Pre-partition Parsi buildings in Karachi

It’s independence time once again and we wish to congratulate all of you and ourselves on this auspicious occasion.

Now, some history lessons.

I wish to have here listed pre-partition Parsi buildings in Karachi. We know lot of Parsis lived in this city and they did some wonderful construction work. Now, sadly around 2000 odd-Parsis are left and we morn their departure. But we can recall our city’s glorious past and its wonderful builders below. My takes:

1) Mama Parsi school, Saddar.
2) Nusserwanjee Mehta Parsi Maternity Home. Foundation stone was laid on 20th December 1917.

This beautiful yet little known colonial building is situated at Zaib-un-Nisa street, Karachi. It now stands locked up by its owners who live just behind it. In the complex there is the grave of its founder, Khan Bhadur Nusserwanji R. Mehta. He was born on 8th June, 1853 and died on 8th December, 1931.

More buildings to be noted below as comments.

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  1. balma on August 14th, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

    I saw an ad in Jang at the end of 2006 from the city govt that was (probably) the final notice to the people who hadn’t renewed their 100 (or 99) years leases for their properties. Most of the properties were in Saddar area, esp on the Elphinstone Street (Zaib-un-Nissa St.).

    Most were owned by people with names commonly associated with Hindus. I wonder if most of them had migrated to India around 1947/8.

    I am very curious what actually happened to all that property?

    Typical PK harami-pun and people in the city or provincial governments transferred the leases to themselves, or will they be(or were they) put up for auction to get the market price?

  2. tzaidi on August 15th, 2008 @ 3:45 am

    Oh my dear balma:
    those leases are old and may have not been transferred, is it CG’s mistake? Pre-partion ownerships were settled through settlement comission. After migration people were compensated for their previous properties (value wise) by giving them new properties in their new place of residence. If these properties are in Hindu or alike name then whats the problem, may be they are Pakistanis and still holding the ownership and occupying the premises.

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