Inspiratourium- You only live once!


Corporate Citizenship in Pakistan is finally catching on and is finally becoming something more than a redundant concept taught in business schools. One such company that is going to set an example for others to follow is a management consultant company, Navitus.

Navitus, with the support of organizations from Pakistan’s corporate sector, is organizing the first of its kind event in Pakistan, Inspiratourium. According to one of the organizers from Navitus, the name is short for Inspirational Tour in an Auditorium. The details for the event are as follows:

Date: 30th May, 2008
Venue: Bahria Auditorium
Tickets Available at: Costa Coffee, The 2nd Floor, Agha’s, and Naheed

So what exactly is Inspiratourium?

Inspiratourium is Pakistan’s first motivational & inspirational event of its kind that combines thought provoking content with a creative blend of up-lifting talks, artistically supported through the magical power of performance – all designed to engage the mind & soul. This deeply moving & energizing occasion promises to awaken aspiring individuals to a deep realization of the unlimited human potential each of us is blessed with & leverage on it to make a positive & lasting impact.

Nadeem Chawhan, a charismatic speaker who engages his audience with a tinge of wit, aspires to change the attitude of the people who come to listen to him. A quick of glimpse of captivating self acclaimed ‘Pirate of Corporate Storytelling’ can be seen in this interview with Kiran Aur George aired on Aaj TV.

But he will not be the only star of the show. Inspiratourium also features the story of Sarmad Tariq. Sarmad Tariq is a quadriplegic (paralyzed shoulder down), but the feats he has performed dwarf anything that most of us have ever achieved.

Together, both seek to start a chain reaction of achievement driven positive mindsets. In their own words, they describe Inspiratourium “as about giving voice to a feeling many have had about this nation, it is about giving that voice the projection a scream can achieve. It is about taking that scream & amplifying it ten times over in a way that pierces the heart thousands times over. Inspiratourium is not about surviving, but about creating a conquering approach to every challenge that will come our way on the path of greatness.”

Click here for Inspiratourium’s theme song which is an awe-inspiring rendition of Iqbal’s poetry.

The event is not limited to a specified audience. For all those who aspire a better life for themselves and those around them, it is an event not to be missed. It is impossible to step out of the auditorium with a renewed vigor to achieve all that you had ever dreamed of.

Be there!!

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  1. balma on May 23rd, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

    What ever it takes to motivate our lazy ass avaam (people). I say go for it.

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