHING OXYGEN by paying to companies”. His comments seem like a joke for now but so did the mineral water issue 100 years back that was considered free along with oxygen ever since we heard it.

Obituary Advertisement!

I came across this advertisement / piece of information in a local newspaper lying in the pile of junk. This picture is around 1 month old, I don’t exactly remember the date, but its probably published on 22nd of March, 2007. The title of the advertisement attracted my attention, I read it, and was very sad. :'((

Although the deceased is from a well-known family, but I did not expect DHL to promote this information in such a manner. A quarter page add costs around 300K ++ on Sundays. I was just thinking what if they had donated 300,000 rupees to some poor, the information of death could have made up an entire life of a poor person or probably lots and lots of them.


Bikes Without Lights

They are all too common, so common that I feel pointless mentioning them here and if you observe any main street in the Karachi for even a few seconds you are bound to spot a few on the road, yeah I am talking about bikes without lights, no head lights, no back lights, no indicators, nothing and loaded with women and even children running on our streets at night even in total darkness, almost invisible and camouflaged. They are people with a death wish and I don’t blame them, limited income, inflation and family problems does drive people towards suicide and what better way to die when the suicide can actually be termed as accident, at least people wont call them cowards but what if their plans to end their lives don’t work out the why they thought, what if they end up crippled or seriously injuring one of their family member, or worst a child ? Wouldn’t that add to they miseries ? Will they be able to forgive themselves ?

A few words of advice for them: Try a better way if suicide is what you have on your mind, and decide for your life alone don’t risk the lives of your children and loved ones and if what you have planed for is not suicide you have got to be plain stupid… Do give it a thought.

Note: Special thanks to Raja Islam for pointing to the issue. 

Blood Donation for Thalassemic Patients

blood-for-life.jpgA blood camp is being set up in Gulshan-e-Iqbal for Thalassemic patients organized by the Thalassemia Foundation

DATE: Saturday 26th April
TIME: 3:00pm to 12:00am Midnight
LOCATION: Mynmar Drive, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-10, Opposite Aladdin Water Park

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes the body to produce less hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps red blood cells spread oxygen all through your body. Low levels of hemoglobin may cause anemia, an illness that makes you feel weak and tired. Severe cases of anemia may damage organs and result in death.. Patients afflicted with this disease are dependent on blood transfusion throughout life and hence its important to schedule these blood donation centers to replenish the shortage. Which is why blood donation centers are setup.

Blood donation is a generally a healthy exercise for everyone to be done as frequent as every 8 weeks. If you are in good medical condition being at least 17 yrs old & weighing approximately 110 lbs then you care fit to donate blood, Step up for this noble cause, it is also considered as a Sadka Jaria

Read the Flyer HERE or download the MAP to the Blood Camp HERE

A Doctor From Hell

I had a persisting elevated temperature for a while my cousin who is a doctor (Anesthetist) put me on some antibiotics but when these medicines didn’t work he got me an appointment for a general physician but because there was almost a week before I would see this new physician so in the mean while I decided to see another doctor ( Doctor “A”) who was recommended by an elderly neighbor.


Earth Day Festivities

Yesterday was Earth Day all over the world, one of two official dates celebrated for the earth. (one set by the US, the other set by the UN, why is that always the case?)

Well in Karachi, it was good to see that finally there has been some action towards this. Thanks MB for your post on what each of us can do individually to make a difference. It really starts with reducing our consumption and putting the trash where it belongs (ie. not the road, your your neighbors street curb.)

Well one particular event I attended on this day was hosted by Aga Khan University, who set up three different activities for the day. Starting with a community clean up walk in Sultanabad Colony (a katchi abadis of 40,000 inhabitants). 75 students and volunteers (included local schools) showed their support for the event. It was concluded by an address by the colony’s Nazim.

In the afternoon, they invited NGOs such as IUCN, HANDS, AWARE, Shirkat Gah, WWF, EPA and Waste busters to set up stalls and inform people about their environmental contributions. It was really good to see the Windmill setup and community based arts and crafts amongst others. They also ran an audio/visual presentation featuring epic scenes from our planet.

They ended the day with a panel discussion including Mr. Asif Farooqui of Waste Busters, Mr Shahid Lutfi, former Director of EPA Sindh and hosted by Dr. Gregory Pappas, chair of CHS. It was an enlightening discussion about the serious issues being faced in the waste sector in terms of household, and industrial waste. The event had a very sound closing with comments by the Honorable Secretary of EPA Sindh, Mir Hussain Ali.

The turn out was less than expected at an AKU event, but perhaps that just reflects the lack of interest from many parties who need to take responsibility for this issue. The good news, is that there are private and public projects underway that are making a difference, but there is much more to go.

One such project that will be starting in June is by a Chinese firm under contract for 20 years to build an efficient waste management and implementation plan for Karachi. Let’s see if they can help solve our issues, however a home grown solution would probably be best.

All in all, a good day and good start to raising a voice about the topic in and around the city!

Earth Day and the need for a comprehensive effort

Karachi has literally become a trash site in recent times. Except for few there is hardly any place that remains clean. I took these pics (Original 1, Original 2, Original 3) recently and though i knew people dont care about cleanliness but i didnt know this much of garbage & ugliness appears at SEA VIEW every morning(7:00am). Some serious efforts required by all sections of the society if they want to see their city clean in coming years.
Earth Day - Karachi
We have done enough of preachings in this regard and now its time for some action otherwise we have already started to witness the climate and environmental degradation in rest of the world. Interestingly we dont need something special on our behalf i.e only making sure we dont throw garbage outside our home/office/vehicle, a simple rule that will do wonders. Just like any other issue i am sure there would be LAWs already in the book but someone from HEAVEN is required to enforce em on ground. At times even if there is a site people feel tired walking few steps and put the garbage at proper place. Also, please keep in mind that there are related problems associated with this i.e the standard of education needs to be improved. More and more schools be encouraged to be a part of the cleanliness drive and dedicate sometime in respective school/college/university to such causes. Many people i have seen are dedicating their time in activities like cleaning beach etc. but my point is, why do we have to spread the ugliness at first place? Is prevention not better than cure?

DAWN, Climatecrisis, The NEWS

Triple Sawari ……. but

I’ve heard of ‘double sawari‘, on occasions ‘triple sawari‘ but this one takes the cake – I’m genuinely impressed at the creativity of this jigsaw combination on the two wheeler, but most definitely a hazard to everyone including themselves


Caught by Jang photographer Shoaib Ahmed, credit for the post Asma

manual or auto

as the number of reconditioned and import cars increase in the city (& country), more and more people are shifting towards automatic transmission cars. earlier, people were mostly reluctant to buy old automatic cars as there were a dearth of mechanics of such gearboxes and also a lack of spare parts.

in today’s traffic conditions, it is becoming more convenient, to the extent of preference, to drive an automatic transmission car rather than a manual one.

we want to know if you prefer a manual transmission or auto?



This image is of a hoarding spread ALL OVER Karachi, its Shezan add of its Twister Drink, with a tagline that says “Jeeto Josh Se”

I cannot say what you might think of the marketing strategy of these guys back at shezan. But for me, I find it totally inappropriate and useles. The picture portrays a totally different concept as it should be for a refreshing drink.


Again so sorry for poor quality picture :(

Please express your views on the marketing concept…

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