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Is this legal?

Spotted near Jinnah Bridge today

Spotted near Jinnah Bridge yesterday

A few weeks ago, I also saw a car with the number plate saying Benazir. It also had blackened windows.

Excellent strategy to make sure you are never stopped by the police!  Take lesson folks.

The next big invention after electricity – A Hand-held fan



Massive power outage hits Karachi

News are coming from Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, PECHS, F.B Area, Defence and Clifton area that they are out of electricity.

It is expected that the KESC staff resolve this breakdown and we will cherish and live happily every after with electricity after midnight, this is not confirmed news but it’s like a thin beam on light in the darkness that makes us believe there’s a new day coming.

11:29 PM : MB just reported live from water pump area that still there is no electricity from M.A Jinnah road to water pump.

11:42 PM : Geo – The cause of outage is due to technical fault in Wapda’s transimmision line.

11:57 PM : MD pepco : Hubco power plant is supplying power again.

12:04 AM : Message from a friend “Happy Break Down Electricity in Karachi”

12:09 AM : MD pepco : All power stations will start working in 45 minutes.

12:27 AM : Signing out from the lavish office (Generator powered) to be among my masses to feel the pain and anguish of the missing electricity case.

3:57 AM : Gulshan-e-Iqbal – Electricity has been restored.

This post is powered by The Office’s New Generator

Heroin Smuggling Scandal

You people might have heard about recent heroin Smuggling scandal in which around 10 people arrested in KSA. Yesterday I met on of the family member of their family in order to know actual story.

The story started when one person offered them complete Umrah package in just Rs. 35,000/- (where in general market it cost minimum Rs.65, 000/-). The person inquired and found there are other 5- 6 people also going (might he told everyone same story) and so agreed to join them with two other family members. They did not give their passports and tickets till last moments and even said to not bring any other relatives at airport. On last night they all gathered somewhere in Korangi for dinner and there they gave them tickets, passport, Ihram and leather shoes. On Inquiring about these specific shoes, he responded that these shoes will act as identification for our agent at other end.

They left Karachi safely without any trouble but at Jiddah airport heroin found in their shoes and clothes. Their families in Karachi had no idea about that until they received a call with a short message “We are fine and we have performed Umrah”. This short message causes the curiosity and later they came to know about this situation. They are trying to access govt on this issue and I heard that govt has been considering this issue with KSA govt. Lets hope for better.

We all must beware of such people and should also educate people around us.

Play for WGW at AKU

mgmj3-1Yesterday Tehrik-e-Niswan and Sheema Kermani brought a play ‘Mera Ghar Meri Jannat’ for ‘Working Group for Women’ at Aga Khan University. The play was organized for employees and students at AKU and was also open for NGOs and general public.

mgmj6-1A one- woman play about a harassed & overworked housewife, kept behind locked doors. The play is adaptation of “A Woman Alone” by Dario Fo & Franca Rame. Considering a one actor cast, Sheema Kermani displayed a very powerful performance, also gave audience a room for imagination & thought. The best part was the feedback was not only a standing ovation but also the emotions coming from the audience during the act.

mgmj8-1When she was asked about how to solve the problems of violence & harassment that women face, she said that plays only bring out problems & then Sheema encouraged audience to suggest solutions. By initiating this dialogue, the whole process become more thought-provoking.

mgmj9-1It was also remarked by a member of audience that the hall only had a number of men and such plays should be presented in front of men too because they are the ones in the majority who do violence and harassment. Moreover to break this chain of hatred and dependence, women need to get such education which can used professionally and making them financially independent. It was also suggested that it is the responsibility of mothers to inculcate their offspring with the respect a women deserves but in my opinion, it is only effective enough when the whole family is a role-model.

A kudos to both AKU and Tehrik-e-Niswan for this intellectual lunch.

Tombstone! No a number plate actually.

kmb609Suitable for a tombstone maybe but for car’s a number plate ! at least I wouldn’t want THAT on mine. And this number plate is seriously fake as the numbers are not embossed, there is no stamped government monogram, the letters are just hand painted on a green tin plate, and the car is yet on the road.

Scientific Exhibition @ Alliance Française

2009 is the international year of astronomy.

This international year of astronomy aims at helping the world citizens to rediscover the universe by observing the sky, during day and at night, and at making everyone feel the wonder of discovery.

The international year of astronomy is a global celebration of astronomy and its contribution to society and culture, motivated by the 400th anniversary of the first use of the telescope by Galileo.

On this occasion, Alliance Française de Karachi invites you to discover an exhibition dealing with the history, the projects in process and those to come up, the discoveries and the technologies related to one of the most exciting and fascinating field of science.

12 to 19 June at Alliance Française de Karachi.

PS: Got this in email, and it seems to be worth checking.

Tribute to Mustafa Kamal…

Disclaimer:   This post is not politically motivated. Only inspired by some of my observations during an aimless drive around the city.

You gotta admit. Karachi has been transformed over the past six years. I remember Karachi in 2001 when I left for my hiatus abroad. It used to be a stinking nightmare. Buses, rickshaws and cars honked with frustration in long queues of traffic jams. Pollution hung like a pall in the sky with barely any vegetation in the city. Roads were broken and potholed in all areas. Curbs and footpaths were non-existent or left in ruins. Sewerage water overflowed in a majority of the neighbourhoods. Water was in short supply and tankers used to ply everywhere. Just thinking of those frustrating times is enough to give one a headache.

Contrast that image to now. Traffic flows freely in most areas thanks to signal-free corridors. A lot of major arteries of the city have been re-carpeted… something that had not been carried out in the city for decades. Most of the roads and streets look defined now, with properly constructed curbsides and footpaths. The sewerage system of the city has been fixed in a majority of areas and you dont find overflowing gutters everywhere anymore. A lot of trees have been planted in the city and amenity plots that used to be garbage dumps have been converted into parks. The credit for this vision and for the transformation of this city from an urban disaster to a strident megapolis can largely go to one man: Mustafa Kamal.

A park in Gulshan that once used to be a wasteland

A park in Gulshan that once used to be a wasteland


A ride to childhood

sindbad1I still remember the days of childhood when monthly visit to Sindbad Tariq Road and Clifton was a must. The reason being that Funland and Sindbad were the only places for hangout and I used to get 20 tokens free from Sindbad each month for being high achiever in annual exams at school. It continued from 3th to 8th grade.

sindbad2Now when I visited Dolmen Mall Hyderi some time back, I can see that with inclusion of Sindbad there, the visitors to the food court and fun has increased manifold. They have games for kids and elders alike. AND TO MY AMAZEMENT, THE FREE TOKENS STILL CONTINUE UNDER THEIR TAGLINE ‘Education Before Recreation’.

For people near living by especially a must visit and don’t forget to play Air hockey which is auto-serve =D. Also Zekes Shack the water shooting game, you will love the mess.


PS: I am frequent visitor there :p

Close the shop – comes the Order

Fellow Raja reports live from Hassan Square that some “bhia log” (his exact word) have just arrived to get all shops closed down. He reports panic in locality though nothing untoward seen. According to him few bhai logh came and started telling shop keepers to close the shops and open them on Sunday (Monday).

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