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  1. pakination on January 1st, 2009 @ 1:00 am

    Happy New Year and congratulations to you for becomming the first author of KMB to post in 2009:-)

  2. karachiite33 on January 1st, 2009 @ 1:08 am

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings more good news and more good times.

  3. Raza (raza) on January 1st, 2009 @ 2:49 am

    Beautiful picture!

  4. ڈفرستان کا ڈفر (duffer) on January 1st, 2009 @ 10:04 am

    Happy New Year to everybody
    from me and from everybody :)

  5. kabirdas on January 1st, 2009 @ 6:04 pm

    An excellent photograph.

    Anyway glad to see the last of 2008.
    Let us now see what the year 2009 holds for us. Prevalence of sanity or insanity???

  6. barristerakc on January 3rd, 2009 @ 11:19 am

    It seems that KMB thanks to Pisser-e-Zameen and especially (PUNJABIS OF KARACHI) is officially dead. R.I.P…!!!!!

  7. barristerakc on January 3rd, 2009 @ 11:25 am

    The Great Mohajirs of Karachi & Pakistan in 2009 should remember our Shaheed and should prepare to fight against Talibanization of Karachi apart from educating our young.

    I would also like to call for boycotting businesses of Pisser-e-Zameen and Supporting our people (instead)….

  8. kabirdas on January 3rd, 2009 @ 7:59 pm

    @ barristerakc on January 3rd

    How come ???? I see Karachi Met Blog as dead or as alive as ever before!! I hope by KMB you don’t mean some other blog like Karachi Mohajir Blog with which I am not familier.

  9. kabirdas on January 3rd, 2009 @ 8:08 pm

    @ barristerakc on January 3rd, 2009 @ 11:25 am

    "The Great Mohajirs of Karachi ———————– our young."
    Will do. Thy wish is my command. Please lead the way

    "I would also like to call for boycotting——–our people (instead)…."

    Wouldn’t it be better if we got up and started competing with Pisser-e-Zameen instead ???

  10. barristerakc on January 4th, 2009 @ 8:08 am

    Err, Kabirdas Bhai – boycotting business owned especially by “others” is an option on cards which I will make sure to use in time to come but it should be equalent to a religious duty of any and every Mohajir to support his Mohajirs brothers and sisters and prefer doing business with him or her.

    I am in a process of setting up another offices around Karachi (the process will kick start in end of February) solely to place our youth and our people at right places.

    MQM is also coming up with her Micro Finance Bank which will help our people too.

  11. kabirdas on January 4th, 2009 @ 6:58 pm

    " boycotting business owned especially by “others” is an option on cards which I will make sure to use in time to come."

    And pray what is the justification for this course of action???

    "it should be equalent to a religious duty of any and every Mohajir to support his Mohajirs brothers and sisters and prefer doing business with him or her."

    You know barrister bhai I have the funny feelings that somehow you are getting a tough time in promotion of your business from some PZ for which you want to exploit your Mohajir ethinicity to your advantage. But then it is just funny feelings that I have got. I may be wrong also. After all you are an honourable man as far as I know.

    "MQM is also coming up with her Micro Finance Bank which will help our people too."

    Just a little question I would like to ask if you don’t mind. What does MQM stand for: Muhajir Quomi Movement or Mutehadda Quomi Movement. Or is the latter a guise for the former. And if so wouldn’t it be like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s guise??

    Take care and more importantly take it easy.

  12. barristerakc on January 4th, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

    Kabirdas Bhai, I never had any personal objectives behind the campaign.

    Your comments made me realize an important point. I accept and apologize. At times and I accept this on a public forum that I am still stuck in 90(s) phase although MQM has come a long way since 1997 and formation of Muthida Quomi Movement. Prorably because of opposition towards MQM because of our ethnic origin? But no excuses. No shame in admitting what’s “wrong”.

  13. kabirdas on January 5th, 2009 @ 12:25 am

    I admire you for having the courage to acknowledge a mistake which you made. We all make mistakes but very few of us, including me, have the courage to acknowledge it when this mistake is pointed out to us or when we discover it otherwise.

    The socalled Mohajirs are no doubt much more and better educated than most other people of Pakistan. The part that they played in creation of Pakistan and thereafter in placing it on solid footing can’t be denied by anyone. I would expect they will continue to work for the betterment of Pakistan rising above their petty group interests. As a matter of fact I hope they can provide the middle class well educated leadership to this nation which is suffering at the hands of our feudal leaders. It is one reason for which I am very supportive of MQM as a Mutehedda Quomi Movement and not as a Mohajir Quomi Movement.
    If you want to continue as a Mohajir Quomi Movement you may do so like any other regional party of Pakistan but for some reason I expect Mohajirs to do better than that. Being more and better educated they should not follow the example of other regional parties. They should act and lead at national level taking others with them. I know it is not so easy a task but it certainly is the most desireable course of action.
    Please at least think on these lines.
    Choose a path which is least travelled and it will make all the difference.
    Wish you all the luck.

  14. barristerakc on January 5th, 2009 @ 8:52 am

    Everyday I am reminded by myself and some saner souls that my party is not a political party but a Tahreek and an on-going process of reformation and transformation and that we need to expand as Kabirdas Bhai rightly mentioned but all the hurdles.

    It’s funny because the other day a good friend wanted to come down and meet me at party office with a large group of students from couple of reputed universities. He too reminded me beforehand, not to use words like, “Mohajirs” and “Pisser-e-Zameen” as the group consisted of some Sindhi & Pashtuns brothers. He was right.

    But then I had always reacted never pre-empted. Yes, two wrongs do not make one right but someone has to put his and his population viewpoint across.

    Kabirdas Bhai, academically speaking,

    How could I forget Guhar Ayub(s) ethnic cleansing of Mohajirs at Lalo Khet and called it a victory parade? Just because we supported Fatima Jinnah.

    How could I forget Ayub Khan(s) sacking of all Officers who belonged to my ethnicity in 1960(s)?

    How could I forget shifting of capital from Karachi to Islamabad?

    How could I forget that 15,000 people were killed extra judicially in Karachi? All of whom belonged to my ethnicity? (Mohajirs)

    How could I forget the criminal silence of Punjabis during that phase? They glorify army operation as if it was a religious war?

    How could I forget Bushra Zaidi?

    How could I forget the treatment of Pisser-e-Zameen to more then 5,00,000 Patriot Pakistanis in former East Pakistan whom Pisser-e-Zameen brands as “Biharis” and refuses to repatriate just because they belong to our ethnic origin?

    A serving Prime Minister publicly called my people “RATS” and again, a criminal silence by my brothers and sisters in Punjab.

    I see Charter of Democracy – a product of Pisser-e-Zameen where again, Pakistan(s) 3rd Largest Political Force MQM was forced to isolate?

    Why do we have to reminded every decade that we Mohajirs contributed towards Pakistan? Forgetting that most of the mainstream leadership of All India Muslim League during the pre-partition days was what we call, “Mohajirs” today.

    What is my crime? Is that I am not Badar, Chaudry, Khan or Somroo?

  15. balma on January 7th, 2009 @ 12:49 am

    Vakeel, The shifting of capital from Karachi to Islamabad is not such a bad thing. Karachi got rid of many haramkhores this way!

  16. kaami on January 7th, 2009 @ 2:48 am


    From one Mohajir to Another,

    The creation of Pakistan and what happened afterwards is our collective responsibility. I know you are a student of history so I don’t need to go on that path.
    Jinnah, Nawabs and the Chaudhry’s had their own ideas of how to take this country forward. Then came the leftists and to counter them the American sponsored millitary and the Islamists.
    Sadly, ordinary people of every ethnicity were made to suffer, be that mohjirs of Punjab,UP, Bengal and Sindh. Or the native Balloach whose teriitory was annexed in 1948 and the progressive Pakhtoons whose elected government was dismissed by none another than Jinnah himself. The precedence was set in the early days. Mind you that the partition of Punjab was the bloodiest, hence the famous line: "Aj akhan Waris Shah Nou"

    All that aside we could have done a better job of creating a viable state but, we didn’t despite success stories here and there. This is not only our delima but the dilema of the whole Muslim community that they have not been able to attain political stability / system through out their history. Unlike India we did not get rid of our feudals, to make the matters worst, US in the cold war era found invaluable allies in the millitary and mullah nexus to ward of Soviet union. So every leftist and Nationalist was either a Ghaddaar or a Kafir. Sadly, over the years, our leaders to consolidate their power divided and ruled their own people, pitting them against each other to divert attention.

    Unfortunaely, Punjab has been an easy target for the propagandists, this is because relative to the population, Punjab had a very low percentage of the middle class. There were either Zamindaars or Kammi’s. The sizeable portion of the middle class that was there belonged to the army, which was very easy to manipulate. It is only now that I see, in the past 15 years that the middle class in Punjab is becoming more and more diversified and asserting itself. Right now all the political forces are trying to woe them on their side in a very charged environment. When I visited Lahore in March 2007 and met some of my friends their, I got one respone:

    "Mian Sahib aa gaye ne, sab theek ho jaey gaa"

    And now when I talk to them, I get, "Pataa nahein yaar phas gaey hein" and ofcourse cursing Zardari.

    So they are still confused and more inclined towards the right wing. I hope that they are not hijacked by the Islamists.

    Coming back, yes Mohajirs settled in large numbers in Karachi, and, unlike other migrations in history, just because of the shear numbers, their assimilation in the local population was not that straight forward. In fact they were able to create an Isle of prosperity / enterprise while the rest of the Pakistani population suffered under brute opression. Unfortunately, when blessed by rulers like ours this imbalance is very easy to exploit by using the race / language cards.

    You have talked about microfinance bank, this concept originated from this city a long time back. You have the very successful "orangi pilot project" since the past god knows how many years. But this was not replicated in any other part of Pakistan except for Hyderabad, whereas, the whole world seems to be benifitting from it.

    MQM was nothing but an organization formed by angry youth, with ambighous and emotionally charged ideals. But to their credit, they have fought many battles and out of every crises they have demonstrated an ability to learn and improve. I don’t know whether it was influenced by Mush or not, the transformation from MQM to Muttahida and clearly taking a secular stance was step in the right direction. Expanding throughout the country, invaluable contribution during the Earthquake crises, sidelining of the extremists, dislodging of the fundamentalists, invaluable work by the CDGK Nazims and councillors (without prejudice) are all high points and earned them a lot of good will through out the country. But one blunder on 12 th May, 2006, put all that aside and caused irreparable damage.That incident disgusted the educated through out the country, and the damage was done. Now its again a image building exercise, its upto enterprising young blokes like Haider Rizvi, Mustafa Kamal, Wasey Jalil and Subzwari to assert themselves and take Muttahida forward in the right direction and not let it be reduced to cult status.

    BTW there is no harm in adopting surnames like Chaudhry, Khan or Soomro after all Siddiqui, Quraishi and Rizvi etc were also adopted ones. :-)

  17. kabirdas on January 8th, 2009 @ 10:15 pm

    @ kaami on January 7th, 2009

    An excellent write up. I couldn’t have been able to write anything like this. By writing this you have taken a great load off my back particulary when I am down with flu. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  18. barrister on January 9th, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

    Very well summed up Kami and quite rationale,

    Our ancestors rose up against British rule in 1857 and paid a horrific price while the loyal “martial races” benefited. During partition many of our grand parents migrated against the advice of Azad, Kidwai and Zakir Hussain and were fooled. Please (refer to this website and hear what Maulana Azad said then:…

    Anyhow, what(s) done is done but I fail to understand why Punjabi(s) are not to be blamed? Please refer to Unjust NFC Awards Distribution ; I do not have to post stats again. Obviously, my interactions with some Nationalist Baloch Leaders; Sindhi Nationalists has convinced me that the hate towards Punjabis is not actually towards “Allahdits” but against the upper hierarchy of Punjabi Society, the Chaudry and Mian Sahibaans apart the Establishment: the Army which is conceived as a Punjab Armed Forces then Pakistan Armed Forces by atleast 2 of the biggest provinces of Pakistan. Ironically Army was never used against her own people expect once: when the infamous Brigadier Niazi refused to obey orders.

    The Punjabi Middle Class has emerged and we had seen them agitating during the Lawyers Movement against Establishment but as it turns out: they were really against a “Mutarwa/Hindustora”, Mushraff and nothing else. The Punjabi Middle Classes votes for Nawaz Sharif and the proof is Nawaz Sharif(s) dominance over Urban Punjab (atleast) especially Central Punjab Areas. Yes, Nawaz Sharif has emerged as Altaf Hussain of Punjabi(s).

    Punjab(s) criminal silence over my people being killed angered me to my bones and something I can not forget nor forgive; I am sorry …. It is like you play loud music at my father’s funeral and this is how personally I take it.

    Yes, 12th May was bad for MQM(s) image and whatever MQM did for past years washed away but then what about justice to our 15,000 dead? In a Serb style Genocide of Mohajirs?

    Where was Aw ab Al vi(s) father-son duo protesting for our people? Where was Aw ab Al vi with his PR? Prorably they were dancing with joy when our brothers were killed and mothers and sisters raped. You see “selective justice” accounts to hypocrisy and that what happens in Pakistan. Why can’t these Pisser-e-Zameen pressure their government to repatriate stranded Pakistanis from the slums and refugee camps of Dhaka? Is this because they are not, “chaudry, somroo, abro or badar?”

    Orangi Pilot Project by Arif Hasan is an excellent project and it’s pity that it’s not copied in other parts – Hyderabad Model is new to me which is excellent. MQM(s) Micro Finance Bank as you rightly mentioned is on the same lines but more on Gramen Bank, Bangladesh Model.

    Lastly, yes, Faisal Subzwari, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Mustafa Kamal, Wasay Jalil are role models and during my time – I plan to utilize them to spread there good message all around Pakistan – especially, Mustafa Kamal Bhai whose universally accepted all over Pakistan.

    I do not know what we should do but we Mohajirs Should Always Remember:

    1.Gauhar Ayub`s state terrorism against Mohajirs resulting in many deaths
    2. Peaceful and shameful surrender of Paki Army in East Pakistan with no provision for Mohajir “razakaars,“ who bore the brunt of cruel Bengali vengeance.
    3. Sindhi riots instigated by Bhutto`s campaign to punish Mohajirs for NOT supporting him in 1970/1971.
    4. Massacre of hundreds of Mohajirs, including children, at the hands of Pathan tribesmen in 1986 at Sohrab GoTh with no accountability, trials, investigation of murderers by Zia`s dictatorship.
    5. Army actions against Mohajirs in Karachi and Hyderabad in early 90s.
    6. Continued suffering of “stranded“ Mohajirs in Bangladesh at the hands of a shameless government`s refusal to repatriate them.

    So I am not against Allahdita but actually against General Badar and Chaudry Haseeb

  19. barrister on January 9th, 2009 @ 2:51 pm

    At a same time could I point out that I was banned by moderators of KMB prorably under the someone’s influence as bootlicking seems to moderators favorite past time ….just because I speak for my people…

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