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Google Earth Karachi – Latest Satellite Imagery

Google Earth Karachi had no (significant) update for a long period (3/4 years?) though CDGK had given the city a relatively different look. GOOD news is, they are now updating KARACHI and recently one can see all major updates (starting with an over-due Nursery flyover map/patch) and almost all changes in last 4 years now incorporated. Keep in mind, the visibility might be a question but GOOGLE has this layered approach when updating maps so places will get more visible and clear with time. Thank you so much Team GOOGLE (Earth).Here are some screen-shots. See if you figure out the places correctly.

[ If you mouse-over the image it will give you the answer ]



and she slammed her car into mine…

KMB_9852A few days back in the evening, I was driving towards bath island from the Lily Bridge, after turning right from the traffic signal on the main road, I was going straight on the main road at a very slow speed with the bumper to bumper traffic when i heard and felt  something slamming  into my car. Immediately pressing the breaks and  looked into the rear view mirror and spotted a black car (the one in the picture), which was attached to the back door of my car and was now slowly backing up. I parked my car on the side of the road and by the time I emerged out of my car the female driver of the other car, was already out on the road. seeing me step out, she almost immediately started shouting at me, “Didn’t you see me coming from the side, You should have stopped !” – I told her in a calm voice that it was my right of the way, as she was entering the main road from a side lane she should have stopped stop and waited for teh traffic to stop, also I told he that she slammed into me after I had almost passed her. At this she started stepping away towards her car while shouting out loud ” you have ruined my car, you could have stopped “. (more…)

The Elbow Room at Karachi Airport

The Elbow Room occupies a small decent and elegant corner in the Domestic Lounge of Karachi Airport

The Elbow Room occupies a small decent and elegant corner in the Domestic Lounge of Karachi Airport

Pillion riding has been banned in Karachi

Pillion riding has been banned in Karachi and Hyderabad to avert possible terror attack, Geo news reported.

PTCL shifts numbers from 7 to 8 digit series


You will hear this announcement starting from october
“Your desired number has been changed. Please dial 3 before your desired number”
whenever you dial landline number of Karachi with old dialing code (021).

As per the instructions of PTA, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) would shift its fixed line numbering plan from 7 to 8 digit series. Initially migration from 7 series to 8 digit series would take place in Lahore and Karachi.

As per details, Digit “3” will be added in all existing 7 digits numbers of Karachi and Lahore except the numbers starting from “9”. Digit “9” will be added in all existing numbers starting from “9”. An important point to remember is the numbers are being added to existing numbers not area codes, with the exemption of army exchanges which would remain same.

Second Critical Mass Cycle Ride – Oct 18th at 7:30am

Critical mass Karachi‘Critical Mass Karachi’ is a cycling movement out there on the streets of Karachi. The group sets out at a fixed location and time, to peddle through set routes. Let’s join together and reclaim our public spaces and view our city through new angles.

All bikes and bikers are free to join and play an essential part in promoting our nation and saving our environment!

Second Critical Mass Cycle Ride
On Sunday, 18th October 2009
At 07:30 a.m.
Approximately 7 km.


Launching ceremony of Easypaisa



Last day of Polio Vaccination Campaign


Professionals research & advisory council (PRAC) Summit 2009



Show me the money – Internet Abracadabra

The internet is no longer restricted by the IT professionals. The new wave for internet marketing has made it accessible for housewives, students, retired people, or even professionals looking for extra cash

Scheduled for November 7th, 2009

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