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The Hamara-Tumhara Mindset

And so i ask the same question i.e “Who is taking over the city and who is this committee?

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Here Does The Electricity Go !

It was just this morning that i saw a TV channel running a footage showing the lights of Karachi Stadium all turned on in broad day light. much to my surprise they were still on around 6 PM having no extra benefit against the bright sunshine but indeed adding much to the power shortage the city and the whole country is suffering from.

Protest Rallies

It is to inform you that today, April 20, 2010 at 1700 hrs Jamat-e-islami (JI) has planned to stage a protest demonstration and observe a sit in at Tibbet Centre, M.A Jinnah Rd against the injustices in the society. Disruption of traffic is expected on M.A Jinnah Rd and Roads leading to and the areas around Tibbet Centre.

In addition to the above, tomorrow Wednesday April 21,2010 at 1600 hrs Sind Peoples Youth (SB) will take out a protest rally from Do Talwar, Clifton up to Karachi Press Club. The rally is organized against non-arrest of murderers of Mir Murtaza Bhutto. The planned route is Do Talwar, Dr. Ziauddin Road, PIDC House and Press Club. However local administration has proposed Mai-Kolachi By Pass as the rally route. This rally is expected to gather limited crowds but has a potential to disrupt traffic around Clifton. You are advised to avoid these areas during above mentioned timings using alternate routes.

Think Red, Think Health

I noticed this sign of “Think Red. Think Health.” a while back on Shamsheer (next to S. Abdulla) and now it says, “Think Organic. Think Health”. Seems like a new outlet is opening up but of what?

Social Responsibility from Agha’s Supermarket

Found on Tanzeelism of a new initiative by Agha’s Supermarket definitely worth commending

Karachi’s famous Agha’s supermarket has come up with an interesting societal marketing idea. They are providing grocery and other day to day items to customers in nicely designed Newspaper bags made by needy women, these newspaper bags are provided to Agha’s by NGO Rana Liaquat Craftsmen Colony Welfare Program (RLCC), such newspaper bags would not only help women keep their homes running but at the same time address the conservation issue as well …. more…..

Foto of the day

Shared from a friend.

MQM – Supporting dictatorship to serve democracy ?

Following statement has been given by MQM in today’s paper on this issue. No further explanation was given on nature of “majbuuri

Original Post:
Amid all the politically irrelevant noises media wasted everyone’s time in, there are few developments which many have ignored and hardly any channel seem to be interested in discussing it. This is about the elimination of the rule to conduct elections inside a party, which is a serious blow to the already fractured democracy we have.
Pakistan is currently under political occupation of the 2% feudal tribe and all major political parties have literally become the personal property of few individuals namely PML and PPP leading the race with ANP and JUI behind. But what was shocking was MQM’s vote to support this amendment which is quite contrast to what MQM has been preaching since 3 decades. For a long time now MQM seemed to be the only hope (at least on paper) against the feudal family affair in other political parties but has MQM joined the feudal voices lately or was it eyewash that worked for 3 decades before it also started enjoying the fruits of power corridors?
MQM claiming to be middle class, anti feudal party seems to have taken a U-TURN when it really matter the most and is a very disappointing outcome for the ordinary people as now the one man rule in parties has been officially validated. How a party which has no tradition of democracy inside its own ranks can claim to bring democracy to the nation, MQM’s support to elimination of the elections inside party has raised some serious questions on its stance on the 2%.

One of the most shocking example of this dictatorship rule inside parties is shown yesterday when Mr. Zardari gave party ticket to Mr. Jamshed Dasti (and here) who was recently forced to resign after his grand humiliation in Supreme Court when his degree proved to be fake. If there had been democracy inside party this nonsense wouldn’t have happen at first place. MQM by supporting elimination of elections inside party has indirectly validated “Dynastic Despotism”, like someone said on TV.

Name the minister

Tuition Advertising that Fails

what exactly does “Highly Qualified Experience” means ?

you will find another similarly  odd advertisement i previously came across here where the teacher seems to be saying that if you want to score maximum in math you will have to study the Mathematics of all the grades from IX to XII and also that of O and A levels ..

what’s more sad is that even after reading this we still trust these people to actually educate our children.

A talk on Modern-day Slavery, today at AKU.

Aga Khan University Hospital, Faculty of Arts and Sciences is organizing a lecture on Disposable People: Slaves and Slavery in Our Times.

The talk will be presented by Dr Farid Panjwani, Assistant Professor at AKU-ISMC, London. He will deliver a presentation on the causes, forms and experiences of modern-day slavery followed by a Q&A session.

Admission is free and on a first-come first-serve basis. The event is scheduled to start at 2:00 PM today at university’s lecture hall # 2.


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