Schoolchildren being kidnapped!!

January has been a month full of stress and fear for parents of school going children in Karachi. There have been a number of kidnapping cases of children going to or coming back from school in this month and the cities police has been ordered to keep an eye outside major schools.

The exact number of kidnapping cases of school going children last month were 3, all of a short term basis with the kidnappers typically targeting children 10-13 years of age and asking for ransoms from 70,000 to 500,000 rupees upon payment of which the child was returned to their parents.

Parents are thus been advised by school authorities to take different routes to and from school with their children as well as making sure a supervising adult “from the family” is there when the children are picked up. Most schools have already adopted an ID card system without the presence of which children are not released to whoever arrives to pick them up.

Hopefully the city government will take an active interest in ensuring that our young citizens are not robbed of their rights of freedom even before they realize what they mean.

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  1. Kashif Aziz (kashaziz) on February 7th, 2009 @ 2:36 pm

    My son goes to one of the "good" schools of the city and amidst all claims of security and stuff, I have found loopholes the size of Korangi in their security and transport management. The school administration does not bother to respond back to the concerns raised in my numerous bit of correspondence to them. Like they have got this ID Card system but anybody can show up to the administration and get a temporary exit slip, without showing any identification or proof of relation the the children. How is this for security?

  2. barrister on February 11th, 2009 @ 1:27 am

    Mere Jaan,
    Sorry for the late reply but you nailed it, brother.

    At a wedding yesterday; it was a topic of discussion …apparently, 21 major kidnappings in Karachi last week alone. Interestingly, none of them were reported as the kidnappers instead of asking for Rs.1-5 carore now asking for Rs.3-5 lakhs in -5 hours.

    Do you remember Bhoja(s) Son Kidnapping ..? He was later killed…another top business man’s son was killed recently…CPLC on atleast 2-3 times I know for recorded has privately asked people to give out money (that doesn’t mean they are involve Ofcourse)…but they are helpless…

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