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Bakra Restaurant

Image courtesy : Tariq Khanani

Double sawari, Pillion Riding – Banned in Karachi

Breaking News

News tickers at different channels have started appearing that pillion riding has been banned in Karachi. Also, public and private school and colleges will also remain closed.

Karachi voilence – an outside response ?

Just after the attacks in Mumbai Indian leadership started (their media jumping 10 steps ahead) pointing fingers at us, specifically Karachi. In his TV address their top man warned of consequences if appropriate measures not taken (“there would be a cost if suitable measures are not taken“). I take his words very seriously since I trust Indian leadership more than my own, when it comes to words. Though majority sees the current situation in city in an ethnic context, is there anyone who is willing to give a thought to an outside plan? Yes, I know its way too early so that’s why it’s a question. Any media report etc. especially if anyone was caught by police for interrogation? Are they starting the ignition and our people following innocently/deliberately?

Sitting on a ticking time bomb!

In the last few days, there had been reports of Pakhtuns being targetted in various parts of the city. Needless to say ethnic violence had to follow as seen last night. MQM cites Talibanisation as reason enough to evict Pakhtuns from Karachi. However, a sudden realization of the threat the Pakhtun community poses is suspicious.

Karachi is the trade hub of the country, and as any economist will tell you, when an urban centre is developed without enough attention to rural or even semi urban areas, rural-urban migration is only natural. Karachi thus attracts a number of migrants from not only the N.W.F.P, but all over the country. This migrant population then assimilates into the workforce and over the years has become an integral economic force in the city.

The Pakhtuns too have become an indispensable part of Karachi. Not only do they control most of the public transportation system, but a majority of cobblers, tea hotel owners, construction labourers happen to be Pakhtuns. (more…)

At Schools

Found in a class work copy of a (class 5) school student.

Found in a class work copy of a (class 5) school student.

Karachi Riots – 8 dead and 77 injured

It is being reported from various parts of Karachi that there are wide spread riots in the city, as of last count Dawn has reported that there are eight people dead and over 77 injured.

Areas affected were Orangi Town, Banaras, Orangi Town, Quaidabad, North Karachi and Nazimabad. The resulting panic led to traffic jams in different parts of the city

In Nazimabad area, miscreants forced shopkeepers to close down markets whereas rumours led shopkeepers in Light House, Zainab Market and Jama Cloth Market to close up. While the Pakistan Rangers have dispatched 45 mobiles to different troubled areas, while the city police is operating on an emergency basis.

In a high level meeting with the ruling coalition running the province has issued strict shoot-to-kill orders to the police force. At the same time its ironic to note that with chaos in the city the electronic media has maintained a strange silence, except a few scarce reports, probably coaxed into submission ‘for the benefit of the country’ Karachi Stay Safe Follow twitter hashtag #Karachi for the latest updates

Reports of Unrest Late Night In The City.

 There are reports of heavy exchange of firing between two groups at Soharaab Goth and a bomb blast on a pushcart near Bakra Mundi. Reports of unrest and violence in different parts of the city. Shops and markets are reported to have been closed in Aziz Abad, Gulburg, parts of Gulshan-e-Iqbal (near Abul Hasan Asphani Road) are reported to have been closed earlier then usual. While since 12:30 am we have been hearing heavy firing with intervals coming from a distance here in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

What’s surprises me is that none of the local news channels are reporting any of it.

KESC charging 40pc arrears in Nov bills

If we recall that last month there were countrywide protests against the rising cost of electricity which ultimately resulted in an announcement by the Federal Govt to reduce the tariff, instructing all consumers to deposit 60% of the bill for the month of October. It seems that KESC has this month included the arrears of 40 per cent back again in this months electricity bills. Your comments and reaction to this reversal in decision in light of the crushing economy

Read more: The Nation

reason to visit The Forum # 1

hello folks,

in these tense times, it is seldom that an event of recreation comes along and when it does, we are rarely notified well in time. well my friends, you might want to check out The Forum mall on Friday, November 28, 2008 from 6:00pm onwards.

Zeb & Haniya would be performing live alongwith the boys from Co-ven and ADP.

it sure is going to be a good break from hectic evening lives to enjoy some nice grooves from the female duo that’s been making waves across the country and beyond.


Jet Plane on the Road of Karachi

Image courtesy : Navaid Raza

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