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Illegal and Inconsiderate Construction

Road_bkmbFirst of all the owners of house that is being constructed decided to illegally extend not just a sunshade (like even that is legally allowed) but the whole upper story of the house beyond the land area allotted to them.

Secondly during the construction this road remained closed for the whole two days, causing difficulties for the area residents and passers by. This closure of the road could have easily been avoided if the owner would have had the slights sense of responsibility and consideration for others.

MJ Memorial

Just a quick note for all MJ fans in Karachi. A memorial for Michael Jackson today from 6 to 7 pm at Unicorn Gallery. Open to everyone.

Police Patrol


Oil Spill on Sunset Blvd?

An eyewitness report (via sms courtesy Mr. Zaid Aziz) places an oil spill on Sunset Blvd, whereby causing a few accidents (including Mr. Aziz himself) – Approximately 9 cars smashed along with motorbikes… If anyone has a confirmation, please post a comment? Regardless, please be careful when you venture out in that area. Have already informed emergency services to verify and attend to the area.

Rains in Karachi

Rains in Karachi bring joy and a level of happiness that is not readily available to majority of us on daily basis. Rains, if they are heavy, bring shutters down, people on the roads; street urchins go dancing on the beach. And most of us go down – or above – to wash ourselves.

Our elders tell us that first rains must be avoided at all costs. But what if the first major rains comes after a gap of say 11 months? Can the rain-starved Karachi wallas avoid rains at all, first or last? NO.

And rains – hopefully & Inshallah – will bring more business to me!

Cheeky Choo.

Sea View – 4:13 PM

5:51 : It’s Raining

Guest Post by Ameer Hamza

Mustafa Kamal announces Karachi Development Trust

23-june-09-20karachi20trust20al11 [ CDGK ]

Nazim Karachi Mustafa Kamal has announced establishing “Karachi Development Trust” for the development and maintenance of infrastructure in city. This he did while dressing a gathering of thousands of employees of the CDGK, subsidiaries and the town administration. He said the funds collected will be utilized by a five member board comprised of non controversial and non political personalities. He personally submitted the form to donate RS. 1000 each month in the KDT account and added that if all account holders donate only Rs.5 in this account than we could collect Rs.45million monthly. Read more . .

Violent Celebrations Left Two Dead.

It was only a few day back when celebratory firing during a wedding ceremony took the life of a teenager who was returning home after work in Baldia town. Yesterday after Pakistan won the ICC T20 World Cup people celebrating the victory resorted to heavy aerial firing in the city. I heard several bullets falling on the roof of our house, a bullet even directly hit one of our parapet wall leaving it’s violent marks by chipping a chunk of plaster off the wall.

My celebrations had already gone sour when I heard the heavy firing, I knew people must have got injured but the morning newspaper announced the worst. Two people had actually lost their lives while over two dozen others were reported to have been injured.

I wish we would have gone through all these celebration without any violence, or only if us loosing that match could have saved those two precious lives we lost list light, I wish we would have lost the match instead.

A New Day Has Come


T20 World Cup win Celebrations in Karachi

While this sad news show we are yet to learn to handle excitement, nevertheless its a great moment for whole nation. Karachiites let the world know they are second to none. Moments citizen captured during T20 celebrations (video/Photo). Will try to add as many as possible.




Celebrations of T20 World Cup Victory

Everyone is thrilled. Facebook feed page looks more like and twitter is boasting our country’s win, not to forget tons of texts on cellphones. Streets of Karachi have also witnessed the pinnacle of joy, bhangras and celebration like to list a few,
Youtube: Celebrations at Gulshan Town
Youtube: Celebrations at Johar
Again at Johar Chowrangi
and the famous Khadda Market vid on FB =D

Thanks to Pakistani team for uniting the country at such times of turmoil and giving us a reason to cheer. Treat for Fathers especially at their special day ;)

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