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The Shadows They Draw

The Shadows they Draw - by Ali KhurshidAli Khurshid a renowned photographer in Karachi is set to display his latest collection of pictures titled as “The Shadows they Draw” to be on display from April 4th to April 10 at Salmis Furnishers, near Jimmy’s Studio, 10-C Stadium Lane #1, Off Khe-Shamsheer, Phase V, D.H.A

Ali Khurshid was featured as the Time Person of the Year in 2006 which captured the imagination of the world with his mesmerizing pictures, more recently he accompanied us to an OffRoadPakistan trip to Doreji and Sorh where he was seen snapping tons of beautiful pictures

RSVP and more details on the Facebook event page

An Ode to Tehrik

TLISM ended yesterday after a spell-bound performance of more than 2 hours of Ek Hazar Aur Ek Thi Raatein having stories depicting powerful women in Arabian Nights. The play got an awesome response with an standing ovation. After all, it is not a child’s play to perform and sing for 2 hours, remember so many lines and above all giving a perfect performance which touched everyone’s heart and enriched everybody’s mind. IT IS AN ART!

The purpose of declaring this at KMB: TLISM, a theater festival which celebrated the 30 years of Tehrik-e-Niswan’s astonishing work for women empowerment and social development in Karachi and elsewhere, and their work speaks for itself; their work is there ode to the mission, and this post is ode to the people behind the vision.

The activities continue. One of them will be a dance ballet SONG OF MOHENJODARO on 29th and 30th April marking the International Day of Dance.

Dawn Feature:

Our Lawless Land – One more video

Feel so sorry for this young man. They could have shoot him as he looked arguing once. Young man starts crying after incident and understandably so. God knows what might be his family condition. Might have to borrow some cash for a month. Imagine the anger and the frustation he will grow inside and the worst, even more lack of trust on our police and system as whole. While your tax being spent on VIPz security awaam are at the mercy of luck. Video itself is secondary here. (Related : Cowasjee) [youtube][/youtube]

Stradling the Bike

While driving down Shahrah-e-Faisal I just found this bikers riding style quite unique and interesting

While driving down Shahrah-e-Faisal I just found this bikers riding style quite unique and interesting

Mosquito Control Spray

Mosquito Control Spray

It seems that CDGK has been started Mosquito Control Spray campaign. This picture was taken yesterday near Paradise Bakery where a motorbike busy in spraying anti mosquito medicines. I don’t know whether this was pre-announced or not but I found there was no precaution made by any food shop in the area.

Qavvaali featuring Fareed Ayaz

qavvali ka safar header

Join us for an evening of devotional music as we pay tribute to legendary Sufi poets and thinkers, ranging from Hazrat Amir Khusrau to Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. Fareed Ayaz and Brothers belong to the 705 year old “Qavvaal Bachon Ka Gharana” of Delhi. They are the sons of the legendary Munshi Raziuddin and are internationally acclaimed as being amongst the finest qavvaals of the sub-continent.

Date: Saturday, 28th March 2009
Time: 9:00 pm
Venue: Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture
Minimum Donation: Rs. 500 [T2F: Renaissance Fundraising Series]
Passes are available at T2F and will also be available at IVS on the day of the performance

LinksT2F | PeaceNiche & Facebook event page

Grand opening of Metro Cash & Carry Karachi

Metro Cash & Carry, the international leader in self-service wholesale, opens its outlet for general public today. After the successful opening of its four wholesale centers, two in Lahore, one in Islamabad and one in Faisalabad. The response and crowed was so tremendous that metro staff closed all gates for public who were waiting outside. Metro only allow people who have metro cards. I reached there around 8:30PM and I got two metro cards but all gates were closed. I think the rush was due to rumor that metro is offering 60% discount.
Minimum shopping limit for Metro is 2,000 Rs

Illegal Matric exam centre raided by vigilance team

According to latest news report (also here) a vigilance team raided MATRIC exam center which was illegal. Its (not) amazing how easily a center was setup, teacher stationed, papers reached and no one checked.  If the school was not in approved list for exam (as board official said on TV) how come 30+ students reached there to appear in paper?  Now the board will come up with all the stupid explanations we are sure like it always happens but this story should well clear as to where our education system stands and where our future is heading. People at the helm of affairs are least bothered as their kids are either in private schools or abroad. While on one hand we have individual brilliance, collectively our state of affairs is pathetic. Instead of focusing gov schools/colleges previous gov wasted all resources into a useless excercise know as HEC and current one is a nightmare which has no vision to start with. Unless health and education are the priorities more bad news await us. At the end of the end . . . One more story to sadden us. . .

One step in the right direction

I am happy to report that I just spotted a bus stop in Clifton with ramp access so that people with disabilities can access public transport independently. This bus stop is opposite Park Towers.

It’s a small step but I am so very happy that someone actually gave some consideration to people with disabilities. Kudos to Karachi’s city government for taking another step in the right direction, you made the citizens of Karachi proud.

The bus stop opposite Park Towers

The bus stop opposite Park Towers

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