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Much awaited Warning



Few months back when I went to Gadani, on our way I saw a toll tax stoppage. There it was officially written that everyone except a vehicle with AN ARROW (PPP sign) is suppose to pay the toll tax. Giving favour is something else but putting it there officially was NONSENSE. After the SECTOR Incharge VIRUS by MQM we can now see ARROW CRAZE and this warning was much awaited. How efficiently it’s followed it yet to be seen.

Pedro Meyer’s Heresies Exhibitions in Pakistan

This October 2008, 60 museums and art spaces around the world are showcasing Pedro Meyer’s Heresies Exhibition around the world. Karachi’s The Second Floor is the venue for Pakistan to be exhibiting this fabulous exhibition, a retrospective comprising of four decades of groundbreaking work by one of the world’s most innovative photographer.

” Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer is as renowned for his powerful and provocative photographs as he is for his pioneering work with digital imaging. Meyer’s photographs consistently test the limits of truth, fiction and reality. With the advent of digital photography in the early 1990s, Meyer evolved from a documentary photographer who created so-called “straight photographs” into a digital-documentarian who often combines photographic elements from disparate times and places to arrive at a different or higher truth.

 Meyer’s oft- expressed contention that all photographs — digitally manipulated or not — are equally “true” and “untrue” has been labeled “heretical” in the orthodox documentary photography community. Hence the title Heresies. ”



Should public toilets charge fee for using the service?

Whats the trend all over the world? Where its charged and where its free. I have no clue but i readers input could be valuable.

Strike called for today against power tariff hike

More : Dawn

Where in Karachi # 123

Lockers looted again!!

The people of Karachi suffer yet another shock as the HBL cantonement branch of shahra e faisal was totally looted by two men who entered it at around 8pm on sunday night wearing uniforms of HBL security staff, tied the guards up and used gas cutters to break into 66 lockers.  These robbers got away with sacks full of millions in cash and jewelry.

What is really weird is that these incidents are happening with more frequency in this city and yet the government or the bank authorities seem to be totally helpless in this situation. Obviously robberies have happened before and will continue to happen but imagine what a customer goes through when their entire lives saving, jewelry and cash not to mention the dollars they hoarded recently dissapear one fine day. Banks do not offer compensation more than 10 lac Rs per locker and this can result in a major loss!

We can all only indulge in caution and pray that such an incident does not befall us. Remember keeping all your eggs in one basket is always maximum risk.

Full story Dawn

Rumors circulating

With stock exchanges tumbling like domino’s the world over all of us have lost not just a pile of our hard earned savings but a lot of our trust as well.  We as citizens of the world normally believe that

a) The financial system has backup plans and checks built inside to aide the economy and stop a complete meltdown

b) There is a bottom

c) It cannot happen to me

All three of the above have been literally blown to smithereens in the last month or so in Karachi. First the stock exchange went leading to a massive flight of capital, then it did not stop falling in fact it did not stop at all until an artificial freeze had to be put in place to save almost half the brokers of our KSE from completely defaulting and then the coup de grace our rumor mill went into overdrive.

Consider this I just returned from a trip to Dubai and in the first day I have heard that 10 banks in Karachi are going belly up including huge foreign banks in this list of names. That the government is thinking about whether to seize foreign currency accounts or seal and freeze lockers or stop honoring government issued bonds or some other hair brained cockamamie conspiracy that people are dreaming up while counting the pile of gold coins they just converted their life’s worth too because “they just cannot trust anyone anymore” Well HELLOOOOOOO here is a clue doofus, if you keep your entire lives worth in your house or garden or wherever you have it hoarded, in the most insecure city in the world you are basically lying naked and ready for ravishment in a sailors bar.

I wonder what makes sane minded clear headed people scream PANIC PANIC and run to their bank to stand in a queue of their fellow looneys who are withdrawing every penny like its gonna be really worth something in the local currency when & if (god forbid) the country defaults hahahaha!!!

Some are even advising  against sending texts to each other as the “Government” is monitoring all info  to see who makes the most fun out of Zardari so they can pick them up in the middle of the night. I want to know why we need to make fun of him at all? Is he not doing that job pretty darn well all by his lonesome?

Oh and here is a thought while you are busy digging a hole in your floor to hide your jewelry in, when the time comes…all you will need is a flight out of here to save your life. Nothing else will work. So if the mood strikes you I suggest a queue outside the main terminal, I hear planes landing make for peacefull sleep. Also keep a sack handy for your goblin gold as they will readily change that at the disembarkation lounge in london or dubai into the local currency for ya, while you are at it you might want to book a vault in gringotts as well I hear they never go belly up!!!

This city has seen the most horrible times in its existence and I assure everyone that this too shall pass. It may not be as easily navigated as we think it is but in the end Karachi will remain. I would like to appeal for calm and to stop indulging in hoarding as it is driving morals down and the dollar up.

Criminals Beware

The Jamshed Town administration has installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at different points on Tariq Road, in an attempt to curb the increasing criminal activity.

Ajoka treats Karachi

hotel moenjodaro

For 3 days at the Arts Council, Karachi was treated to the most riveting performances by Ajoka, a theater group headed by Madeeha Gauhar. The series of three plays, called ‘Theater in the times of Jihad’, was a theatrical experience that gripped its audience from beginning to end. I was unfortunate to have missed the first two performances- Burqavaganza and Bulla; but Hotel MoenjoDaro, the last play of the series, left no room for regrets.


IBA introduces Chinese Language course from next semester

Addressing to a packed auditorium, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, announced the commencement of a Chinese language course at the Institute of Business Adminstration next semester. Mr. Ishrat Hussain, former Governor State Bank of Pakistan and the current Dean and Director of IBA, was delivering a lecture to the students about the global financial crisis.

Interestingly, he pointed out that Pakistan’s current financial crisis needs to be isolated from the global crisis, as Pakistan’s plight has to do with the mismanaged transition from the previous government to the next one. In his address to the students, he also stressed on the importance of China as the next most economic superpower rather than the United States or European Nations. He believed a Chinese language course would equip the students with the necessary skills to be prepared for the paradigm shift in powers.

IBA itself has suffered from uninspired leadership during the term of the previous director. With the induction of Ishrat Hussain, a visionary leader and an inspiring orator, the students are looking forward to the welcome changes that he’s bringing about.

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