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Tyre killers – Dire Measures

After a long long effort to control traffic flow within the Defence Stadium circle area, the DHA has, after complete lack of success, launched its final assault on vehicles that break the traffic flow pattern that has been set up to eliminate congestion in the area.

Tyre killers

Tyre killers

These tyre killers will puncture the tyres of cars that come from the wrong direction, while allowing the correct drivers to pass through.

I spoke with an engineer there, who told me that during the past week, DHA had received 4 complaints from angry drivers who lost their tyres to this device. Its interesting how people can call up and complain about something thats a consequence of violating the law!

Recent loadshedding, the truth comes out

Finally someone speaks the truth and it took the people of this city to make them come out with it.  As an angry mob took to the streets of Karachi on Thursday officials of the KESC admitted that they had purposely lowered the production capacity of the Bin Qasim power plant to save them from buying furnace oil.

The direct result of this action saw a period of 10-12 hr load shedding per day for Karachites over the last week or so. According to sources, this emerged during a briefing to Speaker of the Sindh Assembly Nisar Khuhro, Pakistan People’s Party leader Taj Haider and Sindh Minister for Industries Rauf Siddiqui, who joined them later.

The speaker later told the public that KESC officials also confessed to having prior knowledge of the incoming gas cuts due to maintainence and did absolutely nothing to safeguard their supplies of gas or stock up for this period.

I hope the government has some kind of a plan to rectify this purposely created shortage of electricity soon or the people sitting out fanning themselves on the roads will head to their offices to demand answers themselves.

Fashion designer Sheikh Amer shot dead

This is just being reported that the famous fashion designer Sheikh Amer has been found shot dead in his home in Defence today. With a heavy heart Karachi mourns the loss of a brilliant fashion designer. May His Soul Rest In Peace

The News

Lawmaker breaking law

yet another MNA who thinks he is above law. Spotted this car at teen talwar which has no number plate, just an MNA plate in PPP colors. Looks like parliamentarians cannot be bothered with following law, they just make them.

15% in Karachi back suicide bombers: study

As reported in Daily Times today:

By Nayel Noorani

KARACHI: Two studies conducted by faculty and students at the Aga Khan University into the attitudes toward suicide bombing among educated people in Karachi and in the tribal areas showed surprisingly divergent results.



ExtraCorp Announces a fundraiser movie Screening, “BATMAN-THE DARK KNIGHT” at The PALPA CLUB (Near Acropolis) on the 30th of August 2008, at 8:00 PM Sharp.


ExtraCorp an organization committed to empower people with disabilities by training and inculcating entrepreneurship skills in them.


Seaview Rise ‘n Shine

Originally uploaded by *abro*

Abro shares his comment on this thought provoking picture taken on Seaview early in the morning

We have seen beautiful pictures of Seaview at Karachi, here I am sharing pictures I have taken early morning after 5 a.m. Peoples mostly come here in the evenings, nights and specially in weekends. But if you go early morning, you find how people behave with the sea they pretend to love.

There are so many homeless people living here. They come from all over the country and in days/nights they sale things like food items and other stuff. You find them sleeping on these benches. And dirt all over is obvious. Some time I feel how Sea tolerates these things and give happiness in return to all people who come here to enjoy!

Multiple deaths reported in KU clashes

Two people have reportedly lost their lives and dozens severely injured in fierce clashes at the University of Karachi today. The confrontation started around half past noon earlier today at the Arts Faculty between rival political groups, The All Pakistan Muttaihada Students Association and The Jamiatut Talabai Pakistan. Eye witness accounts said the Arts lobby was transformed into a “blood bath” later in the evening as tensions rose. (more…)

Where in Karachi?

Guess away, ladies and gents. Answer will be revealed later tonight.

Darkness seems reasonable

The proposed new head honchos/owners of the KESC, the much maligned and intermittent electric supply company of Karachi have expressed a desire to raise the electricity tariff per unit by Rs 3 if they are to take over. We must remember here that KESC after removal of the government subsidies just imposed a 16% GST plus an additional 10% levy of income tax if the Bill exceeded 20,000 Rs.

To top off this act NEPRA has also already raised the electric tariff to where it stands now by 15% from July 1st. These new owners belong to a Dubai based group and will if things work out be taking charge officially in the end of November this year. To put it simply if your house consumes 1000 units your bill will escalate by about 30-45% more than what it is right now.

As if the populace of this city is not already back broken from the exorbitant increase in prices of its daily edibles and what not, we may have to suffer further humility at the hands of the KESC “if” this new ownership takes over. Interestingly enough on an average basis starting from March onwards till October Karchites go through 4-5 hrs of non electricity in spite of paying their bills.

I wonder if the proposed ownership plans to also do something about the numerous “Free” users of KESC in this city as well or perhaps the entire communities of people living on koondas, at the behest of honest consumers who may have to suffer almost ridiculous bills due to this proposed new increase!!

I wish i knew why our government never does anything to give us some relief.  Oh right i keep forgetting that is not why people join politics in Pakistan.

Alas my fellow Karachites I think the time of charags may come before bicycles here.

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