Decision to register Karachiites

Yesterday our President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari chaired a high level meeting to decide that Karachi’s local administration should start registering all people coming to Karachi, as well as tenants of the city, at police stations and adopt better and modern methods for making the city more secure. The directive is an effort to enhance the security of Karachi.

While today Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad was actually more direct and mentioned that this effort is to control the influx of immigrants specially coming from the NWFP and FATA areas. Some how this new decision seems to have been to appease the MQM lobby in its recent surge to de-Talibanize Pathanization Karachi


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  1. khaled90 on November 28th, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

    kia pahchan lain ?in ko pahchana ja chukka hay.

    World community forget iraq and afghanistan if the world wants to eliminate world terrorism in the name of islam they should concentrate with all force on Punjab in Pakistan as everyone in Punjab is favoring Talibans making Osama as hero and all the links with afghans lies in Punjab Example Hameed Guland the great leader of punjab Nawaz sharif took millions from OBL, and offcourse Imran Khan is siding with talibans and al qaeda.

  2. sceptic on November 28th, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

    If some of the posts here are any indication it seems Karachi would have outshone cities like London, Paris and New York had it not been for the bloody Punjabis. While no facts are provided but who needs them when a blind Freddy can see them like broad daylight that on the very day one, 14 August 1947, all Punjabis sat together to devise and sign a secret proclamation on a one point agenda. That is, to make the life miserable for Urdu-speakers and turn Karachi into an economically desolate, politically orphan and socially bankcorrupt city. This proclamation only goes on to speak the absolute obduracy of the Punjabi as this pledge shrugged off the fact that at the time the ill-fated province of the British India was suffering from the biggest forced migration/ethnic cleansing of human history.

    Millions were pouring into the land, not in the search of economic opportunities armed with skills and education, but to save lives and find shelter. None of these millions of Punjabis tried to acquire the title of “muhajir” although they were displaced, shelterless, socked and penniless. These East Punjabi, putting aside hundreds of thousands of their kin lost during the upheaval of the Partition, got on with their lives, never once trying to rub in their “sacrifices” for this unfortunate country. Having lost the land of their ancestors, these East Punjabis decided to settle down mostly in West Punjabi cities, rather than villages, and started building their lives from scratch. It took them a brave struggle of a generation or two to find their feet, but now most professors, doctors, educators, top businessmen, media persons, etc of Paki Punjab come from these East Punjabis whose ancestors have crossed the controversial Redcliff Line with absolute bare hands, and bodies, in many instances. They are not Tiwanas, Niazis, Khars, Legharis, Maliks that run and dominate the Punjab of today but the educated Punjabis from cities. Now the Punjab is more identified by the sons of these Punjabi Muhajirs, (although they never claimed this tag despite having the right to the tag more than any other community), such as Nawaz Sharif, Sheikh Rasheed, Inzimam ul-Haq, and many others.

    My Karachiite friend may find it surprising but many Urdu-speaking migrants also settled in the Punjabi cities and towns, albeit not as many as in Karachi. It is easy to feel discrimination and ethnic harassment when a community is in minority, which often manifests in institutionalising “siege-mentality” amongst the community. Such communities tend to become more Catholic than the Pope, so to speak. In the case of Urdu-speaking settlers it meant they should have become staunch Urdu-speakers language-wise, clinging to the customs of their forefather. No, it did not happen in the Punjab for the Urdu-speakers. These second and the third generations Punjabis, if I may, are indistinguishable from their fellow long-term Punjabis. They are Punjabis now first and foremost, having been born there they are sons of the soil. Despite having strong enclaves in places like Lahore, Multan, Bhakkar, Surgodha, Islamabad, the second and third generation Punjabis do not vote en masse for a political party, have no need to exert a separate identity. These “new” Punjabis are prospering economically, with their genetic streetwiseness mixing fruitfully with the general Punjabi “can-do” attitude.

    Before I end my whine, may I say that it is true that the Punjabis (Sikhs and Muslims) generally sided with the British during the rebellion of 1857. Perhaps because the Punjab, until 1849 when the East India Company amalgamated it, had not been a political part of Mughal and British India for well over 200 years. Perhaps because it was a chance for Punjabis to get even with the UP/Bengal based rebel troops of the 32000-strong East India Company military who formed the backbone of the British forces that invaded the Punjab from 1845-49. That invasion fresh in the minds of Punjabis had ended in terminating the independence of the state of the Punjab. Not having been a part of the Mughal empire for hundred of years, the multi-ethnic and religiously tolerant Punjab of the 19th century had no affinity with the cause of the rebel from the UP and surrounds.

  3. balma on November 28th, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

    Meray bhaaiyo’n aur laRkiyo’n,

    Sometimes I feel like throwing up after reading comments on KMB.

    Just few points.

    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was very fond of people who lived in Panjab. He is the one to coin the term ‘Zindah dillaa’n -e- Panjab’.
    He collected huge amounts of money from Panjab’s ordinary people for his school, and some of the earliest students of his institution were people from Panjab (please read Zikr-e-Aligarh, a book). It is the zamindars of Panjab who are real mother fuckers. While you see big landowners of UP and other parts of India starting colleges and universities, it is hard to find such an example in Panjab….may be I am uninformed here. Open to be corrected by others.

    The second thing is that while it is true Panjabis sided with the East India Company during 1957, just 20/30 years ago it was the people of Bengal, UP, and Bihar, who had joined East India Company’s armies to annex Lahore and Peshawar.

    Also, until British came, Panjab was really a geographical entity, not a political entity. For example, during Mughal times, you hear of Lahore province, Multan province, and Peshawar province. Britishers established Panjab as a politcal entity and gave Urdu/Hindi speaking areas west of Dehli to the new province….which eventually became Haryana after India’s independence.

    There are lots of cities in UP where there was a population of Panjabi Muslims…such as in Dehli (some of them are now referred to as Dehli-Panjabi Saudagaraa’n – the people who actually speak aa-riyaa jaa-riyaa kind of Urdu, so watch out Panjabis before you make fun of these people, they are your own:-) )

    Also, in Kanpur – most Muslims in leather business are panjabi origin.

    Old Lucknow had a neighborhood called Panjabi-Toalah, just like Lucknow had Kashmiri Mohalla.

    And, so on.

    Therefore, no reason fighting over petty issues. Lets grow the pie, and divide it fairly. Not get invovled in ghunda gardi and shrink the pie.

    And of course, I agree with Zardari’s idea to keep track of all elements moving to Karachi from Waziristan. Everyone is already registered with NADRA, now lets update their new addresses.

  4. odin on November 29th, 2008 @ 2:02 am

    barristerakc said: Great since we now know according to Punjabi Pig Odin’s statement that Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir Agha Khan and most of the mainstream local were opportunist thugs and the Unionist, Tawanas and “Pakhanas” – the Punjabi lot could have made it through anyway

    barrister beta aaram se zara araam se, samjha? And who told you that I am a Punjabi? Mods, how can you allow this kind of provocative language to be used against other interactors?

  5. khaled90 on November 29th, 2008 @ 2:09 am

    @ Odin
    WOW !!!
    I guess who give you right to call the Mohajirs as opportunists??

    Muslim League faced Humiliating defeat in Punjab in 1945 elections Got it ??

    If you are not punjabi then don’t try to be one.

  6. odin on November 29th, 2008 @ 2:27 am


    All landolords, from Scotland to Japan, are/were traitors who have/had only one thing in their mind, their own interest, and nothing else but their own interests. It would not be inappropriate to add here that just like the zamindaar of Punjab, UP zamindaar was also a MF. Is it not true that the UP zamindaar was the biggest ally of the British and what about his role that he played in the great Indian mutiny.

  7. odin on November 29th, 2008 @ 2:38 am


    I don’t let me dictate from anybody, understand? I say whatever I want to say and I don’t need anybody’s permission. Come up with the counter arguments if you have any, otherwise just shut up and keep quiet.

  8. kaami on November 29th, 2008 @ 3:36 am

    @BALMA Gee, what an excellent post. A true geneological analysis. To support your argument, I can give example from my family, though they all migrated from UP in 1947-48 but there is one branch which traces its routes to Peshawar. Dilli being the Mughal capital was the pot purri of the whole India and beyond. As you have mentioned, Delhi Punjabi Saudagaraan are indeed from Punjab, perhaps somewhere near Multan or Chinniot. I can’t re-call off hand.

    In Sindh I have encountered Sindhi Banarsi Cloth Makers whose origins can be traced back to Banaras. They were brought here before partition by the visionary Talpur’s of Riyasat-e-Khairpur who wanted to setup textile industry in their state. Unfortunately, Mr. Bhutto destroyed that industry as well.

    @sceptic my rhetoric about mohajir’s /karachi, as I said earlier was to set the record straight, because some here were painting a picture of this city in 1947 as all setup with offices, furniture, buildings and banks waiting for the immigrants to come in and take their slots. It was not like that. It is also true that the worst of atrocities that were committed in that period happened in East Punjab. But that was all in the past.

    Today, I think we are going hey wire, after consecutive atrocities committed on this nation by Bhutto and then Zia-ul-Haque, destroying the economic and ideological well being of this nation, creating a leadership vacuum being filled by the current useless lot. In these circumstances it would be foolish to aim for high ideals and goals. The best that we can do for the time being is to stay safe and fight off of the radical crack pots and religious fanatics. To achieve this, I will ally my self with anyone who has the guts to stand and fight against these dangerous snakes.

    Love to be in company of you guys

  9. kaami on November 29th, 2008 @ 3:49 am

    @odin True this country was carved out to protect the intersts of the zamindar’s, nnawabs and wadera’s who have served the British well. But again, thats in the past. I was borned in Pakistan, I cannot change the history but I can influence the future with my insignificant contribution. I see an impending danger of exploding bodies ruining this country and I cant find any reason to support those, who in one way or the other try to justify / protect the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes in the regions history. Senselessly killing and destroying thousands of their own in support for a cause driven by hate and blood.

    In my hero would be someone who could drag Mr. Osama, pulling his beard amidst chappal throwing crowds.

  10. kaami on November 29th, 2008 @ 4:24 am

    Barrister Sahib very true that, landed gentry of Punjab both Muslims & Hindus were first hoping for an independent Punjab but later when they realize that it wont materialize and faced with the radical plans by Nehru to implement aggressive land reforms force them to join hands with the Nawabs of Muslim league. Anyway, both Nawabs of UP / Jagirdaar’s of Punjab were not serious about Pakistan and would have been happy with some sort of autonomy / separate electorate, or whatever arrangement that would have allowed them to retain their lands and riches, but Mr. Nehru didn’t relent and Pakistan became the only way out. Mr. Jinnah was a good lawyer, he fought the case well, and after the fact, he had plans to follow Atta Turks model to setup a modern Muslim state, but soon after he was stopped short and put in his place.

    Today the irony is that even Jaagirdaar’s are not calling the shots, in fact it’s the Mullah who was weakest link in the Wadera, Millitary and Molvi nexus, gaining more and more power, feeding on jahaalat and ideological confusion of our society.

    I like Muttahida not because of the antics of it’s leader, but the clarity of its message and the commitment of its workers to serve and protect their people. The message is simple, work hard, develop and progress and fight to protect your way of life. Today its just a fight to preserve the bare essentials, but I have great expectations from Haider Rizvi, Faisal Sabzwari, Mustafa Kamal and Wasey Jalil etc. They are indeed a practical, presentable and a hard working lot, future looks good if they continue to utilize their talents, the way they are doing now. Believe me, when you compare, no one in any political party comes even a close second.

    Hope the rest of Pakistan gets it before its too late, before the stupid ideologs swamp this country.

  11. barristerakc on November 29th, 2008 @ 6:10 am

    How dare people say that Upite Feudal did not sacrificed.

    How could you forget Raja of Mahmudabad? He was the biggest feudal of UP…

    Historical Records,

    Contributed Rs.30 lacs to Muslim League when Quaid joined back (around 1937)

    Donated Rs.1.3 caror to Muslim League for Pakistan…..

    He also bought weapons to fight Indian Army in Kashmir and against the British worth millions of Rupees….

    Eventually Raja Sahib donated all his lands to the peasants who lived on it…
    (more then 6000 acres) …..

    And eventually he lost all hope in Pakistan and left………

    That’s a real Mohajir for you!

    So what did Nawab Marri called Punjabis?

  12. barristerakc on November 29th, 2008 @ 6:12 am

    odin, when you disgrace my nation (the Mohajir nation) my ancestors, Mohammad Ali Jinnah you deserve more then a pig statement…

  13. kublaikhanzai on November 30th, 2008 @ 12:28 am

    Marri is a terrorist. Glad that Mushuruff killed the other one i.e bugti.

  14. odin on November 30th, 2008 @ 2:10 am

    I didn’t disgrace mohajirs or any other people, but whatever I said was true and Mahajers should be grateful to Pak and its people for providing them shelter, jobs and other opportunities. Those who cannot come up with counter arguments do usually resort to slurs and name-calling.

    I’ve told you already that I am not a Punjabi and there is nothing that we can call as a mohajir nation and neither a khanzeer like you can ever be their representative. Now go and hump Marri in his cave, he seems to have a fondness for a khanzeer like you.

  15. odin on November 30th, 2008 @ 2:11 am

    I didn’t disgrace mohajirs or any other people, but whatever I said was true and Mahajers should be grateful to Pak and its people for providing them shelter, jobs and other opportunities. Those who cannot come up with counter arguments do usually resort to slurs and name-calling.

    I’ve told you already that I am not a Punjabi and there is nothing that we can call as a mohajir nation and neither a khanzeer like you can ever be their representative. Now go and hump Marri in his cave, he seems to have a fondness for a khanzeer like you.

  16. tzaidi on December 2nd, 2008 @ 10:21 am

    @Odin: your writings show how immature you are, its also show your lack on knowledge on the subject you are writing on, further, it also lacks a show of a bit of research which everybody does to prove the point they are making.

    Now coming towards, the derogatory remarks you made on barrister, this shows your attitude towards other members of society. Let me clear a point that Mohajirs or Urdu speaking people did more than the natives to create this country, if you have an independent country that is only because their sacrifices, how many families or people you know, personally, who are natives of existing lands and were living here since stone age and have lost any loved one ………….. I can bet your answer will be ‘NONE’.

    Let me tell you, I wont give account of anyone else, my grand father was in British military, since he was an avid follower of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Later he resigned from military and joined Muslim League and was part of group which brought many many trains to Pakistan carrying Mohajirs. For his country, he fought three wars before he got retired from Pakistan Army. Except for my father everyone in my family has worked for army or law enforcement agencies, and guess what!!! except for my mother none of them was ever posted in Karachi.

    So please stop disgracing the people who have sacrificed more than anyone for making of this country and have worked hard to keep this dream alive. I respect your thinking, but its expression should remain in decent boundaries ………………

    (Note: by term ‘natives’ I mean the people who were staying on the existing lands of Pakistan, much before the arrival of mughals or in other words, Islam.)

  17. odin on December 2nd, 2008 @ 5:22 pm

    salam tzaidi sahib, kheriat se hen aap?

    Thank you Sir for sharing your discourse upon the creation of Pakistan and the sacrifices made by Mohajirs for this county. Your grandfather’s anecdotal evidence was really heart breaking, now every Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Baloch, Kashmiri and Seraiki should be grateful to Mohajirs for creating this country for them who had already been living here for thousands of years and most of them anyway had no desire for a separate country because they didn’t feel threatened from the Hindu minority.

    By the way, what would have happened only if the Zamindaars of Punjab had not jumped on the bandwagon of AIML at the last moment, and the Pathans of FATA had not voted in favour of Pakistan and the Sindhis and Bengalis had not struggled for the creation of this country for such a long time? Is it not true that the first person who had proposed the creation of Pak was a punjabi?

    Yaar zaidi sahib, you know exactly that we know how many sacrifices were made by the Mohajirs for the creation of Pakistan, you can fool a Pathan or a Punjabi but no me. Being one of them I know Mohajirs and their sacrifices very well. The biggest proponent for the creation of a separate country was the Muslsim Salariat of UP and the majority of them belong to the Ashraf Tabqa, that Asfraafs and their racist leaders like Syed A. Khan never gave a fuck about Azlafs who were in overwhelming majority and who have been the biggest loser.

    Economic fawaids were the biggest reason why these Mohajirs chose to came to Pak, not the love for this country or because of the religious reasons.

    And as far as that khanzeer barrister of la loo khet is concerned, you better read again who first abused whom, ok?

  18. khaled90 on December 2nd, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

    @ odin aka doctor

    Suddenly you become Mohajir ?



    @ KMB Speacially Urdu speaks.

    This odin show his true colr even calling the great Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Racist ,

    Odin i guess from your posts its quite obvious that Pakistan should be broken as the punjabi Pathans and other don’t want this seperate state for muslims ??

  19. odin on December 2nd, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

    yes khaled bhai! Yes, I call him a racist. Now would you also retaliate by calling me a Punjabi Pig?

    And d0ct0r seems to be a very reasonable person. Unlike Altaf’s lundas who bear grudges against all non Urdu Speakers, he at least only criticizes MQM and quaid e fasaad. D0ct0r’s arguments are not distorted and he backs them up with facts, two important things that Altaf’s lundaas lack.

    Khaled bhai do you really think that any non-Mohajir will ever masquerade as Mohajir, even on the net?

    Pujabis (Punjabi landlord) and Pathans had decided to support Pakistan movement, albeit at a very later stage, that’s why Pak became a reality. If one day they decide to get rid of it then there will be no Pakistan any more.

  20. khaled90 on December 2nd, 2008 @ 11:19 pm

    No need to call you anything as people on this blog knows who are you

  21. tzaidi on December 3rd, 2008 @ 3:47 am

    My dear odin!! You can not mislead people by throwing ashraf-azlaf theory, or what ever name you want to give this lame theory of yours. Many cities in Uttar Pardesh, namely Ghaziabad, Luknow, Allahabad and Breily, still have muslim majority. If they were so eager then they would have moved here in Pakistan during / after partition.

    Yes, you are 110% right the natives (aka Punjabi, Pathan and Balouchi) joined the AIML pretty late – the reason was simple that they wanted everything for themselves and a full share of pie. You tell me, be it Punjabis or Sirakies, Balooch aur Pakhtuns, who hasn’t demanded autonomous region for themselves, separated from Pakistan. If they made the same demand being in ‘United India\, then they would have met the same fate as Kashmir’s. – its no rocket since, what was the easier route for them and who is most faithful to Pakistan.

    So please refrain from spreading hatred against the true Pakistanis – The Mohajirs & great leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan – start using logics when you think.

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