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Lighting up the day


taken at 8am, what power crises?

As the prophets (pbuh) birthday gets closer, Karachi is lit up in an array of overpowering green and white. The colors of choice for the various religious organizations making plans which last upto 12 days during this holy month.

Chief among them is the “DI” or Dawate Islami which seems to have decided on its own that there is no power crises in this country and that people want to hear naats and cries of “Sarkar ki amad, marhaba” at all hours of the night.

Noise pollution aside, even though they claim to pay for all the lighting they use, i think it is quite safe to say that their over zealous celebrations are turning from a pageant to a nuisance every year.

Perhaps it is their war with the shiates who paint the city black with equal fervor to their green that has gained precendence over true spirit and effort? The emphasis is now more towards outdoing each other then on bettering oneself. In either case its been a total of 72 hours and the naats are not stopping, the lights are not turned off during the day even upto 10am sometimes and it feels like I am being kept in some of sort of concentration camp. Naats and duas are beautiful to listen to when one has the choice to listen to them when they want not whether they want to or not!!!

Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL

dsc_0048KOEL, The recently opened Art gallery in the city brings the color of our traditions into the world of art with a stunning display of hand printed Ajraks,  a collection designed by Noorjehan Bilgrami in a  stunning exhibition “Sindh Ji Ajrak” in collaboration with AHAN.

 Centuries old tradition of making Ajrak, a hand printer and dyed fabric, goes through 21 stage painstaking process till completion. Over the last hundred years with the advent of synthetic dyes the use of naturally extracted indigo and madder in Ajrak had gone out of the past two years a series of workshops were held at the Ajrak Centers in Matiari, Bhitshah, and Sehta to revive the practice of using natural dyes.


PCK Exhibit ’09 – Amateurs Come Up But With Fine Prints

9I wouldn’t review the exhibition as I myself am one of the 30 participants and then my opinions might be seen as a bias. But I would to like to bring into notice what Daily Times thought about it. Today, 28th February 2009 is the last day of exhibition so if anyone of you are interested to visit then you are more than welcome. Alliance Francaise is located behind ICAP Clifton and gallery remains open from 10 AM to 8 PM. (more…)

Gutka Ban in Karachi

Sindh government with Local authorities imposed ban on gutka sale and purchase. Even I do not have much information about this ban but yesterday two people were talking in lift in very low voice

Lift Man “Yaar subh say aik hi gutka chala raha hon”
Second Guy “Han yaar gutka sirf black may hi mil raha hay”

A friend [unconfirmed report] told me that rangers are stopping people who are chewing gutka and fine them 5,000 Rs. People who are violating gutka ban also being beaten by rangers as friend told me.

PCK Exhibit ’09

Photography Exhibitions are thankfully increasing in Karachi with advent of digital cameras as good amount of people who have taken it as a serious hobby. In some way these photographs are documenting Karachi’s vibe, sights and people.

One such exhibition this week is being organized by Photo Club of Karachi at Alliance Francaise. The exhibition will feature above 200 photographs of 30 amateur artists selected by professionals. Hope this one brings us some aesthetic pleasure.


A Luxury apartments project in Nazimabad

landmafiaThis post is very much related to, but not a follow up of this article (“rape of the city”, rightly said) by Cowasjee yesterday. It was drafted quite earlier. Its incidental and very interestingly as i am making this post there is a short story on tv about decreasing number of parks/grounds/open spaces in Lahore too. So the issue is all over.

Land mafia, like others, has grown so much in size and power, thanks to “everyone’s” overwhelming support in last 20 years that even our mayor is now saying he is helpless. The image on right is my question today. There is some construction going in full swing there these days . . .  (more…)

Vintage Car Show held today at The Forum


A Trip To Machar Colony

dsc_0044Yesterday Concern for Children Trust invited the press/media and journalists to cover an exhibition of art work and photographs created by the children of Macher colony. The artwork had previously been displayed in of a couple of exhibitions in different art  galleries in the city but only this time the display was where it had actually come from, the Macher colony it’s self. (more…)

Operation against encroachments

Last night after having dinner at saddar with friends, I was walking towards my friend’s car when I saw people were trying to pick chicos & bananas lying down on the road…and some were trying to put them on the hand cart. I thought that it was the result of some kind of accident or something. I asked the guy picking up the fruit about what had happened, he replied “Police is demolishing encroachments around saddar and they just fliped all the hand carts upsidedown”. While we were talking a police mobile approached and started trying to harass the guy who was picking the fruits up. I thought it is better take some snaps and rush from the scene rather than waste time with cops.

CNG Bus project for Karachi

CDGK recently announced (source link lost, apologies) that 50 CNG buses will start operating on different routes from March. Routes include Surjani  – Nazimabad – Tower and Surjani – SF – Tower. This should especially be a relief for those who use these routes daily. It’s a much required effort as public transport is in complete mess and buses already being driven on routes are poor in passenger service. It’s hoped that this time this will not meet the same fate as Green Bus project did. Two main issues are: Drivers not following route/bus-stop and lane and poor bus condition. Cost for overall project is 250 million PKR. Not sure if the CNG bus project listed here on CDGK website is the same one.

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