KESC mars Premiers League fun

There was a time not long ago when almost every street in Karachi was hosting its own game of cricket every evening. Young and old alike, would use rocks as makeshift wickets and would draw a line for the crease. Street cricket had its own set of rules.

But as Pakistan’s cricket team surrounded itself in controversy, the youth of Karachi discovered a new passion. Soccer! The rocks now mark the goal. Football fever has taken Karachi by surprise. What started as a cult like following of European clubs, has now actually pervaded all stratas of society. Universitites may or may not have a cricket team anymore but all universities now have a football team, and regular inter mural competitions continue to keep these teams competitive.

These days, however, footballers and fans alike are all focussing on only one tournament. The Primiership battle that rages on in Europe. Yet the fans’ excitement in the season has been marred by power outages in the most intense moment of the match. Very few lucky people are able to watch the entire match in a go.

KESC has left no stone unturned even in the sports arena.Don’t forget to catch the highlights on youtube the next morning!

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  1. d0ct0r on May 7th, 2009 @ 1:38 am

    Its high time that some thing is done about KESC. (Not so)famous minister for water and power Raja Pevaiz Ashraf had recently announced that all residential power consumers would be exempt from daily load-shedding after 5pm. KESC stubbornly declares that it does not fall under the minister’s domain. IS he the minister for power in Pakistan? Isn’t this power distribution company working inside a pakistani city?

    Its high time that decision to privatize KESC is reviewed on the pattern of steel mills privatization which was annulled after the review because New management seems to be taking Karachiites for a ride.–za-12

  2. balma on May 7th, 2009 @ 8:09 am

    I find it interesting that no one wants to pay their electric bill, or don’t have problem with people stealing electricity, but want electricity all the time. KESC is a private org, and even if it was not private, if it can’t generate or can’t distribute due to poor infrastructure, then no electricity. Get used to it. It really does not have to listen to any damn minister. Perhaps, everyone in Karachi should request Talib Imran Khan to stay away so his ghundas don’t create problems in Karachi which will affet KESC’s ability to raise investments for better infrastructure etc. Jis kameenay ko daikho, kissi bhee PK sheher say uTh kar aa jaataa hae, to make mess in Karachi. No, imran Khan is not a national leader. How many seats does he have, or did he win in previous elections?

    This comment of Doctor is of typical Pakistani. Does not want to pay taxes, but wants roads and side walks.
    People in DHA driving all over Karachi, but when it comes tax time, they claim they are not using Karachi’s resources.
    Even otherwise, especially jamatis, in other parts of the city, making hell and not willing to pay taxes. But, everyone wants nice roads!
    You guys want roads and garbage removal, pay taxes.
    No tax, no service.

  3. yahudi4 on May 7th, 2009 @ 8:43 am

    this is such a great news…that football(soccer) is picking up as the most popular sport on the university level here in karachi….I hope and pray that sponsors such as Barclays,AIG,Ballentines etc who sponsors the premier leagues may show interest in our young talent….if not as a team may be as an individual players….

  4. d0ct0r on May 8th, 2009 @ 1:06 am

    – Let me try to explain it to you using a simple example. Suppose you go to a shop to buy Rs 100 denomination mobile card,Shopkeeper tell you that last customer,a MQMized bhathakhor(extortionist) paid only Rs40(40%) for the rs100 card,so you’d have to pay rs 160(160%) for the rs100 denomination card so that he(shopkeeper) may continue his business and not incur any losses. You would simply slap him on the face and move to next shop and buy your rs 100 mobile card for rs 100.

    Same is the case with KESC.It is burdening those who are honestly paying bills on time like me and charging surcharge and additional surcharge just to conveniently cover all kinds of losses(theft etc) instead of taking and steps to reduce the losses . KESC has the monopoly here so i have not much choice otherwise like in UK where one could easily switch over to electricity supplier of their choice, i would have done the same,slapped KESC and switch over to other electricity supplier.

    btw roits against load shedding had erupted mostly in MQM dominated areas like Golimar,liaqutabad etc last October so if KESC doesn’t get its act together then those people again might come out on the road and start burning things down.

    – Talib Imran Khan ~ Indeed, sub ki dua ka Talib ,Imran Khan. (Needs all your prayers,wish him luck), btw Balma uncle do you believe in dua shua or a daily dose of psycho pir Altaf’s sermon is enough for you?

    – ghundas ~ this word is synonymous and suitable only for mafia gang MQM. From its ghunda nazim all the way down till its sector and unit terrorists. They all make us proud each and every day. Just last month alone they shot dead and burnt alive almost 50 pathans and burnt their properties and transport.

    – Your lame argument about DHA drivers driving all over Karachi is completely nonsensical and idiotic. All drivers be it from DHA or Lalukhet are already paying Motor Vehicle Tax(MVT) collected by Excise and Taxation Department, Government of Sindh.

    – Take the example of KPT fountain. a Rs 320 million water jet which spurts filthy water hundreds of feet in the air,its main components were recently stolen and were hastily reordered and now more or less it end up costing double the initial amount. and to add to the insult it remains out of operation for more then half the year.Now when these white elephant type organizations have so much money to waste on minister’s(MQMized Ghauri) whims and wishes then obviously they could have instead used these hundreds of millions of rupees on some essential public welfare project.

    -* A person doesn’t pay electricity bill,his electricity connection will be disconnected for non payment.
    *A Person doesn’t pay Water & Conservancy bill,his water connection might be cut for non payment.
    *A person doesn’t pay Gas bill,his gas connection might be cut for non payment.
    *A person doesn’t pay telephone bill, his telephone connection will be disconnected for non payment.

    *Now if a person doesn’t pay under pass tax,WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN? cut/disconnect the underpass? jao kaat do underpass.

    That just shows that its basically impractical and unwarranted to impose underpass tax on residential consumers.

    p.s. I have received that bill so far at just one of my place and have promptly paid that one, but stats from City Government published in newspaper shows that only 4 % of those underpass tax bills were paid and a whopping 96% choose not to pay. In some MQM dominated areas staff that were assigned to deliver bills were harassed and abused and the bills were torn into shreds in front of them. I am sure most of the MQMized zealots here haven’t paid a dime either.

  5. بستنی (wasiq) on May 8th, 2009 @ 6:50 am

    WOW! a new feature….sesmic video comment…..a nightmare for the mods and a privilege for the ,,,pre-historic….well done MB….!i can predict who will be the first five to post a video comment….ha ha.

    hey sid…welcome to the club….iam facing a similar situation….but the good thing is that my cable has backup…so when my power is off….I can use a UPS/generator/laptop or the pardosan’s window…lol

    @doctor….. simply slap him on the face and move to next shop and buy your rs 100 mobile card for rs 100.

    Sir with all due respect…..I sometimes feel the same when this happens but wont I be doing injustice to the shop keeper…who is a victim and what guarantees do I have that the other shop will not do the same to me because of a similar treatment from you….
    I am all for the end to KESC’s monoply because they have none….they have lost miserably….and making our lives miserable….

  6. 4sai on May 8th, 2009 @ 9:10 am

    I work for KESC….

    2 points.

    About 35% of the electricity generated by KESC is stolen. We are working flat out to fix the problems, but the theft is a problem for all of us because we all have to pay for it.

    Football. KESC will be sponsoring a lot of football at the school level. Trainers, facilities, leagues. This is mainly to do something good for Karachi, but I think mainly its because the CEO is an Arsenal supporter.

  7. بستنی (wasiq) on May 8th, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

    @4sai…..dear madame…I don’t mind being called a thief and a lair by the all black….it is very logical of you…..all I want say is that can’t there be a more humane way of treating your clients….for example just this morning Iam sitting here on my computer….doing lots of stuff…nothing really important….when suddenly the power goes off….can KESC not device a mechanism….where I could be forewarned about the shut down few minutes before … that I may shut down my computer/tv/etc….and be ready for the shutdown this is the cyber age and you are living in the 70’s and I don’t know what you want from us….is it too much to ask or expect from….

    Arsenal is a very nice club….give my best regards to all its fans….I am sure in the years to come…it will do better than this year….

    I know very well that KESC has always been very supportive of sports here in karachi…football,boxing and athletics….but on school level…ok you can shut down my power for an extra half an hour everyday this summer…..

  8. fasee on May 8th, 2009 @ 2:15 pm

    @ wasiq

    Sir pls don’t humiliate KESC…..I got first hand knowledge of there just mechanism for power distribution a couple of days ago

    My area bijli was out due to repairing of god knows what….from 1130 to 630 till the time I came back and ran the generators

    But once bijli was operational….they gave us the regular dose of 3. 1hr sessions still

    Dats what I call, zero tolerance, and being by the book…

    Khoochay asool asool eeey

  9. بستنی (wasiq) on May 12th, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

    pls don’t humiliate KESC

    @fasee sab…..sir KESC and me are like One’s and zero’s as in the digital world….we spent quality time together have made many memories to cherish for ever…..for example…only yesterday evening I was watching the Movie "down to you" F.prince.jr & stiles….in that movie there is a scene very romantic where the hero is asked to hit the light switch…..the moment he hits the switch… power goes off….and the loud speaker from the mosque sounds….it was mughrib prayer time…..I am still enjoying that very moment…..
    later in the night as I was sleeping….they shut the power again….I was sweating like a *** got up took a bath….my sleep was gone…so I turned on the tv…and lo…the hindi movie "jughard" was on….it must be my(cable guy) third attempt to finish this movie….and I did it….all because of KESC…..

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