Its Pouring

After quite a few days of heat and with the usual cloudy weather the skies have finally let loose with the much awaited rain. Its practically pouring outside, half of me wants to celebrate the relief that we will get from this hot weather but at the same time I have sympathy for the misery Karachiites will face during this torrential downpour

Low lying and poor neighbourhoods will be the most affected areas with the greatest impact on the rush hour traffic that is on its way home. With all this afoot let’s not forget the entire dug up DHA locality which was franctically preparing its storm water drains, it and all DHA residents will surely take a beating

Stay safe and it would best be advised to stay indoors and let the rains subside

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  1. mastqalandar on July 30th, 2008 @ 7:39 pm

    Aey Allah abb kai aiseee barish kar,
    jo hamarey dil dho jaey,
    bughz sai aur hassad sai,
    shirk sai aur zillat sai,

    Aey Allah abb kai aiseee barish kar,
    jo hamain danish dejaey,
    such ko such aur jhoot ko jhoot,
    samjhney kee taufeeq dejaey,

    Aey Allah abb kai aiseee barish kar,
    jo dhojaey tassub ko,
    aur badal jaey nafraton ko,
    mohabbaton sai,
    Aey Allah abb kai aisee hee barish kar

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