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Ramazan (Ramadan) Schedule for Karachi – 2009


I compiled it but if you find any mistakes, please let me know.

KESC naam hi kaafi hai :s

Okay so an area in North Nazimabad had no electricity for more than 12 hours yesterday. And keeping in view the reputation of KESC, you can expect what they have done with the people who called 118. This time hadh hogayi, I mean they even denied that the people have lodged complaints. Calls should be recorded on these call centers like 1217 so these operators and KESC itself are more responsible about their claims but why would they do it? It would add liability on KESC from all fronts. Moreover, for more than eight hours, these people couldn’t even trace what problem it was. Jiye Kesc! You can’t live with or without them.

I guess KMB should have a new category, why kesc sucks!

Two Exciting Exhibitions by KOEL this week

DSC_4419The first one at their gallery is titled Bereft in the Fatherland, a series of photographs, incredible black an white portraits of children from Macher Colony and a video installation, a loop back of the daily routine of children on streets of Machar colony. The exhibition highlights the conditions in which these underprivileged people are forced to live down below the poverty line and their innocent beautiful children, deprived of basic education, health care and nutrition, dwelling on the streets and we oblivious of their existence.

The other exhibition held at the home of renowned architect Habib Fida Ali is a marvelous collection of Chitarkari or Schist(Slate) stone engraving a collaborative work of Renowned Chitarkar, Muhammed Ilyas and Noorjehan Bilgrami.

chitarkariThe two masters have engraved intriguing designs celebrating our cultural identity.The repetitive geometrical patterns symbolic to Islamic art and carved peepal and Chambaily patterns in in their traditional radiations carved out on the stones placed in an aesthetically complementing environment, shaded under a thick cover of peepal trees in a garden of a beautiful, over a hundred year old building, is obvious to create a magically mesmerizing environment.

Both the Exhibitions will remain open till the 22nd of August, 2009.


Habib Fida Ali's Residence Map

For more details:
Call: (+92-21) 5831292

First Parking Plaza in Saddar Town



Parking fee for 3 hours is 20 Rs after that it will cost you 5 Rs per hour.

ITCN Asia 2009.

ITCN Asia 2009ITCN Asia turned out to be the most happening Information technology event, the real crowd puller so far, this year. Yesterday the exhibition was open to the general public so I decided to spent more then a few hours and tweet teh exhibition from morning till evening and cover the events live.

I stationed my self at the Dell Pakistan booth in hall number one, and unfolded my laptop but much to my surprise there was not a single free Wifi network available and I had to borrow a WiMax device from a friend (Muneeb) to connect to the internet. I surveyed this hall, visited a few other stalls, came across the CIO WebStudio‘s booth where they were preparing themselves for video recording public opinions, interviews and product reviews. The idea sounded promising and I was sure I wont be getting bored today. (more…)

National Institute Of Child Health


Only one flag of Pakistan outside NICH on 14th of August.

Azaadi Blues in Karachi, where are the greens?

The only thing green I could note in karachi is the lights which use a lot of electricity without any reason, sane reason to be exact.

Azaadi ka mazzak. 12 baje nahi ke PUBLIC road band kardiye, yeh azaadi ke naam per azaadi manana hai ya gunda gardi. apne baap ka road samjh kar they flood it, going in whatever direction and wrong ways they want and in the first place how can they block the roads not even taking note of ladies and children. Oh yea taking note but in a negative manner. Each of these retards are part of one political party or another.

Makes the karachite in me red with anger and shame.

Signal free corridor 3 is being innaugrated


Guest Post by Farhan Munaf

I really appreciate the efforts made by City Nazim Karachi Mr. Mustafa Kamal but this is very uinfair..
“on the Eve of Independence Day” Signal free corridor 3 is being innaugrated and we dont find any single flag of Pakistan on the light poles bcoz there is no such space left by MQM flags.

Preparation for the Independence Day



METRO Cash & Carry donated primary school building to Sindh Government

Metro-plaque ceremony

Metro-handing over ceremony

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