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A Quick Visit To Humara Karachi Food Festival.


Yesterday I spotted for the first time this exciting food festival by the side of the road in North Nazimabad Block N. The scene was filled with the sprit of festivity and I could not stop my self from parking by the road and giving this place a quick visit.

The Street were all lit up with lights, yeah I know we have an acute electricity shortage and this my not be a good idea but well any ways it presented a pretty sight, although very superficial may be a mirage to call it the city of lights, but what so ever it was pretty. And all the food lined up on the stalls, Chola Chart, Gool Gappay other snacks something for every one to enjoy. Kids, youngsters old people, Poor, rich and people who could hardly afford a plate of Gool Gappay. The festival had something of cheer up every one.

Un fortunately being on steroids (for medical reasons) I couldn’t try any of the dishes but looking at all those people enjoying, forgetting all their worries at least for the moment and kids holding candy floss and it’s sweetness showing up all on their face, was a pleasant sight.

I really hope such festivals and events should continue around the year providing specially the under privileged and people with limited income and their children some enjoyment, entertainment and reasons to put their worries away for at least a few moments.

Crossing a sewerage on a gas pipe

bravo-karachi.jpg[Image/ Post Credit: Bilal Ahmed]

” A typical Afghan refugee in Karachi will be seen doing all the inhumane labor, from picking up garbage to doing construction work for a dirt cheap price. Here, you can see a kid with a load of garbage on his back, crossing a sewerage on a gas pipe. Before i could shoot, there were a whole dozen of them crossing it, mostly trying to push each other off, a childish behavior indeed but they are children alright, i mean, deep down inside, underneath the coat of dirt, hardships and irony, they are still … children”

New services being offered by banks?


It is evident that due to the falling value of the rupee against other currencies, people are starting to convert their money into foreign currencies. Banks are just providing what people are asking for.

Have you kept any foreign currencies?

PTCL – Broadband or Broad-burden?

I and many of my friends were almost-attracted to the print and electronic advertisements PTCL was coming up with last year. In fact I made few calls and the deal was almost done when a junior fellow at my previous office Mr. Junaid Khan gave me his long and torturous tale of PTCL’s broad band service. The strange part was(is?), even its hard to get rid of the connection. Since then it has become my routine to hear complains about it. Kashif Aziz narrates his experience at chowrangi of what he went through.

Though I have seen some improvement in customer service for phone, PTCL DSL does act like broad-burden instead of broadband frequently. Also, I heard that they are planning to launch eVideo service in future. How many of you are happy with the broadband connection and how many have similar stories to tell?


It’s hard to keep track of all the new radio cabs coming up in the city, but I saw one this morning which stands out (but not in a good way). Instead of using the usual sedans (Toyota Corolla / Suzuki Liana / Mitsubishi Lancer) that other companies are using, this one is using a hatchback (Hyundai Santro).

My concern is that if you are going somewhere with a partner and some luggage, would this car offer enough space? Maybe it’s called MonoCab for a reason :) A one-person cab. It would be successful if it offers vastly reduced rates, otherwise I don’t see the logic.

MonoCab: 111-111-554

City turns to daylight saving to address power crisis

The government has issued a notification to forward the clock one hour to get maximum benefit from day light. According to the official sources, the decision has been made in line with the Prime Minister’s direction regarding energy conservation in the country.

Similar moves to introduce daylight saving time in the country have failed previously. In 2002, the government decided to adopt daylight saving time, beginning from the first week of April, to maximize the use of daylight and to save energy. With power cuts and load shedding ranging from 12-16 hours I think we should forward our clocks to 5 hours so that we can export (smuggle) some power to neighbor Afghanistan like we did with wheat.

a sad incident, a sadder state….

continuing my previous post about insane drivers with attitude, let me share an experience with you……

the occurred with an acquaintance a couple of weeks back, and shows the true form of “jis ki lathi, uss ki bhens!”

here’s how he puts the entire event in his own words:

“i ws driving bak home wen a car came 2 a sudden halt in front of me near the commercial area
the guy stood there 4about a minute not being able 2decide where 2go
i simply honked at him couple of times….guess dats what annoyed him
he followed me and while i was entering my home he came n slightly bumped my car from behind which sent me in a
fit of rage
i followed him n blocked his car a few 100 yards from my house and got out of the car to bash him up or give him a few slaps
the next thing i know he fired 3shots at me 1 of which pierced my knee n put me through an agonising ordeal to recover from”

guess nowadays, you can’t even correct anyone…..

CNG price hike imminent…

According to this news item,

31pc hike in gas prices from July 1

By Zafar Bhutta

ISLAMABAD: Consumers will face a 28 to 31 percent hike in gas prices from July 1, as the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has allowed the two main gas utilities — the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) and the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) — to provisionally increase the gas prices.

31 percent price increase means the price of CNG will touch Rs. 50 for the first time.

Here is a chart showing the increase in CNG prices recently


This amounts to a total increase of almost 73% in a span of less than 2.5 years!

Isn’t it about time we switched to bicycles for our commutes?

Too Close For Comfort.

I usually prefer Saturday afternoon for our occasional shopping trips to Supermarkets because at this hour of the day there are usually not too many shoppers and one can move freely through the narrow alleys and shop peacefully, but peace was the least I was to get while shopping yesterday.

I entered the superstore, rolled out a shopping cart and took out the shopping list which we had carefully decided upon at home so to make the most out of our limited financial resources, and I am supposed to strictly follow it.

I pushed my cart towards insecticides, the first item on my list and as soon as I added an aerosol car of a famous insect killer a lady approached me and introduced me to another one of the more powerful but similar product from the same company. I was glad to be informed of a better choice and I opt for the newer and better type of their product But when I approached the other shelve for some soap,  another lady quickly started convincing me to buy one of her companies brand instead. I politely refused, but I only when I had moved to the very next shelve for a bottle of shampoo there was another convincing me to buy a shampoo of her choice. By now I was totally annoyed but I knew she was just doing her job, so I kept my cool and politely told her that I wouldn’t change my mind.

After making a few more stops for coffee, tea, pet food and avoiding another attempt to influence my choice of brand at the dairy section finally I reached the section for edible oil where again a representative for a yet another famous brand was waiting to haunt me, at first she tried convincing me to buy a brand of her choice just this once but when I told her I wouldn’t go for anything but the imported one she asked me why. At this point I was totally in a mood to place an argument, I told her it was the quality and the oil of their brand turns to gel after expiring or exposing to heat, I also told her other reasons, the smell, viscosity, and taste which gives me good reasons not to trust this local brand but when she still wanted me to try a smaller pack of their product I had to tell her sorry in a bit stern tone. 

By the time I reached the checkout counter, I was tired not of all the shopping but of all the annoyance, confusion and arguing for the choices on brands I made.  These companies have literally started pushing their products down our throats and they may not know it but it is really nerve wrecking to argue for every choice we make on the local brands. Being responsible citizens and the targeted consumer it is our responsibility and right to lodge our complaints and voice our concerns to the  respective companies not against those poor marketing representatives the brand conveniently puts on the spot but against such marketing campaigns, when they get too close for comfort.

Traffic Jam from Nipa to Hassan Square – Development work in progress

Our fellow author Raja who is returning from thatta is reporting that there is a massive traffic jam around NIPA chowrangi towards Hassan Square. Development work is under progress for some sewerage line (well done CDGK, hopefully this will make life easy later on during rains in that area). If you are going from NIPA to HS the bridge is closed and the traffic is being diverted towards Aziz Bhatti Park. Raja reports that city police is providing great help to general public by managing traffic. Yesterday when I stuck near Liaqatabad the local thana police walas were seen managing traffic as no traffic police was there. One officer did just arrived as we came out from the jam & reached Karimabad bridge.

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