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While browsing through the internet a few days back I came across a picture of a 36 year old poor women with 9 children, another 25 year old had 5, population is on the rise, so is inflation and the crime rate too.


 Yesterday we experienced three episodes of load shedding, the power was out for a total of six hours for today the episodes were five and the total hours of load shedding was nine. We are out of power, food supplies, water, health care facilities and education.         


Every week hundreds of new cars come out on our streets, running us out of fresh air and adding to the city’s rising pollution, trees are being chopped off and new ones are not coming at the required rate, and the only green our newspaper boasts of is growing on the filthy sewage sludge gathered in a nullah with a warning that flood threats persists if the clogged drains are not cleared before the monsoon spell unleashes upon us. 


And what do I do about it ? Nothing besides punching a few keys, scribbling a few notes and bracing my self for this and the worst that may come.

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  1. azface on July 2nd, 2008 @ 4:57 am

    Nice post buddy. I feel exactly the same way…conscious of the unfolding disaster in the country but powerless to do much about it.

    Don’t worry punching a few keys is a very good start in raising conscience of the nation. To tell you the truth, I don’t think we can do much in the short term but to equip our own children with the right education and sense to be able to one day improve the overall state of the nation.

  2. amajeed on July 2nd, 2008 @ 9:51 am

    I agree, these are my thoughts exactly.

    We are living in a hopeless situation. The price of living is getting high and the standards of living are rock bottom (and still going down). We do not have electricity, clean water, food is scarce, inflation is at a ever high, lawlessness is everywhere, property is too expensive & leadership of the country does not care about the concerns / thoughts of the common people.

    What is even worst is there is no hope any time in the future either. Things are going from bad to worst. I hardly think we can even do anything about this in the long term.

    A very despondent Pakistani.

  3. Shamsi (shamsi) on July 2nd, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

    Nothing Lasts forever.

    France stood up and developed, after going through the worst in 18th~19th century and become a super power within that 19th Century so much so that a kiss is known as french kiss, and no one call potato chips it is worldly known as FRENCH fries. On Top they are among the 5 nations who can actually design& develop a submarine & a space shuttle.

    The core thing they did – Seperated Religion from (Administration) Politics of Country,.

    Charity begins at home. Why can’t YOU, ME, I & WE start to correct things right outside from our home gates. – only thing we have to manage is our anxiety and tolerance for evil around us.

    Ask your home maid or an office peon if they have a child of school going age, (I preferred Girls because an educated Girl means a whole lot of next generation) take them under your management of education and attached expenses, NO CASH sponsorship. Assume yourself as a Foster parent and take care of it, monitor the progress as if your own child,

    and the frustration I read above will subside.

    Alhamdo Lillah am not Hopeless and am sticking around while people say .. Pakistan Sai Zinda Bhag.

    We all are taking so much from our country, how much we are really returning.

  4. Ali (retroguy02) on July 2nd, 2008 @ 9:25 pm

    No matter how much we progress, if we don’t control our population growth the progress is going to hindered greatly. I don’t if it is that "I-will-keep-having-kids-till-I-get-a-boy" mentality or simply pure recklessness (desperate poor men), there is a great need for education on this issue (birth control), this is having a great (overwhelmingly negative) impact on the economic, civic and overall progress of our country. I agree with Jamash and shamsi’s excellent post.

  5. calyps on July 3rd, 2008 @ 12:30 am

    MPAs demand more perks and privileges

    Sindh Assembly members and ministers through a resolution on Monday demanded more perks and privileges including cars, offices, staff, telephones, computers, laptops and official passports for the whole family.

    Monday was the last day of the budget session and members from both opposition and treasury benches demanded in one voice for perks and privileges and the house carried a resolution unanimously, demanding the provincial government to ask the federal government to provide official passports for MPAs and their family members.

    Follow the link for more text..

  6. ujala on July 11th, 2008 @ 1:10 am

    "While browsing through the internet a few days back I came across a picture of a 36 year old poor women with 9 children, another 25 year old had 5, population is on the rise, so is inflation and the crime rate too."

    Jamash, you’ve started out by identifying the root of the problem. A 36 year old poor woman with 9 kids?!!! Don’t you think those 9 kids are going to grow up to be poor 36-year-olds with 9 more kids each? Do the Math on how many poor, resourceless mouths to feed that adds up to. And it grows exponentially. Is it a surprise then that poverty keeps rising?

    It’s amazing how mindless these penniless idiots are. They don’t have the resources to feed one mouth and they keep multiplying. I have no sympathy for people like these. If anything, they are putting a strain on hardworking, sensible people who realize that they can only provide for two children and who stick to that number.

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