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Fast or feast

whatever it is!

North Nazimabad has two new offerings for Karachites. First is Dilpasand which has opened near board office. This one has a decent open-air seating space where you can enjoy faluda, ice cream, kulfis and ras mailai. No need to review this place because everyone knows how good is its faluda which has every good thing on earth in it and icecream of which doesn’t melt till last bite.

Second is UK based halal food chain Chicken Cottage which will open its doors on 14th Sept so this one’s review is due but I aint promising :p

Enjoy your iftaris :D

The Next Clash

khi-mafia2Karachi, being a metro & with a population of over 15 million is difficult to manage and since long been the easy target of mafiaz. Due to incompetent state supervision small mafias (sugar/water/land/religious/business/education) of different kinds have cropped up slowly without even being noticed. Some with political cover , some business,  some resource oriented and some mix of it. Latest we hearing is this case (+ more).One wonders if next clash would be among mafias. Recently there had been some reports of action against illegal water hydrants in city as well. The interest here is a prediction of which area to be focused as to which mafiaz will clash/rule the city in different dimensions (social/political) or this is just too far fetched an idea.


Power Shortage or Power Theft !

KMB01The city of lights is short of electricity, and the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) has been cutting off power every two hour or so for an hour. Even at night, before and at the time of Sehree or and Iftaar.

What so ever the reasons of this shortage of electricity may be stated by the authorities, one thing is for sure, the countless Kundas, Illegal electrical connections results in a huge power loss and those of us who pay the bills fair and square suffer and pay the cost of the theft.

These pictures of main Tariq Road, clearly show wiring bypassing the meters, these connections hooked in the main power lines are not only a clear evidence of power theft but also pose a danger of electrocution and short circuit which can further result in a fire.

I wonder why there illegal connections are not taken care of by the authorities.

Point no 12


Found this on Youtube below is the description about video.

“6 No. point kharab honay ki waja say 6 no. point walon ko 12 no. point ka rukh karna parha jis say rush main izafa howa aur ya dilchasp sorat e hal samnay aii

Video By MUHAMMAD WAQAS FE – ME – 034 Sec -A NEDUET karachi”

City District Government Karachi (CDGK)’s price list


Chand Nawab tries to manage pedestrian traffic


I recently met this legendary Journalist Chand Nawab a few days back, his shot to fame was this TV blooper which was recorded almost a year back at the Karachi Railway station. The video finding its way online was a prank by his colleagues and for a good few months Chand Nawab was in a fit of rage at his friends having humiliated him. But now he instead enjoys narrating this story in his own unique hilarious way, which in retrospect believe is worth another youtube clip for the legendary Chand Nawab and his KARACHI blooper

Karachi Circular Railway

DSC_4784 copy

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council decided on Thursday to revive the Karachi Circular Railway as a modern commuter system at a cost of Rs128.5 billion.

The committee suggested dualisation of railway tracks with the provision of two dedicated tracks along the main lines from Karachi City station to Drigh Road.

The system will have advanced technology to provide facilities of international standard to around 700,000 daily commuters.

The Karachi circular railway, which was set up in the mid-60s, was shut down in 1997 when Pakistan Railways suffered huge losses.

Source : Dawn

Allah Chowrangi Pepsi’fied

Newly painted monument - seemingly looks better then the old cement grey look

Newly painted monument - seemingly looks better than the old cement grey look

Brief Updates from MBHQ

You’ve no doubt by now noticed that the sites got a bit of a re-design and some things got changed around last week. We wanted to highlight two changes to make sure everyone knows what changed.

The first and biggest is COMMENTS! Registration is no longer required to post a comment on any post. Of course if you already have an account you can still login to ensure your comments are attributed to you, but those who don’t can now post a comment without any long term commitment. Also, on the right you can see some of the recent comments so you’ll always know what the active discussions are. This was the most requested thing we’ve heard from people since our last redesign and we’re excited to see where it leads.

The next change is also something that was heavily requested, and that is a change to the ADS on the sites. You’ll immediately notice fewer of them, but what might not be as obvious is those smaller square ones to the right are specific to this city only and are being sold for a flat rate for a period of time rather than a confusing CPM/traffic/network model. Depending on the city, these range from $7-$175 for a full week. If you purchase one, during that time your ad will be the only one in that spot and will show on every page. We set these up both to make it easier for smaller local businesses to get their ads on our site, and also to help us bring in ads that relate better to our local audiences. Also, keeping these sites online is expensive and every little bit helps.

There are a bunch of other things we changed but we’ll leave those to you to investigate and take advantage of. Hope you like it, and we look forward to seeing you in the comments!!

The folks at MBHQ

Port Qasim – US HUMMERs


” Above is an exclusive picture taken by a source at the entrance of Port Qasim near Karachi, showing US Hummers being transported out of the facility. According to the source, the shipment was not destined for Afghanistan. The picture was taken on Aug. 19, 2009 and being released here for the first time. “

[ credit : Paknationalists]

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