Illegal Matric exam centre raided by vigilance team

According to latest news report (also here) a vigilance team raided MATRIC exam center which was illegal. Its (not) amazing how easily a center was setup, teacher stationed, papers reached and no one checked.  If the school was not in approved list for exam (as board official said on TV) how come 30+ students reached there to appear in paper?  Now the board will come up with all the stupid explanations we are sure like it always happens but this story should well clear as to where our education system stands and where our future is heading. People at the helm of affairs are least bothered as their kids are either in private schools or abroad. While on one hand we have individual brilliance, collectively our state of affairs is pathetic. Instead of focusing gov schools/colleges previous gov wasted all resources into a useless excercise know as HEC and current one is a nightmare which has no vision to start with. Unless health and education are the priorities more bad news await us. At the end of the end . . . One more story to sadden us. . .

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  1. fasee on April 3rd, 2009 @ 9:19 am

    @ Balma & KD

    if bhaiyaaz can not be khans then how come half the indians add khan to there name….apna salman khan, amir khan, sharukh khan

  2. fasee on April 3rd, 2009 @ 9:27 am

    @ KD on April 2

    sir, when you go sarcastic you really go on a rampage….:D

    actually its pretty hard to drive while typing on a mobile….woh bi sargent say bacha kee…..while i am on laptop, i am on KMB when i am on lunch with burger or tea in one hand while typing with one finger….or normally i have some crap deabte aka academic debate gogin on on TV previous day running in background……i hear it in background as dont have any urge to see 60 yrs old self styled anylysts hogging the TV…..

    .besides mrs fasee hates them as much as i hate 20 yrs old family soaps on star plus.

    so the compromise is…i have to watch / hear them while on KMB in office.

    but bottom lne is….thanks for telling me…will try my best to recheck before sending it.

  3. kabirdas on April 3rd, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

    @ fasee on April 3rd

    " when you go sarcastic you really go on a rampage…."

    Sir, you wouldn’t have called it a sarcasm had you known when KD graduated as an engineer that too from a foreign university there was no computer around. Even calculater wasn’t there. We used slide rule for our tedious calculations.

    So what KD said about his typing is a fact or almost a fact or let us say not very far from the fact or wasn’t a lie or at least not a white lie like the one our politician tell. If it was a lie it did have some legs to stand on.

  4. kabirdas on April 3rd, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

    @ balma

    The name ‘Khan’ might have been abused but I believe the people who came to India from Afghanistan and settled in Shahjahanpour, Kanpour and Bhopal etc wrote Khan with their names. Those who came from Iran wrote Bokhari and Quizilbash etc. The ones from Turkey probably wrote Mirza and Beg and Chughtai etc with their names. The ones from Arabia had Zubairy, Jaffry and Siddiqui written with their names.

    And lastly, not to be forgotten, there was one loal who converted to Islam and he very proudly named himself Kabir Das and joined the rest at KMB:-)

    No, the line that I mentioned in respect of three groups is by Aurangzeb. Jahangir may also have paid his compliments to Afghans. After all they must have been pains in many arse holes as their history tells.

    Muslim Punjabis I thought are great piece of news (I hope barrister is not listening) wonder why Allama Iqbal didn’t write a special tarana for them:-)

    Some time back I read couple of books by Khishwant Singh the writer of Last Train from Pakistan which was made into a movie also. In one of his books I forget the name he says that of all the people that he has come across in the world he found Punjabi Muslims the best. KD agrees with him whole heartedly and so must you :-)

    Suggest you may read the article of Askar Patel titled ‘Carefree Punjabi, calculating Gujrati, confused Tamilian’ published in The News of Sunday, March 15. You will find it interesting. His articles appear in The News every sunday. He is a former news paper editor and lives in Bombay. He writes well. I enjoy reading his articles.

    Dr A Q Khan also now writes in The News every Wedensday. His March 25 article was titled ‘The Begums of Bhopal’ and one before that he wrote about his childhood in Bhopal. You may read these articles to know about the life and history of people of Bhopal. This article will give you an idea why Dr Sahab calls himself a Pathan. I promise you he also does look and act like one.

  5. idealali on April 4th, 2009 @ 12:37 am

    It’s good to finally see a sane, humane and rational discussion going on KMB. Thanks for this.
    This is my take on the HEC issue.
    I think we need to revamp the educational system from the grass-root level (absolutely, no arguing that) but we can’t ignore the universities while doing that.
    I got into college before Dr. Rehman took the HEC office and graduated a few years after that and I saw the difference he made. I was actually sad when he stepped down (or was forced to resign, whatever) and I don’t know one single graduate who felt otherwise.
    I fully support Dr. Rehman for whatever he did for the state of education in Pakistan.

  6. balma on April 4th, 2009 @ 10:13 am

    Just wait for few minutes/days and soon you will find all kinds of bakvaas, gaali, buhtaans, etc on KMB. Just wait. I am sharpning my gaali skills these days during this lull on KMB.

    KD, I do read The News etc, and did read AQK’s article. I like what he did, but I guess he got out of control in self promotion. But, I have no problem if he is trying to tell our people about science or agricultural technology. Yeah, he does get carried away some times and starts singing praises about Bhopal like it was Lucknow or something….haa haa haa:-)
    Just kidding, I wish I had a chance to see Bhopal.

    I forgot who mentioned this, but I guess Amir Khan added Khan to his name becuse I don’t think his father’s name has Khan in it. Shahrukh Khan I have heard is Wali Khan’s cousin’s grandson or something…and Salman Khan’s father’s name has Khan too, but who knows what the fuck is their background.

    The point is not just Indian khan, the point is FATA/Vata (or in Panjabi Shata) people too….who the fuck told them that every kid born in their tribe or village is to be named khan….
    I guess Muhammad Khan is the most common name among criminals in Indo Pak due to this stupidity. And, Muslims are happy that Muhammad is the most popular name in the world! Abay, gadhay kay bacho’n, Muhammad then is also the most popular name among criminals…generally speaking, lets not start a statistical behes here..KabirDas can do anything:-)

    KD, here is a joke:
    A newly convert Muslim was asked by his old hindu friend that what is this business with his name and he said that Oh, pehlay may ansaari thaa, fasal achhee huee hae to aaj kal siddiqui hoo’n, aur agar fasal aur achhee ho gayee to kal syed ho jaao’n gaa.

    Surname is not a desi or a Muslim concept I guess. I guess 200 years ago, most Muslims in
    Indo-Pak didn’t have surnames……During last 100/150 years, I guess Muslims in Panjab and Sindh adopted their tribe/cast names like cheema, jokhio, varaich, tarar, soomro etc, but for some reason UP and AP Muslims didn’t do that…not only the Urban Muslims in those areas didn’t take tribe/cast associations, even their rural bretheren didn’t adopt local tribe/cast names. Though, sometimes I think that these names siddique/syed/shaikh/quraishi were given to Muslims in UP etc based on their original casts????? But, then why didn’t it happen in Panjab. I mean how come there is no Siddiquis in Sargodha? Why all in Shahjahanpur?

    blah blah blah….aur bhee ghum hai’n dunyaa may muhabat kay sivaa.

    KD sahib, I agree: Panjabis are the best:-) Even my mother says that Panjabi women are very hard working! And, believe it or not, I am a maamaa’s boy!

    Where is the vakeel these days?

  7. fasee on April 6th, 2009 @ 10:40 am

    @ Ideal ali.

    acually wasiq was busy and i was banned so we apologise for our oversight.

    but i assure you our drones will ensure there is enough blood on the dance floor to make us proud…:)

  8. kabirdas on April 6th, 2009 @ 10:06 pm

    @ idealali

    Sir, if you consider balma and kabir das as sane and rational then you must be out of your mind:-)

  9. kabirdas on April 6th, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

    @ balma

    1. Whatever Dr Khan says goes. Un ko saat qatal bhee moaaf hain.

    2. Some close relations of Wali Khan stayed back in India. One of them was a minister there until recently. This miisters bhanja is a close friend of mine. I will find out from him Shah Rukh’s connection with Wali Khan’s family and let you know about it.

    3. While under training in UK my class of 6 Pakistanis (2 East and 3 West Pakistanis) ended up having Ahmed as their surnames. You can imagine the confusion that it would have created there. I was the only one who didn’t have Ahmed as my surname and the reason for that was that Ahmed was my middle name:-)

    4. Your joke is ok but remember there is a Hindi/Urdu kahawat which says:

    Maya (wealth) taray teen nam; Bansu, Bansi, Bansi Ram.

    (I cant recollect the actual name used in the kahawat. I have just used bansi ram to fill the blank)

    5. Mohammad Khan was the most famous decoit of Pakistan hailing from Kala Bagh during the times of Ayub Khan.

    6. "I mean how come there is no Siddiquis in Sargodha?"

    A very good question and a food for some thought !!

    7. " I agree: Panjabis are the best"
    Let us see what barrister has to say about it when he comes back. I will deny having said anything like that. I still think pigs are the best:-)

    8. Opinion of your mother about Punjabi female would have carried some weight if she had a Punjabi Bahu :-) Punjabi women may be hard working but I tell you Mrs KD works hardly. I often tell her she must have been a slave driver in her some previous jannam.

    9. I hope barrister returns to KMB soon before it gets taken over by Punjabis lead by balma and followed by KD:-)

  10. fasee on April 7th, 2009 @ 10:34 am

    @ KD.

    ik katal meray hisaab say bi daal dijiyee ga..saat aur ik ath hu gai biyaaj kaat ke

  11. kabirdas on April 7th, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

    I asked my Pathan friend, a relation of Wali Khan, about his relations who stayed back in India. His maternal uncle Younus Khan was one of them. He was a minister of tourism or something like that in Indra Gandhi’s government. He died few years back in India. He was not sure if Shah Rukh Khan had any connection with Wali Khan’s family. He said even if he had Wali Khan’s family will probably disown him:-)

  12. balma on April 7th, 2009 @ 8:41 pm

    thanks KD for the investigation:-)

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