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The misery of the IDP’s caused by the Taleban in Swat is all in our hearts and we want to help. But how do we make sure that proper aid actually reaches them? A lot of donation booths seem to have popped up all of a sudden across the city – under bridges and flyovers, on traffic intersections and sidewalks, etc. People have set up tents where they are noisily blaring songs and slogans (however unpleasant) and collecting goods to send to the people in Swat. Political parties have started mobilizing their workers. Lots of individuals have also come forward with their own action plans for help. All of this is very commendable.

However, there are also others who are profiting from this opportunity to gain free funds. As was highlighted in the news a few days ago, reports are rife that people collected donations for the cause of the IDP’s and kept a major portion for themselves. Then there is the odd person who pops up by your car on a signal, with a box for donations. I am forever doubtful if that donation is actually going for the IDP’s or for the Taleban under-cover, or in the pocket of some corrupt int-wfpprofiteer. Oh yes! you should keep this in mind! Since there was no initial screening of the people coming down from the Swat area, many of the Taleban also slipped out with them. And they are known to take on such disguises to escape from the military so they can survive to cause trouble later. And Karachi is one place where they know they can come to collect money! 

So keeping all this in mind, how should you screen your donation to make sure it actually reaches the ones in need?

One thing is to make sure that the organization or individual collecting the donation is dependable and has a track record for doing this kind of help. Another is to make sure that they have the required infrastructure or delivery mechanism in place to actually deliver the help in time and to the people actually in need. Third is to make sure that they would utilize the excess aid in a proper manner and divert it to other such scenarios.

For me, the World Food Programme (of the United Nations) fits all these descriptions perfectly. It is no secret that they are doing an incredible amount of work to make sure that nutritious food supply is maintained for everyone in need. Plus they have a history of providing such aid earlier during the earthquake tragedy in Pakistan as well. The UN has the required infrastructure, supply chain setup, and governmental permissions that would get this aid across quickly. And also if there is any surplus, you can be sure that they will utilize it within Pakistan for any future tragedy that might hit. For just Rs. 6000 you can help support an entire IDP family. I am publishing the details of the WFP’s Pakistan Trust Fund accounts below, so you too can help. These have been verified by me through contacting the official spokesperson for the WFP in Pakistan, so you can be sure they are the right ones. You can also find the same account details on the WFP’s Pakistan website, which they have set up in collaboration with the NWFP government. Heres the details:

World Food Program – Pakistan Trust Funds


Account no: 01-7355548-38
Standard Chartered Bank, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
Swift Code – SCBLPKKX


Account no: 92577-4
Branch code: 1694
National Bank of Pakistan, Al Markaz branch, F-8 Islamabad.
Swift Code: NBPAPKKA02I

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  1. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on May 23rd, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

    The misery of the IDP’s caused by the Taleban in Swat

    Nope. They were displaced ONLY after the operation started by "Pak" Army. I hope you are following all updates.

    You are new here but it does not mean one can embrace your baseless propaganda. Thanks

  2. SwERveUT (swerveut) on May 23rd, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

    @ Adnan — You have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to mine. Nobody is forcing you to EMBRACE anything. As far as the Taleban go, I do not support them going into Swat, taking government into their own hands, destroying schools, terrorising the people, beating women indiscriminately in the public, killing innocent civilians through their suicide bombings, and ruining the peace of the area. Islam does not support any of their actions and neither do I. And neither do the Swati’s who have not said anything about supporting the Taleban on any interviews that I have seen on TV as yet. The Pakistani army is only doing a job it should have done decades ago. Seeing all the misery their actions has brought to the people in Swat I am not going to support the Taleban in any way. Yes, I support Pakistan in this action 100%.

  3. d0ct0r on May 23rd, 2009 @ 10:57 pm

    A Call from Swat.

    This whole operation seems like a hogwash . Our NROfied president goes around the world telling every one that we are fighting ‘your war’ and if we lost then whole world would loose.’Waziristan would be next’ so continue supporting us.

    Government have forced millions out of their homes just to earn some quick bucks and is play this dirty inhumane game for its own survival,Just like previous dictator Musharraf who used to go around telling every one that he is indispensable if the world is to win this sham ‘war on terror’.

  4. d0ct0r on May 23rd, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

    Nevertheless poor IDPs(muhajirs) need to helped as its no fault of theirs. Its deplorable that MQM is just busy killing and burning people alive just to scare off those poor IDPs(muhajirs).

  5. fasee on May 23rd, 2009 @ 11:39 pm

    @ doctor

    " Not fault of there’s"

    Lol….what next… bush saying IRAQ was not his fault…

    I mean..yaar grow up….in salon ne fazlulah ko doodh pila ker itba bara kiya…

    How many of these can say they never donated for him

    Similarly urdu sepakings na MQM ko bhi doodh pilaya hai

  6. fasee on May 23rd, 2009 @ 11:40 pm

    @ wasiq

    Looks like is dafa bhi doctor sab ka rikshaw ka side mirror phoor dala MQM walon nay….

    Yeh jo dhuan hai..kaheen tu aag lagi hai ustaad

  7. fullstop023 on May 24th, 2009 @ 2:40 am

    I do not trust the Army and Zardari even more so. The way the timing of this "operation" coincided with his visit to America make me even more suspicious. And the ground reports from the BBC link that doctor shared adds to my suspicions. The Army and these politicians have played Pakistan for their own benefits for too long and I have no reason to believe things have changed.

    I hope I am wrong but they will not rid Pakistan of the Taliban anytime soon, they don’t want to, because its not in their interest. The establishment wants this "threat" to linger on, they want the world to be afraid of the "terrorists" taking control of nuclear weapons so that the foreign aid keeps coming up.

    All that said, I recognize that it is time for all of us to step in help the people of Swat any way we can.

  8. yahudi4 on May 24th, 2009 @ 7:34 am

    this is I believe the first time pakistan Army is in battle under a so called civilian setup…..lets hope for the best…

  9. SwERveUT (swerveut) on May 24th, 2009 @ 10:01 am

    The link doctor shared is from May 20th. The Army is just starting its ground operation in Mingora now. Also I am glad that the army is still reasonably independent of Zardari’s shenanigans. It is a shame that this war had to come when he is president because his own approval rankings are so shamefully low. The IDP’s no doubt, are stuck in all this… conspiracy or no conspiracy… so maybe we should make an effort to help them out.

    Also, I would appreciate if we do not single out ethnic groups here on this forum for criticism. If someone is Urdu-speaking, that does not automatically make them an MQM supporter same way as not all Sindhi’s are JSQM and not all Pashtun are Taleban. Cheers.

  10. بستنی (wasiq) on May 24th, 2009 @ 11:12 am

    @fasee sab… from HQ in London…..wanna bet !odhere rickshaws nahein hota double deckers hoti hain…

    @SwERveUT…..the way I see it….saein is the only hope of The Pakistan Army who "might" save it from being sandwiched…..I have walked in those mountains/hills/valley’s…..and the funny thing is that Iam no expert….Damn stupid…!

    Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones
    get up now (wake up now)
    Doctor Jones, Jones

  11. fasee on May 24th, 2009 @ 4:22 pm

    @ wasiq

    Yara double deker me amara ko bot dar lagta eee..oper wali manzik ka driver malloom nai kahan hota eee

  12. بستنی (wasiq) on May 24th, 2009 @ 5:04 pm

    @fasee sab….sir jee.. dhakka bhi toh sirf aik ko laga na perdh ta hai….aur dono chal jati hain…

    kabhi tu chhalia lagta hai
    kabhi deewana lagta hai
    kabhi anardi lagta hai
    kabhi awara lagta hai

  13. fasee on May 24th, 2009 @ 7:04 pm

    @ wasiq

    Oyee yara bara ajeeb mulak hai…amara ko ye batao kiya wahan trafic polic ka motor cycle bi double story hota eee….oper wali bus ka challan wastay

  14. بستنی (wasiq) on May 24th, 2009 @ 8:25 pm

    Un kay paas heli-cop-ter hotey hain…..jab bhi jahan bhi land kiya aur challan kiya….

  15. barrister on May 25th, 2009 @ 6:32 am

    MQM had actually send out relief goods worth Rs.5.75 carores to IDP’s till now and more will go-out in a week.

  16. fasee on May 25th, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

    @ wasiq
    Yara amaray ko ik aur baat batao…..agar nicha larki baitha hu…or oper wali manzil pe hum batih jai…tu maulvi aitraz tu nai karay ga…ke in bus I am sitting on top of a namehram women…..ya worse….if a guy is down….so I will be ontopa guy while driving…wud I be called gay..??

  17. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on May 25th, 2009 @ 1:28 pm

    As far as the Taleban go, I do not support them going into Swat, taking government into their own hands, destroying schools, terrorising the people, beating women indiscriminately in the public, killing innocent civilians through their suicide bombings, and ruining the peace of the area.

    True yo have right to share your opinion but it should state some facts. what all you said, if it’s all true then why did not residents flee in past? why re they displaced now? If you read Fatima Bhutto’s article who is also anti-Taliban, she also admitted that the people who she met in camps were actually cursing Army rather than Talibans. They still consider Talibans their saviors. It might displease many but it’s true. Even the Azfar Mani show which was LIVE from SWAT camps, all the people were rather cursing Pakistan Army. Even I assume all your claims true then would you also admit claims of Army journals who are leading current operation that they found weapons which was built in India and Russia and many captured "Millitants" were found Indians?

    You are free to be a part of propaganda machine because it’s only hurting you rather than others.

  18. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on May 25th, 2009 @ 1:32 pm

    The MQM disowned Barrister, can you tell me where did MQM get all that money?what’s the source of earning because a party representing the "middle class" can’t contribute such amount.

  19. بستنی (wasiq) on May 25th, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

    @fasee sab…..I don’t believe this…..larki nichay hai aur aap ouper….sawal hee paida nahein hota….aap kay***pan kahan soo giya hoein ga kya…? aap toh dhakkam dhakka kar kay next to her hoein ga….Han agar banda is down ya up toh aap ko kya….keh deyna main toh ticket ley kar safer kar raha houn…

    gham ay hayat kay taptey huay bayabaan main
    woh mujh ko chordh kay tanhan chala giya chup chap….

  20. fasee on May 25th, 2009 @ 9:37 pm

    Ohhhh…ab .yaad aya….phir tu um dhaka bi maray ka aur chutki bi katay ga….us ke samnay wahiyat gana bi gai ga, aur pahrray pe mobile number likhay ga….:)

  21. SwERveUT (swerveut) on May 25th, 2009 @ 10:20 pm

    @Adnan: In Pakistan there is a hair-line difference between the rumour machine (read: conspiracy theory machine) and the propaganda machine. Both are equally untrustable.

    If the army was wrong in going about their operation in such an unplanned and ineffective way, so were the Taliban in destroying schools, beating women and bombing innocent civilians. Whether the Swati’s liked them or not, they deserve to be taken down 100%.

    The news about there being Indians in the mountains, haha I think next we will be talking about there being alien spaceships there. There is no limit to how much the imagination can be stretched in either direction.

  22. barrister on May 26th, 2009 @ 1:39 am

    :) dream-on!

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