White On White at KOEL

Today on the 12th of February 2009 KOEL art gallery opened it’s door to the public for the first time with an opening exhibition titled “White On White”.

  An antique door greeted me as I entered the gallery for the first time, The open space soon after, is a garden with a champa tree in the center surrounded by a bed of rounded pebbles, with a beautiful wooden bench sitting against the gallery’s main window. On the side a huge sculpture and on the other a huge leafless tree, with branched and barks crisscrossing sheltering every thing under it. I am sure it would cast beautiful patens of shadows at daytime when the sun’s up for the shine. Upfront is the entrance to the main exhibit area.

 The exhibition area though large is divided by a staircase right in the middle but the stairs are so beautifully adjusted that rather then posing a hindrance it compliments the interiors adding a rich element to it. This area is divide into three portions and the ceiling is lined with a number of halogen bulbs highlighting the beautiful texture of the walls and illuminating the artwork on them.The exhibition “White on White” is even more intriguing, a display in unison of subtle colors in whites, shades after shades, patterns, forms and lines. Beautiful work with acrylic on canvas by Meher Afroz, followed by Mussarat Mirza’s “Safaid Ki talash” and “Safaid Dur Naheen” Oil on canvas. and there are also modern mediums, digital prints with watercolor and ink on paper by Naiza H. Khan, a part of her project she has been working on since the past 18 months revolving around the Manora Island. On another wall is Rashid Arshed’s work of calligraphic art in oil on canvas.

 And then there is a huge, largest piece of art in the whole of exhibition, and yet the most simplest but indeed a strong statement, a set of identical sculptures, two triangular mirrors welded in stainless steel frame to make one By Amin Gulgee the pieces are titled ‘white noise’ the glass reflects the surrounding and at times an image of the spectator too but only adding some prospective to it all. Amin says, it is this dialogue that he has created by using the mirror to reflect one’s own image. The foreplay of light, reflections and ones own image thrown back at him indeed reflects the white noise we are surrounded with.

Next in the row is Usman Ghouri’s work, unlike anything he has done before, these three installations in mixed medium titled rightfully as ‘Light on White’. The first installation a set of cubes fixed with a round reflective concave steel bowl reflecting one’s own image only down side up and to break the sequence a panted figure peeping through the another cube in the line as if bonding in a relation you and this uptight man, someone, every one, and the world which all reflects at us. His other two installations silver round large pear drops placed on a checker board, painted silver with interesting textures, as if of fish scales, and bowls hanging on the wall in a wooden hollow cube painted white, the texture and the light casting shadows adding to the three dimensional composition is something of a spectacle. 

Amean J - Video Installation

None the less there is also Amean J with a video installation titled mater of principals, a silent dialogue, a talk of principals between him and her, projected on a white curtain adding the a delicately, soft and beautiful texture to the video.

Thus the gallery and the Exhibition both complimenting each other makes up an interesting show which will remain open till the 22nd February 2009 to inspire the visitor.


KOEL Gallery:
  F-42/2, Block-4, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi
  92+21+5831292 – 92+21+5364013

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  1. srsierra on February 13th, 2009 @ 6:56 pm

    itx awesome!!
    there must be more events like this one!

  2. srsierra on February 13th, 2009 @ 7:01 pm


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