Beating the Heat

It has been incredibly hot these past few days in Karachi. The sun has been shining at its extra-scorching brightest and today there was almost not a single cloud in the sky. The heat in this city is usually at its extremes during this time of the year. It does not leave you alone even inside your house unless you have been running your airconditioners 24/7.

I happen to live on the top floor of my house and I have been noticing that my floor gets much warmer than the lower floors during the daytime. Even at night, the heat does not abate to comfortable levels as the roof radiates all the sun’s energy it absorbed during the day. If you are a resident of the top floor of your house / apartment, you would also have noticed that your home often gets too warm for comfort as your rooftop gets baked to oven hot temperatures every day. You would have been getting high electricity bills as your airconditioner works overtime in order to pump all the extra heat out. But is there any solution to this problem?

How much sun does it take to bake your roof?

How much sun does it take to bake your roof?

There are different insulation materials available on the market these days which can help to insulate your roof from the scorching sun. Most products being offered by foam manufacturing companies utilize the application of polyurethane/polystyrene foam in the form of a spray-on application or pre-manufactured boards.  These foams are costly however — around Rs. 35 per sq ft, and you need to overlay them with a cover of mortar or cement  in order to protect the foams themselves from the sun. Then afterwards, utilization of your roof also gets reduced due to the fact that the foam cannot support great loads. This sounded incredibly cumbersome, expensive and inefficient to me. Do you really need to do so much on your roof to keep it cool?

I began experimenting with different ideas. The objective was to cool the roof cheaply and in an efficient way without using any cement or second roofing which would have been labour intensive and cumbersome to carry out. How could I effectively shade my roof from the heat of the sun? First trial was with pottery. A few hundered small earthen gamlas were bought which I placed inverted on my roof. This cost about Rs. 15-20 per sq ft… much lesser than the foam insulation, and no overlay of cement required. How would they work? The sun would fall on the gamlas instead of my roof, which would stay shaded underneath with an insulating region of air in between the two surfaces.

Insulation with pottery

Insulation with pottery

How did it work? Well, my roof was cooler then it was without anything on it. However it still seemed inefficient. The coverage of the gamlas was not very good since they were round in shape, and left gaps in between where the sun could still scorch. And once they themselves got heated, they slowly started transferring the heat to the roof. Moreover, a tremendous amount of dust and dirt accumulated underneath them and around them in a few seasons. A large portion of my roof also became inaccessible because of coverage with gamlas.  Another disadvantage of this method was the difficutly in buying such a large number of pots and transporting and positioning them on the roof. A pretty labour intensive job. So this method mostly failed. Something even simpler was the need of the hour.

After a little brainstorming, I hit on just the right idea — something so simple that I had studied about it in the eighth grade. If the idea of blocking the sun proves so difficult, why not reflect it instead? To this effect, I remembered a small science experiment I read about in grade school… the brighter the color, the less amount of heat it absorbes. What is the brightest color? white. Why do the Greeks whitewash their houses? to keep them cool… yes, this seemed too simple to be very useful. But worth a try.

I got my roof cleaned and washed, then got it coated with two layers of pure white enamel paint. Why enamel? well, enamel is shiny and in addition to absorbing less heat it would also reflect a majority of the sun’s light, back skywards. Since enamel is also oil-based, it would  also waterproof my roof, keeping it seepage free in the rainy months.

Roof white-washed with reflective enamel

Roof white-washed with reflective enamel

How did it work? Presto. Instant heat control. I think the method was a resounding success. And for a fraction of the cost that insulation would have required. In the daytime now, my roof is so bright you need sunglasses to look at it. But it stays so cool that you can walk around on it bare-footed. Since it reflects so much of the sun’s light, it does not absorb much of its heat and temperatures inside stay in the comfortable range. I am sure I will see a reduction in my electricity bill very soon as well. This method was the clear winner. If you have been bothered by the heat on your roof, I would suggest – try it out! You would be making your house more energy efficient, comfortable, and reducing electricity usage. All in the same go.


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  1. fasee on June 7th, 2009 @ 11:12 pm

    Well I live on first floor of me house with same set of problems, extra heat, hi ac bills etc etc.

    I did a lot of homework on that, foams and insulation spray paints costs almost the same, and both needs a protection cover ontop.

    They are much cheaper if u incorporate them when building the house.

    Retrofiting is expensive and inefficient.

    The companies I talked to told, foam lasts 5-7 yrs and paint rounf 3-5 yrs but both need cement coat otherwise even the paid will fade away, or gather dust which will make it absorb heat again, unless u wash it everyother day, which is againan ieffecint thingy.

    I tried a deviation of the pottry thingy.which was more efficint than the inverted thingy.

    I put the pots in its right position, filled them with earth, and planted my veggie garden there, we had a wonderful veggie supply all time long, and impact was good….but drawbacks were.
    1) Enormus weight due to so much sand
    2) Too much watterig risked seepeage although I had plates down everypot
    3) Time consuming, as now I can’t afford to give time to plants at all after my first child.

    But those who want the pot thing, my advice is don’t waste space utilise one thing for two things, like multitasking, do multi objective achiements

    So now iam back to square one, but may try the paint thing, but am apprehensive it will fade soon.

    My idea is will try the weather coat paint, much costlier but it withstands watershed and has more endurance.

    Or how bout the reflctive paint, which is cheaper in most countriesn, don’t know how much the yellow refletive paint wud cost here, but wud do the work much much better.

  2. fasee on June 7th, 2009 @ 11:17 pm

    The perfect solution which is becoming the latest fashion is the GREEN TOP.

    Will apprictae if u do an article on that…I tried to make my roof green top, but no company closer than singapour was making those roofs….plus u need strong roof structure, good drainage etc for making that, and costs a lot, but noone was available here.

    And I can’t risk doing it myself without checking the strength ofthe pilalrs which I can’t on my own….so the interim solution was the potted veggie garden…which is supper cooler plus free veggies…but u have to spend 1 hour every 2nd day or more if u want to go for it

  3. بستنی (wasiq) on June 8th, 2009 @ 11:23 am

    sir doh teen ghantey ki baat hai….aik barda sa kaprda ya tarpolin bandh diya karaein….jaisey ghaffar seth choonawala does out side his shop….uss ney toh khair ab shutter kay saath hand rotor bhi laga liya hai….dekha hoein ga aap log ney….mazey sey doh sey panch sota hai….

    mein ney manzil ko talasha mujhey bazaar miley..

  4. fasee on June 8th, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

    @ wasiq

    Sir jee gahafr seth ki kiya hi baat hai, woh tu dhoti ko geela ker ke us ka fan bana ke hawa detay rehtay hain.

    I can’t replicate that with my pants / jeans, no matter how hard I try

  5. Shamsi (shamsi) on June 8th, 2009 @ 2:54 pm

    I did the same REFLECT the Heat, but adopted a little more economical way.

    8 KGs of CHOONA 5 KGs of White glue mixed in a Barrel (40 gallon drum) of water.. plucked in plastic bucket, One roller brush .. approx 2200 Sq foot of area plastered with that solution.

    Temp difference under the roof — less 7 Degrees then what is not under the coated roof.

    Choona to make it white, glue to make it sticky acting as sealent for craks, water to make it spreadable.

  6. fasee on June 8th, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    @ shamsi…

    Hmmm I am looking forward to it as my next ambitious project after my prevcious veggie garden attempt.

    But I liked the weather coat more….mehnaga paray ga, but I buy the line, mehanga rpwa aik bat, sasta roway bar bar.

    Choona wud make the area inaccessable, as it wud still stick to clothes, shoes etc, and wud be a disastour if u wash it after dusts.

    So I guess weather paint is better..

    Or if weather paint and on top a veggie garden wud add to the effect I guess.

  7. ameerhamza on June 8th, 2009 @ 4:06 pm

    I am a waterproofing and heat-proofing contractor based in Karachi. I would like to share few of my knowledge and experiences with you:

    1) Heat proofing is done on two basis. One is by using earthern materials like pots, fat tiles, red bricks, or having one inch mud on the roof, all of which costs nothing but are heavy and put great wt. on the roof.

    2) Another method is to have some coating on the roof. It is not correct that you need screed over all coatings. For instance, Delta solar shield, which brings down temp. by 7 to 12 C, does not need any screed. It is UV protected.

    3) Please understand this: You cannot apply cement screed on foam. Foam, which has a density of 35 to 40, cannot stand the pressure exerted by concrete / screed. Therefore, that assertion is incorrect.

    4) There is no single solution to all homes / factories / commercial places. It depends on many factors, usage, and budget.


    Ameer Hamza

  8. بستنی (wasiq) on June 8th, 2009 @ 6:16 pm

    I don’t know why I remember Mr Bean…so much at this moment….he is always the best in such things…..God Save Mr Bean…!

    ps: laipa poti karney waloun se guzarish hai kay do not forget the rain….please do not use any such material that may corrode the steel/iron structure of the roof after the rain…..

  9. balma on June 8th, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

    Yahaa’n tou aik say baRaa aik scientist baiThaa hae!

  10. balma on June 8th, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

    Haai’n, hum per say ban phi’r uTTh gayaa! aeyo!

  11. SwERveUT (swerveut) on June 8th, 2009 @ 9:25 pm

    Guys, lemme address all these things one by one:

    @ Fasee: I appreciate your making some intelligent comments right now. I really do. About the roof-top garden thing, yes it is a great thing to carry out. It is environmentally good as well. But it can be time consuming and structurally demanding (I will try to do a blog on it sometime too). DO NOT DO it unless you are sure your roof can handle the weight.

    @ Shamsi: Upside of using Choona – it is very cheap. Downside – it takes a matt finish so is not reflective. Choona may lower your roof temperature by 7 deg, but I have observed that enamel has lowered my roof temperature at least by 10-20 degrees (it really used to become burning hot). Another advantage of using enamel – it is long lasting since it is oil based. So rain would not wash it away. Weathershield paint can be good but again, it is non-reflective and takes a matt finish like choona, which is still inefficient for reflecting back the heat.

    Contrary to what some may have understood here, I DID NOT use any special heat repelling paint. I used simple brilliant white enamel. And paint needs no cement coating on top of it, whereas insulating foams do (I have the brochure for the product by Diamond industries which talks about installation instructions). Cheers and best of luck for your heat repelling projects!

  12. fasee on June 8th, 2009 @ 9:48 pm

    @ swerevut,

    Thanks bro, afterall I told ya I had the capabilty, not the intrest.

    Ur topic gathered intrest for me to talk somberly, for a while.

    If talking bout roof top gardening, there r several weight reduction techniques.

    1) Plastic pots instead of earthen ones
    2) Heavy compoet, or potting mixture instead of sand
    3) Grow Veggies instead of fruits, its lighter, and less demanding.

    Honestly all veggies require is proper watering at alternate days and a weekly spary, and some trimings nothing else, mostly I mean…:) I mean add compost making, soil treatment, fertilizers, double the effort if u do organic farming, I did organic farming (mostly).

    But full fledge green top is a marvel which needs a engineer for draining and no ametures work.

    Lastly, there is one material dat I never used but is available, is rockwook, which is light and can make u grow some nice stuff

  13. fasee on June 8th, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

    Sorry, the word was "rockwool", the spray u use is offthe shelf thing, the one I inquired from compaies was there own concocted / imported mumbo jumbo paint, which they said was better but needed a cement protection layer or it will fade or get dirty.

    A friend of mine tried green nylon shading,( off green house type) but was a failure, and costed alot

  14. d0ct0r on June 8th, 2009 @ 11:41 pm

    @fasee Which vegetables are you growing? How is the result and you buy veggie seeds and compost from your local nursery?

    Green roof most definitely would lead to water seepage problem and that could be an option only if the roof is properly waterproofed during construction stage.

  15. d0ct0r on June 9th, 2009 @ 12:04 am

    I have tried coriander,mint and those little cherry tomatoes. Nothing else seems to work for me.

  16. fasee on June 9th, 2009 @ 1:21 am

    @ doctor,

    My veggie garden is history now, ended it 6 months ago due to too much time demanded away from family.

    Mime was, pot gardening, and later lawn gardening, no nurseries, I grew from seeds, as u have better chances of survival, nursery plants moslty die out for lack of adaptation.

    I tried and succedded in, cheery tomato, local long tomatoes, green pepper, lettuc, sweet gourd, cucumbers, corriander, lady finger, spinich, lemons.

    Corriander n tomatos n lettuc r the easiest, piece of cake, just water and spary pesticides and u got em.

    The msot difficult r cucumber, a real big headache, I only grew cucumbers to win a bet from a vetren, and won, but at a heavy heavy cost, but I won….:):):)

    But I wud recomen never grow cucmbers or prepare for irreparable consequences.

    But dilema is, home grown cucmbers are so tasty, u will never find such ever in market…whenever I start again, will definatly have cucumbers again, whatevr the risks.

    Compost u can buy at 80-100 a 40KG from any nursery.

    Everyplant needs diffrent mising ratio of compost, sand type, shading and fertilizer types at diffrent stages….dats a total mini sceience u know

  17. بستنی (wasiq) on June 9th, 2009 @ 8:37 am

    nursery plants moslty die out for lack of adaptation.

    @fasee sab….sir what do you mean by this….?

  18. Shamsi (shamsi) on June 9th, 2009 @ 9:46 am


    The reason I used Choona & white glue since 2003 every year is that

    I was approached by CAA GOONs they visited the roof top and asked me to dull out the whole roof top as my home is under direct takeoff – landing approach of the aircrafts, ( Yes I can tell which flight is ontime & which one is delayed) and during sunlight REFLECTIVE INDEX of the (before 2003 roof was coated with National Paints Heat resistant enamel from UAE) rooftop posed a problem (bullshit) I heard and ignored it, then come a notice from Administrator of the scheme and I had to abide.

    Choona + White glue, :) it becomes thick and it STICKs as layer. There is absolutely no problem in wash & rains. Besides, it is now almost multi coated as I get the coating every year End March.

  19. بستنی (wasiq) on June 9th, 2009 @ 11:33 am

    Oh God….you mean to say they were landing manually….2003 i don’t remember that year too well…

  20. fasee on June 9th, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

    @ shamsi,

    So do u mean we have to coat it everyyear,,?? Then I wud feinatly go for oil paint

    @ swervut

    If it decreases the heat, then what in winter, it wud be cold as hell don’t u think

    @ wasiq

    Sir jee, PIA ki kiya hi baat hai, in one inquiry there was news that some plans were totally usauing backupbreaks as there breaks never got repaired, backup break r only to be used in emergency, but yahan tu ……

  21. SwERveUT (swerveut) on June 9th, 2009 @ 8:13 pm

    @ Fasee: is there any winter in Karachi? I can certainly use some cold weather here. Bring on the cold.

  22. balma on June 9th, 2009 @ 8:54 pm

    How about just putting a shamiaanah? palko’n kaa nahi’n, kapRay kaa:-)
    And, if that is going to look too funny – I mean, come on – year around shamiaanah is an eye sore, then how about some low level – like two feet high?

    Is this going to work?


  23. بستنی (wasiq) on June 9th, 2009 @ 9:49 pm

    @balma jee…..Nahhheinnnn….! lol

  24. fasee on June 10th, 2009 @ 9:49 am

    @ swervuet

    Well agreed cold is of a short span as compare tu punjab, but its severity is increasing

    @ balma,

    Sarkar, aap ka faisala sar ankhoon pe, per is do fot ka shamiyanay ke neechay insaniyat leet tu sakti hai chal nai sakti.

    U want houses to look like some bakara mandi stuff r u..??

  25. balma on June 10th, 2009 @ 6:22 pm

    I may be a funny guy, but my question still stands.
    Can a short height shamiaanah do the job?
    Pullys can be used to automatically roll it out/in depending on the weather!

  26. SwERveUT (swerveut) on June 10th, 2009 @ 8:44 pm

    @ Balma: Why don’t you give it a try? Do let us know if you are successful ;)

  27. fasee on June 10th, 2009 @ 8:58 pm

    @ swerveut

    I just had a weird idea, why shud I sprain my old back in painting my roof.

    Why not place thermocol all over my roof and place some weight over them for them not to blow away.

    Now trouble is, where can I find thin thermocol sheets big enough to cover my roof.

    Has anyone tried it before

    Guess 20 or so sheets wud be perfect. Don’t know what the price and place of purchase wud be

  28. Shamsi (shamsi) on June 10th, 2009 @ 9:52 pm

    Yes I paint it every year, it is very easy & cheap less then Rs. 1500 plus it is convenient to get it done.

    – Thermocol sheets are available as at Rs. 12 – 35 per sq.ft in Golimar (Rizvia Colony) area or you may ask any furniture shop for the location.

    most convenient is Khori Garden (Marriot Road area). park your vehicle (lock it for sure) near national meuseum / DJ science college take a 3 wheeler get down get the stuff load it in three wheeler come back to your car come home.

    Or you may visit – 53/2 32nd Street Off Khy-e- Badar D. H. A, Karachi and get ripped off.


  29. بستنی (wasiq) on June 10th, 2009 @ 10:05 pm

    @fasee sab….a scholar from hamdard university suggested asbestos sheets…as the best insulators….they are doing research on it….as for the thermocol sheets …sir let me remind you that cement and crush mixed together are not very good conductors of heat as well… but this is direct sunlight for long hours…..which makes the heat to penetrate atleast six inches of roof floor…and because of the poor air ventilation in the room below heats it up to unbearable temperature….how long do you believe a half inch thick thermocol will hold down the heat…..ten minutes…..
    In my humble opinion….only two things can be done
    1.stop the direct sunlight…a shade that allows air to pass through…
    2.good air ventilation in the room….

  30. fasee on June 10th, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

    @ shamsi.

    Wow, not only I got the name n place, I got the directions n modis operandi.

    Thanks bro.

    But my question remains, will it work, will thermocoil like this wud help..??

    Have any one tried it..??

    If on avg I get it for 25 pr sq, 200 sq or so wud cost 5,000 or if I half the area then 2,500… is I go there on any motor cycle or send my purchaser to get it for me, but first have to look at all the options myself na.

    So will soon be visiting, but after monday

  31. fasee on June 10th, 2009 @ 10:16 pm

    @ wasiq

    Nope, sir jee my roof structure can’t withstand such weight of extra concrete, so this is not the option.

    For ventiliation all I have is a venti fan in bathroom which is not enough.

    So I guess paint gets to be only option left, which I guess my father won’t allow.

  32. بستنی (wasiq) on June 11th, 2009 @ 8:37 am

    @fasee sab….my roof structure can’t withstand such weight of extra

    there is a famous theatrical catch phrase…..iam not sure if you have heard it or not… don’t clap so hard…you’ll bring the house down..!
    so from now on I wont clap no matter what you say or do…Okay!

    dua bahar ki mangi toh itney phool khiley
    kahein jaga na milli merey ashianay ko….

  33. balma on June 11th, 2009 @ 9:52 am

    In civilized countries lawyers are getting rich suing the use of asbestos and Hamdard is researching Asbestos?
    Guys, just because you guys think I am a joker does not mean low rise shaamiaanah is not a good solution. Bhayyo’n, insulation is the name of the game.

    OK, what about good old khaprail? Fucking burgers may not know what I am talking about, but the educated ones will.

  34. بستنی (wasiq) on June 11th, 2009 @ 10:39 am

    @balma jee….sir agar aap ko apni dadi amma yaad aa re lein hain toh iss main Burgers ki wat laga ney ki kya needs hai….Ingreez chala giya ney aap ko chord giya….
    first of all let me remind you that our two very very dear friends swerveut and fasee sab are listening to our suggestions for an already constructed probably old structure…..where they have very limited options and resources….they can’t put anything heavy….they don’t want to block the access to the roof and they can’t spend very much either….So now you can re phrase your question about the Khaprail….

  35. fasee on June 11th, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

    @ balma

    "Faucking burgers"

    Sir, r u implying all non burgers r non fauking impotents…nai sir gi, I wud protest that, me neither a burger nor impotent

  36. fasee on June 11th, 2009 @ 3:05 pm

    @ balma,

    On the same lines agar me bhi aap ko aisay mashwaray doon ke

    1) Why don’t u buy a huge sunglass aur apnay ghar ki chat pe rakh do

    2) Apply netrugena sunblock SPF 80 to all you roof

    3) Put lots of ice cubes from ur bedroom fridge single tray on roof.

    Tu aap ka meray baray me kiya rai kaim hu gi….:):)

  37. SwERveUT (swerveut) on June 11th, 2009 @ 7:01 pm

    @ Fasee: Thermocol (or is it thermopore… the packing material) is almost as expensive to put up as polyurethane insulation (roughly the same thing). The added downside is that it is not durable. Your thermocol/thermopore sheet would have vanished within five six months at the rate it weathers away. Dont want to hurt your back? Pay one of the poor painters who will do it for Rs 500 a day!

    @ Balma: Right on about Asbestos.

    @ Wasiq: Dunno how far behind regular civilization are Hamdard scientists however Asbestos is a known human carcinogen (substance that causes cancer). So the further away you keep yourself from it, the better.


  38. بستنی (wasiq) on June 11th, 2009 @ 8:52 pm

    @swerveut….never mind the hamdard scientists….I am not sure where have you been or not been in this city karachi….because I can’t think of any major place where the asbestos has not been used….including our house where for over half a century its used and nobody in our family even the ones that left the country have died of cancer or has a history of cancer…..or any asbestos related diease such as asbestosis,lung infection etc etc…

    also you must study the medicinal uses of asbestos rather than the industrial hazard which can be associated with any thing even charcoal….

    make them jump you’ve been gone too long….

  39. fasee on June 11th, 2009 @ 9:13 pm

    @ wasiq / swerveut

    Angreez bi ajeeb qoum he, apnay yahan asbestos bund per sari dunya ko asbestos ingredients ka major source CANADA he, jahan say mining hoti hai, woh mining bund nai kertay, salay 3rd world conutry merti hai tu maray.

    Wasiq is rite, kabhi shhar ko gor say dekhaain….my previous company was the sole producer of asbestos pipes in this country.

    Haven’t u noticed, all our water supply and waste dispsal is thru asbestos pipes, and even inhouse some use plastic some use asbestos.

    Same goes for water tanks, most are from asbestos other use the plactics, which is recycled bye the way, previousy used to carry acids or chemicals, sold and washed with soap only.

    All rehri wala use the buckets previous used to stor dangerous liquids , to wash plates we use for chats or gol gappay.

    Sali jahil qoum, drone hamlon say tu shayed bach jai, per cancer say zaroor maray gi.

  40. بستنی (wasiq) on June 11th, 2009 @ 9:37 pm

    @fasee sab…nahein martee na nahein martee….yeahi toh main keh raha houn…its an industrial fallacy….disinformation…

  41. fasee on June 12th, 2009 @ 8:47 am

    Out of 200 or so, it comes secodn last, phir bhi garoor ke hum kisi say tu achay hain.

    Congo scores higher then us.

    Ustaad farmatay hain.

    Qismat apni jhund maa
    Phir bhi ghumand maa

  42. balma on June 12th, 2009 @ 9:23 am

    For ten years, only roof on Balma’s head was asbestos. We actually thought we are lucky, because others had tin roofs.
    Aik imandaar baap apnee aulaad ko aur kyaa dae saktaa thaa?
    Oos kay ooper 60 oon kaa, 12 in kaa, 10 oos kaa, aur hamara sirf 2, voh bhee agar 60/12/10/etc vaalay double dipping nah karai’n.
    Khair, ab nayaa zamaanah hae, naee naee raahai’n.

    Sometimes, I think all the voices I hear are asbestos pay kissee kay nazuk pao’n kee aavaaz hae….Or, am I going nuts?

  43. fasee on June 12th, 2009 @ 8:09 pm

    @ balma,

    Question, non specific to you, just asking bout general psyche of society.

    1) Why every working woman is consudered having a dubious chracter

    2) Why a promotion os a women is considered always a result of casting couch

    3) Why every gareeb is considered shareef and ethical

    4) Why every rich and affulent is considered a cheat and with filhty black money.

    Why can’t our society accpet that there are shareef working women, selfmade honest men, who upkeep there ethics while striving for constant growth.

    Or is it out escapisim as a national level, not to apprictae them as role modles and keep there psyches s they are

  44. بستنی (wasiq) on June 13th, 2009 @ 12:09 am

    @fasee sab….sir kya mufta haath lag giya….? lol

    @balma jee….yehan toh hummam main sub hee….asbestos use kar rahey hain ….ajnabi ban rahey hain….why?

  45. SwERveUT (swerveut) on June 13th, 2009 @ 12:34 pm

    @ Wasiq and @ Fasee: Are you sure it was Asbestos? Or Fibreglass / glass fibre? Both are fibrous materials with similar texture. I have known of no pipes / water tanks etc being made of asbestos. However these things are regularly made from fibre glass.

    @ Wasiq: Health benefits / medicinal uses of Asbestos? you have got to be kidding me. Just go on Wikipedia for a simple reference on Asbestos.

    @ Fasee: Afghanistan exports opium because it benefits their economy. Canada would definitely export asbestos if there are buyers around the world. It is not their responsibility to be teaching us not to use it. It is our responsibility ourselves to recognize the dangers associated with its use and implement regulations that restrict its usage. In simple wordings, Canada is not your mother!


  46. fasee on June 13th, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

    @ swervuet

    Sir I a$ dran sure coz I worked for the only company in pakistan who makes the total supply of abestos stuff for pakistan…"dadex"

    Thw pipes r still made from it, some use plastic pipes, but abestos r best for longer endurance.

    "Canada not being mother"

    Well, then it all boils down to economics and dirty trade is it..?

    Then why do they want to teach us ethics so badly

    @ wasiq

    Nai yaar, koi lotterry nai lagi kabi

  47. بستنی (wasiq) on June 13th, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

    fibre glass….lol you are so funny my friend…..

    @fasee sab….sir aaj toh buree nahein lag rahein naa….ghar per hain….kitchen sey dal chowal ki bhini bhini aroma bhi aa rahee hogi….(thankyou peer sab !)

    Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza
    O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah –
    Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
    La la la la la, la la la la la

  48. fasee on June 13th, 2009 @ 10:05 pm

    @ wasiq

    The test of, when to stop, when u start to see wife as nickole kidman.

    I stop drinking my non alco when I start thinking of jessica alba being my wife, in addition to charlize theron mopping the terrace floor.

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