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Review: Song of Mohenjodaro

Yesterday was International Dance Day which was celebrated in Arts Council with a performance of Dance Ballet ‘Song of Mohenjodaro’ by Sheema Kermani and her troupe consisting of her students at Tehrik-e-Niswan.

It was a very beautiful experience. Everything from sets, costumes, narratives, selection of music, choreography and research was near to perfect. The joy on the faces of kids, youth and the veteran dancers really elevated my respect towards these artists to an another level. Sheema Kermani, Amjad Ansari and Mani Chao obviously were fantastic but one participant which really took the spotlight was Suhaee Abro, a fine artist in the making. The intensity of her expressions is unbeatable.

The ballet discusses about how dance forms like yoga, bhairavi, dandiya has been originated and how these were part of expression and communal festivity; how it brought harmony among the people and closeness to the nature. While yoga is linked with spirituality, dance forms like bhangra are linked with celebrations of harvest and bhairavi as rain dance. You will see variety of dance routines there and also get knowledge about them so you get double benefit :) This one and a half hour ballet continues today, will start at 8 pm and is priced at Rs. 500 only.


Most popular ride of Karachi

Rickshaws come in handy when there is a ban on double sawari on bikes and when car burning is at peak, just
as it was yesterday across much of Karachi. I love Rickshaws. Do you?

Art Fundraiser by Concern for Children Trust

cfcfr0Concern for Children Trust is hosting an art fundraiser where paintings from notable local artists will be on sale to raise money for Machar Art 2009 at Chawkandi Art Gallery on Monday May 4th 2009. 

Machar Art is a CFC designed program that brings professional artists and photographers to provide training to children in Machar Colony schools. This art therapy program is often the only chance children from the largest unofficial kutchi abaadi in Karachi have to express themselves through art. (more…)

…proud to be in Pakistan

....Is Proud to be in Pakistan

....Is Proud to be in Pakistan

I know I might actually be hyperventilating here, but the mere sight of this billboard brings a smile on my face, in the chaotic situation plaguing our country, at least there are some who are proud to be IN Pakistan.


[Credit : Skye Jacques]


VII and the Unmarked Guard Car

vii-and-unmarked-police-carToday while driving home I was practically bulldozed by these two vehicles rushing down Shahrai Faisal with absolute no regard for traffic or people crossing the roads. We here in Pakistan are quite accustomed to being shoved off the streets by these VVIP [or VVuIP very very Unimportant people] convoys. But what surprised me was that this Toyota surf was practically unmarked and the guard car trailing hot on its tail providing thug coverage to this menace on the street was also unmarked.

The lead car sported a large stencilized VII on its back, while the blue guard car trailing hot on its wheels had no markings at all. The guard car was a Toyota Hilux painted blue to mimic a usual police escort vehicles but apparently the car neither carried any policemen nor had any visible markings to be an official police car. The guards in the back carried some hefty weapons and were visibly furious at the surrounding traffic ‘for not providing them the right of passage’ [??], one of the guards was in a casual white shalwar kameez while the other sticking his gun out the side was in a plainclothes grey shalwar kameez uniform

Im sure it wont be too difficult to find out who actually operates this illegal convoy – without doubt it is the work of the powerful and mighty who ‘can get away with it’

To Stop or Not-to-Stop, at the Red Light.

Two days back in the morning I was driving on main Shahrah-e-Faisal headed to Sheraton Hotel when in the haste I ran through a red light at the Tipu Sultan intersection. A police sergeant almost instantly signaled me to stop and I got my first ticket.

After being charged for the offence that day I was being extra careful so today I stopped at a red light in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, A red light which no one seemed to have been noticing, after a few seconds an old policeman, (was not a traffic policeman), stepped out of his police mobile, approached me and asked if I needed directions, when I said no thanking him, he asked me why I was not moving which is when I told him the signal is still red. Much to my surprise he told me that its ok and I can go ahead.

I thanked him and moved on while the signal was still red.

Pillion ride ban and Crime Rate

I am one of the guys strongly affected by pillion ride. The other day i was questinoning myself if the crime graph has lowered or not. Surprisingly that very day when i was going to my place from my work place and just for the record, Pillion ride ban was in place, I saw these two guys riding pillion robbing these other two guys who were also riding pillion on the road behind Mazar-e-Qaid.

I always wondered why people dont stop when they see someone being mugged!! That day I saw those guys being robbed and did nothing, i just stood there and watched the whole show, i was stunned by that shining piece of metal pushed against that guy.I think now the Government should unban pillion ride as it doesn’t affect increasing crime rate. What do you think?

People are becoming so frustrated by this that the other day i saw these two lads riding pillion, they were stopped by police. They tried to argue with the police. The aftermath… yes you are correct if you are thinking they were beaten up, i stood there and felt pity for the poor chaps, it was around 1:30 AM, near gulshan’s Ashfaq Memorial hospital. At that time they were calling their relatives.


Once again, as our readers were expecting (see here), the pillion ridding banned for next 30 days.

The Song of Mohen Jo Daro

TLISM Festival celebrations continue by marking World Dance Day with a performance of “The Song of Mohen jo Daro” – a ballet conceived and choreographed by Sheema Kermani.

This ballet was premiered in 1992 to rave reviews and great acclaim in the press and media. It has been performed many times to packed halls.

The ballet tells the story of Peelu, a young man and his fiancée Bhairvi who wants to become a dancer. Peelu forbids her to dance and is very angry. His friend Bihag tries to cheer him up and they go down the river Indus and down in ‘Time’ to Mohenjodaro of 2500 B.C.

What happens there and what happens when he returns back to present times?

This is The Song of Mohenjodaro – an exhilarating one and half hour of classical and folk dance, drama and music!

Venue: Arts Council Theatre
Date: 29 and 30th April
Time: 8pm
Duration: 1 hour and 25 mins.

All the admirers of art can attend this performance. Tickets available at Agha’s and are priced at Rs. 500.

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