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MA Jinnah Road, the day after


Heritage of Karachi

Heritage of Karachi
After the suicide attack at central procession of Youm-e-Ashur on Monday in which 43 persons were martyred, the miscreants’ set thousands shops on fire from Light House to Bolton Market. The arson attacks inflicted billions of rupees losses and left thousands jobless.

I didn’t get chance to visit MA Jinnah road but I hope these old buildings which are heritage of Karachi still survived in aftermath of riot.

Come ahead! And do something

We all are aware about the recent bomb blast in Karachi at MA Jinnah road and then we witnessed the worst … 9/11 for Karachi… burning markets … yes! Complete markets. These were not small shops… the wholesale markets responsible for different kind of supplies for whole Pakistan, from medicine to decoration items. The smallest shop in this market must containing items worth of millions rupees.

I myself, being victim of such incident, can understand the feelings of these poor people. The most of the shops in those markets are owned by Memon and Bohri communities. Both communities are famous to run business on low profit but turnovers. And one can get more turnovers by having good stock and so investment in business. The both communities also having the ideology to retain low cash in hand instead stock items. I am telling you all this because to give an idea about the damage caused by such incidents.

Believe me; fire didn’t leave anything behind for them… as I received this from a friend:

Jala daali zaalimo ne meri dukan,
is se to acha tha jala dete mujh samait mera makaan.

Ab kahan se kama k khilaounga apne gharane ko,
Jb ghar main hi nahi ho ga raashan-o-samaan.

Mera qasoor kya tha ae zalim jalane wale,
Na main hamla awar tha na wo mera mehman.

Meri zindagi bhar ki kamaai aik pal main jal gai,
Aur tum kehte ho sabar kr ,na ho halkaan?

Can we do anything for them? We, thousands of people, can do anything for them? I need 1000 people who can contribute just Rs.500/- are you one of them?

Come ahead! And do something….

Dec 30, 2009 @9:22pm Update: City Govt opened an account for rehabilitation of victim.

Pictures II – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Related : Pictures – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Pictures – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Related: Pictures II – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road

twitter_Karachi BlastReports of another bomb blast at MA Jinnah have been reported. Updates coming. As of now around 20 (various sources) deaths reported and around 50 injured. People got angry at first and there were reports of scuffle between LEA and people in rally but GEO reports things under control now. A fellow at twitter updates some firing in areas like Gulshan and Gulistan-e-Johar

Follow twitter update for latest.

[image : smkhan]

As of latest update the total number of dead has reached 43 while around 100 are injured. Tuesday was a mourning day and shops, markets, government offices and educational institutions were closed while transport off the road. Details

Another Blast at Qasba Mour.

16 reported injured including three police officers, a ranger personal, and a child as a bomb exploded in a Muharram procession at Qasba Mour. The procession was to conclude shortly at the nearby Ali Raza Imam Bargah when the blast occurred.

There are reports of unrest, firing and violence from the area after the blast while the place of the incident has been cordoned of by the police and a bomb disposal squad is on it’s way to examine the nature of the blast.

More reports and details are still coming so new the important bits, if any, will be added to this post later on.

Bomb Blast Raise Security Concerns.

A road side bomb exploded in in Paposhnagar near Khilafat Chowk, reportedly injuring at least 20 people including women, children and two rangers personal only a few hours ago here in Karachi.

The bomb which is said to have been a homemade explosive device, planted on the road side was detonated probably using a remote control, when a shi’ite procession was passing by. Thankfully the device is said to have exploded near or under a moving vehicle, a white sedan which too was with the procession, which sheathed the force of the blast preventing larger number of casualties.

The key dates, the 9th and 10 of Muharram marked by Azza gatherings, processions by shi’ite and Tazia and Alam processions both by shi’ite and Sunies are just tomorrow, and although all security precautions are said to have been well in place this incident today does add to our concerns. We hope and pray that all goes well and peacefully during these two important days and hereafter.

Street Poetry on Hoarders

atrophyingsenses[ Atrophyingsenses ]

Youth of Pakistan to visit MAZAR-e-QUAID on 25th to pay hommage

Give Tribute to Quaid-e-Azam on 25th Dec

Give Tribute to Quaid-e-Azam on 25th Dec

To evoke national spirit and patriotism, a large group of citizens have planned to head over to the Quaid-e-Azam mazar at 11am to pay hommage and offer fateha at the monument. This even not only marks an important national event but is a show of unity and strength that there are patriotic pakistanis willing to struggle foe peace in this country of ours.

RSVP at the Facebook event and show up at the Mazar-e-Quaid to show your support

A brief message generally encompasses the true spirit of the organizers

We welcome the youth to make an Assembly behind our team & supporters and pay their rich tribute to the man who changed our fate. From a SLAVE-NATION to a PROUD NATION, we owe to our great leader QUAID-e-AZAM “THE GREATEST LEADER”.

Pakistan Zindabad

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