Heroin Smuggling Scandal

You people might have heard about recent heroin Smuggling scandal in which around 10 people arrested in KSA. Yesterday I met on of the family member of their family in order to know actual story.

The story started when one person offered them complete Umrah package in just Rs. 35,000/- (where in general market it cost minimum Rs.65, 000/-). The person inquired and found there are other 5- 6 people also going (might he told everyone same story) and so agreed to join them with two other family members. They did not give their passports and tickets till last moments and even said to not bring any other relatives at airport. On last night they all gathered somewhere in Korangi for dinner and there they gave them tickets, passport, Ihram and leather shoes. On Inquiring about these specific shoes, he responded that these shoes will act as identification for our agent at other end.

They left Karachi safely without any trouble but at Jiddah airport heroin found in their shoes and clothes. Their families in Karachi had no idea about that until they received a call with a short message “We are fine and we have performed Umrah”. This short message causes the curiosity and later they came to know about this situation. They are trying to access govt on this issue and I heard that govt has been considering this issue with KSA govt. Lets hope for better.

We all must beware of such people and should also educate people around us.

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  1. balma on June 18th, 2009 @ 1:20 am

    MauqaParast (mqpasta),
    One more reason to avoid Umra and Haj!

  2. fasee on June 18th, 2009 @ 8:32 am

    Sala jaib phati hui, peet me roti nai, hath me bhikariyon ka kashkool….per her waqat madina aur makkah jana ki pari rehti hai…..

    If I wud have been at govt, I wud have banned such waste of resources.

    Allah bhi kehta hai karadar me hajj ya umrah faraz nai, bye the way umra tu waisay. Bhi faraz nai…per yahan jahil qoum loan le ke umra aur hajjj kernay jati hai.

    Sali religiously confused phatichar qoum

  3. MB (kar_munib) on June 18th, 2009 @ 8:35 am

    While i agree to fasee on his views at the same time i know very well how innocent/jahil quam can be fooled so my sympathies with the familes.

    Thanks for sharing story mqpasta

  4. IUnknown (iunknown) on June 18th, 2009 @ 2:02 pm

    bayghairat @balma (a.k.a fasee, etc)

    Ghar banana farz hay kia ? lavish life farz hay kia ? woh q kertay ho tum?

    Bayghairat @balma (a.k.a fasee, etc)
    Qarz laiker, dosron ka haq mar ker, paisay wapis na ker kay, ghar banana, gari khareedna, yeh farz hay kia?

    Bayghairat @balma (a.k.a fasee, etc)
    corruption farz hay kia ? dosron ki sisters kay saath ghalat harkatein farz hain kia ?

    Bayghairat @balma (a.k.a fasee, etc)
    tum apni mother aur sister ko baher q nahi laitey? un ko ander ghar main rakhna farz hay kia ?

    To the writer of this post, the person or gang, who had been involved in this shud have been bashed here which u didnt do.

  5. Pakistani family arrested in Saudi Arabia accused of Smuggling Heroin « The World As I see it (pingback) on June 18th, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

    […] According Karachi metblogs ; They were offered complete Umrah package in just Rs. 35,000/- (where in general market it cost minimum Rs.65, 000/-). Their passports and tickets were not handed over till last moments and even told to not bring any other relatives at airport. On departure night they all gathered somewhere in Korangi for dinner and there the agent gave them tickets, passport, Ahram and leather shoes. On Inquiring about these specific shoes, he responded that these shoes will act as identification for our agent at other end. They left Karachi safely without any trouble but at Jeddah airport heroin was found in their shoes and clothes. […]

  6. fasee on June 18th, 2009 @ 6:21 pm

    @ unknown,

    First impression, I was impressed that someone took head on, me an balma at same time, but u blew it, when I saw the name, which wud have been more justified to be on the sperm donar form u had.

    Although u cud have given ur real name, or any name, like goga, sheda like names prevalant in your segment of society. As being in a anynomus forum, what harm wud we have done to you. And now he wants others help….if u r not a natura brave…just act like one forgod sake.l

    Any ways, the way u wrote, I suspect u won’t understand any amount of sarcasm, so will be straight, blunt and pointwise

    1) Yes its ur responisibilty towards ur family, tumharay baap na na banaya hu tu lazim nahee ke dosray bhi na banayin

    2) U think all wealthy r cheats, kabhi jaiz tareekay say kisi ko paisay kamatay nahee dekha jo her ik pe shak kertay hu..shows ur background here

    3) All girls in resturants are sluts r they..??….r u from this world ya sari umer kisi madresa me zindagi naas kari he jahil maulvion ke pechay, or agay, pun intended

    4) If u haven’t been in shurafa, then it may be a surprise to you for sure, ke shareef khandan ki aurtain ghar me hi raha kerti hain, ur surprise and disgust tells many a untold storise bout ur own house here my friend.

    I broke a rule here I had for myself, never to involve family memebrs of anyone I bash….but phatichar people like you, who we won’t even bother to look at in life, you just need some reaons to extend your life by giving it a reaoson to bash others.

    I don’t mind if u do, but stop ranting like an animal and put some sophisticantion and solid materil into allegiations u make.

  7. fasee on June 18th, 2009 @ 6:29 pm

    @ unknown

    One more thing, I am least intrested in a mud slinging competiton with scum of earth like you, so after that whatevre abuse u wana throw my way, be my guest, as I doubt, that’s all you have to give to thsi world, either by natural apptitude, or what the society ingrained into you, thru father abuse, madrsha maulvi abuse or office harrasment, unempoyement, wayward family, corruption…..all things that this society has…..

    Grow up dude, grow up….my friednly and straught forward advice to get u out of ur misrabley ugly life.

    Peace…..and fucwkoff…

    Ban me guys, I won’t like to be when a guy issue such statements and remain unbanned, then I won’t mind being banned here, I waited long enough for this

  8. balma on June 18th, 2009 @ 8:44 pm

    Unknown, AS I said under another psot, stop insulting me.
    I write way better Urdu and English than Fussee. I also speak way better Urdu than Fasee.
    If you want to mistake me for someone, please do so with KabirDas. His Urdu is much better than even mine. And, his English is super. it will be an honor.

    But, Fussee can’t be equated with me. Mujhay yeh soch kar jhurjhuree aa gayee!

    And, Fussee, i don’t know if you remember IUnknown from few months ago. He is a confirmed jamati.

    and, Iunknown again, what is this apnee aurton ko bahir lao baloney.
    Stupid guy, my family has educated women some of whom do work outside home as well. Some of Pakistan and India’s first Muslim women doctors, teachers, mathematicians belong to my my family. What was your point, you dummy?

  9. fasee on June 18th, 2009 @ 9:36 pm

    @ balma.

    Sir jee, ur verbal onslaught is also way better than mine, ur spelling is also way better than mine….even ur khansama may write better urdu.

    But for anylasis….hmmmm….u were dead sure I had jamati credentials…..rememebr…..u even didn’t took KD’s gawahi on that…:)

    As for mera urdu jubaz pe grip….haven’t u seen that "kurkura" ad

    " Tay’rah hai, per, mera hai"

    This terah is a figure of speech has nothing to do with any body organ…

    stop smiling

  10. fasee on June 18th, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

    @ balma

    Besides! Sab log hi motorcycle walay ke sath hu jatay hain…Koi hum say bhi tu pochay, how much traumatized I am for being accused of being him…..

    aur .aap ko jhurjhuro ayi, mujhay tu phanda lag giya thaa khans khans ker, jaisay 25 saal cigrete penay walon ko lagay hai.

  11. asadali on June 19th, 2009 @ 2:04 am

    I don’t know why people insist on calling other people stupid and then also telling them how to live their lives.

    I think people should be humble. When i was in Pakistan, i considered myself "smarter" than all the idiots i used to see in the streets. Then, when i went to the USA to start my PhD, i realized "smart" is just another relative term. There are probably millions of people at an intellectual level i cannot reach, and they can prove it with numbers. I think that experience put me in my place.

    Secondly, i think people have different things they consider important. If a person wants to do Umra, and he wants to get a loan for it, then so be it. I remember there was one time in Lahore that people bought expensive cars with loans, and then fit CNG into them because they couldn’t afford the gas. So if he wants to do it, so be it. Stop telling other people how to live please.

  12. balma on June 19th, 2009 @ 2:18 am

    Asad Ali intellectual, we would love to let these stupidos live their lives the way they want to live, except at least Balma is sick and tired of these stupidos trying to control every aspect of my life: from compulsory Allah Hafiz on PTV (instead of Khudahafiz) to how I should dress (for example, in Taliban control areas dressing in pants is maut ko da’vat daina) to whtether my mother can work in a factory or not.
    Bhai intellectual, these umra-on-qarza-va-sood are the real trouble makers.

    I don’t think any thing is wrong with qarzas or qaraaez, I don’t think any thing is wrong with sood, but these people who are so crazy to go to haj and umra, are they getting loans without sood? i.e. Are these qarz-e-hasnah?

  13. asadali on June 19th, 2009 @ 2:51 am

    First of all i am not an intellectual, in fact i consider myself extremely average.

    From you Allah Hafiz comment i can see that you read Nadeem Paracha’s articles on dawn.

    Also, i understand that you are frustrated that these people are dominating your life. Unfortunately, IMHO the majority opinion will always rule any country or any society. I think we can all agree with this. At this moment majority people have more religious motivation (distorted or non-distorted) and so you see a strong religious influence everywhere.

    Anyway, i don’t think anyone is forcing you to say Allah Hafiz, nor is anyone forcing you to stop wearing pants or whatever. If you consider these people stupid, why is their opinion bothering you so much? I agree however that it’s a different story with women, but to be honest i have yet to find a society on this planet that has gender balance, so it’s an issue that needs working on.

    I personally am myself somewhat religious, but i think people on both sides take it too far. Therefore i prefer to remain neutral.

  14. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 7:42 am

    @ abidali,

    Sir jee, I forogt to find the reason for the mail, really.

    In start when u said smartness is a relative term, then why r u ashamed for " finding your place"….in the food chain, my friend, everyone has a place….u may be lower than a million people, but higher than a billion inbred single digit IQ people.

  15. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 7:53 am

    @ abidali,

    No wonder people mix me and balma, yar its me who is a nadeem farooq fan, and not from now, but from many many years back, maybe a decade or longer.

    As for rule of the majority, well the rule of thumb is, majority everywhere is dumb

    The more intelectual u get the more lonely u feel on the top.

    As for qaraz ( sood or no sood is not the issue ) the issue is, u r financially not that strong to go, yet u mortgage you future earnings to go and bang your head on a stone structure.

    What’s its worth, if we stay netural, allah is everywhere, if u can’t find allah while u r at jai-e-namaz or at local masjid, buddy,there is no chance u may find it there aswell.

    What somemayget is some hallucinations, which I hear all the time, mujhay wahan hazoor ka deedar huwa, ya abubakar ka etc, if u need hallucinations, I recomend eat prozac or or mind altering sedatives, they r cheaper.

    Rest feel super fit, all amraaz say pak, which mostly is a placabo effect nothing else……but its our muslim pysche that we try to explain things with paranormal connections instead of solid scientfic justifications

  16. balma on June 19th, 2009 @ 8:28 am

    I don’t need to read anyone’s article on this AllahHafiz bullsit. Khuda jhoot nah bulvaaye, tou I am pissed off on this Allah Haifz shit since mid 80s when this fitnah first started.

    Aur, pehlay patloon may aik chakkar North Wazeeristan kaa lagaa kar vaapis aao, tou uss kay baad tussi say paat ho gee. Agar buch kar aa gayae tou:-)

  17. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 12:20 pm

    @ balma

    " Patloon me chakker"

    Suna hai wahan patloon me chaker laganay walay ka wohi hasher hota hai jo kisi larki ka chadi pehan ke boys hostel me ghusnay pe hota hai.

    God knows better, or shud I say, only allah knows better

  18. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

    @ balma,

    And sir u r constantly belittling my comand over angrezi and urdu….if not stoped right now, I will take it seriously, aap meri bezati kharab ker rahay hain, and I wud not be left with a choice but to treat everyone with a more deadly mixture of peelay sakol wali english, madresa wali gramaer angrez wali urdu and in punjabi tradition and dilect……with missspelled words to add insult to injury.

    So sir, for the greater good to the society, pls back down.

  19. asadali on June 19th, 2009 @ 3:32 pm

    Well IQ is not the only thing by which you can measure a man’s importance. I’m just saying i wouldn’t like it if people called me dumb or stupid so i don’t use the words for someone else either. It’s a gross generalization when you use it on an entire population. An artist can have an IQ of a brick, but if he can draw well, who gives a crap about his IQ? I’m just saying being humble is a good quality. Any of us could be these "idiots" if we were born under different circumstances.

    BTW i’m a pashtun so i’ve lived quite a bit of my life in NWFP. I haven’t been there after the taliban bullshit, but before that i roamed my village in jeans countless times. Have you even been to FATA?

    "What’s its worth, if we stay netural, allah is everywhere, if u can’t find allah while u r at jai-e-namaz or at local masjid, buddy,there is no chance u may find it there aswell."

    ^ I don’t understand what this para is trying to convey.

  20. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 4:56 pm

    @ asadali,

    Agreed, IQ is not the only barometer, but sir, agree to this, that, there is one barometer or the other to be great, one what scale do we judge ourself.

    Being great just we are deendent , or not even decendent, just followers of one of 100 sects with a slight link to the arab tribes religion, so what’s to be proud of..??

    We are low in finance, IQ, ethics, humanty, u name it and we don’t have it.

    Yet we still belive we are some islamic qila, and god will send abbaeels to america to avenge us..that’s jahalat, and yes, its a general jahalat covering almost whole of this society.


    Sir, r u saying only circumstances and available resources makes a man…??

    If so then china, japan, germany wud never have been what they have become right now.

    Why we get afraid to swim when tide is against us, is nit u or me, its the national psyche…..I riducule not any single guy, but those triats which have become our national pysche, and traits of national psyche can safly be generalised andif they r on the level of jahalat, then a nation can safly be called a jahail nation.

  21. fasee on June 19th, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

    As for a painter, well we go there to see his painting we go to see super models for their asstes they move around not to hear there lectures on quantum physcis.

    We all r professionals with a target, a plan to achieve that target, and the list of required resources, or way to get them.

    But a nation as a whole with no target, plan, aim, hind sight, foresight, clueless nature, whishfull thinking, bhikari mentality, and what not

  22. asadali on June 19th, 2009 @ 5:37 pm

    I agree fully with that you are saying, but i don’t think bashing religion or somewhat religious people is the solution, nor is their elimination from the country a solution. I don’t even know if the country will stay together if you remove religion from the equation. The country is always distracted by wars and all that garbage from sitting down and questioning other serious problems facing us right now.

    And Japan, Germany and China have some big advantages over us, ethnic homogeneity and very very long histories, whereas Pakistan to this day suffers from many separatist movements(ethnic motivation). This is no excuse for not doing anything though.

  23. balma on June 19th, 2009 @ 6:44 pm

    If the question was for me, yes I have been to FATA.
    Amazingly beautiful palce, but very backward.
    But, that was 16 years ago. Now, may be they are very very very backward.
    ab voh mullao’n kay chakkar may aa gayae hai’n…even more than before.

  24. Shamsi (shamsi) on June 20th, 2009 @ 2:15 pm

    just after 3 comments, topic has drifted way too AWAY.

    Thank you Balma, Fasee, Namaloom, etc etc,

    such incident happened in 1998 as well but it was intercepted at KHI airport and the gang was arrested in 8 hours., courtesy sincere effort and a joint effort of Customs, ANF and Intelligence, without involving Police.

  25. fasee on June 20th, 2009 @ 2:28 pm

    @ shamsi

    Yara, 3 comments is a KMB record by now. We shud appriciate the things as they come by…:)

    As for narcotics, we shud allow alcohol, as it may reduce such kachi sharab ki kuppi se blindness walay incidents.

    As for drugs, hand the druggies, otherwise nomatter what u do is awaste of time

  26. بستنی (wasiq) on June 20th, 2009 @ 11:36 pm

    Honesty is the best policy in such matters…..honestly I don’t know these people and honestly I don’t give a **** now I go to sleep…good night!

  27. fasee on June 21st, 2009 @ 2:43 am

    @ wasiq

    Sir guess u cant sleep, with no electrocity or recharchable fan, or any kaneez witha hand held pakkhaa.

    Take a shower man, were a lungi n banyan, and count flying black sheep.

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