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Udhaar aik jaadu hai

Why is DHA on a stink ?

We all may have noticed that parts of DHA, almost half of the area is on a strange stink of dead, rotting fish, any idea WHY ?

Suggestion Credits: Sanna Hussain.

Be the Change !

It was a 13- 15 year old girl, standing on a narrow walkway by a crowded pharmacy right opposite Ashfaq manorial Center, waiting for her mother to return with the medicines. I spotted two men, probably masons, they had their tools in their hand, walking towards this girl, their unfriendly gaze, fixed on her. She panicked, and tried to press herself to the wall so to give these men space to pass by her without getting near to her while they kept walking with broad chests, dead center of the aisle. As they walked closer, and were about to pass by her, I moved quickly forward them from the opposite side, looking at these men right in the eye, there was anger on my face. I was truly going to retaliate only if they would have made one wrong move, but as soon as they saw me approaching them from the opposite direction their posture suddenly changed, they suddenly moved their eyes downwards, they walked away from the girl and quickly past me, while i continued to follow them with my angry gaze.

in the mean while the girl’s mother too was back from the medical story, and now they were walking away to get a rickshaw for their next destination.

if you may have realized, i am not at all a well built person, actually i am quite skinny, and was no match for these culprits, but what scared them was the feat that if i could have raised alarm, and the shop keepers and passers by would probably have beaten the crap out of him.

people keep asking me how they can bring a change in the society, i tell you, It takes not much to do so, if you want to see a change, the next time you spot a man gazing a women, ask him out loud what his problem is. If you are a men looking at this culprit alone will be enough to get him back to his senses. Be the change you want, feel and take the responsibility of the society you are a part of, and you will see the change coming.

Karachi – Free Legal Aid

[image: kazmisahib-flickr]

We need more Blood !?

A couple of weeks back when i was leaving for Islamabad the threat Karachi faced was from the cyclone PHET, and yes the very little rains we had managed to take 10 lives, but PHET was kind enough to leave us untouched, the cyclone knew we were too miserable even without the extreme weather adding to our trauma. Soon after PHET passed our city was taken down with a spree of target killings of course we expected PHET to do the dirty job but when it failed, we obviously needed people dead anyways, so we took the task in our own hands. today’s newspaper says the death toll in target killings for the past 24 hours has risen to 5.

Even natural disasters are showing their pity on us; the people of Karachi, but we ?  Not – Just – Yet, we need more blood.

Summer Book Fiesta

Imran Khan at IBA in Karachi on Building Brand Pakistan

Imran Khan inspires young generation not just by words but practical examples. From sports to Shaukat Khanum and NAMAL ( one two three four five) he is probably the only political personality who actually has done something on ground for his country, not from publix tax but own effort and donations. While i have (and i guess many others too) have serious reservations on his political stand on some issues mainly security, nonetheless his speeches (check youtube) are worth pondering for, specially coming young generations. Probably one of the most invited speaker too, IBA gives students a chance to hear the Legend in Karachi on June 19th, 2010.PakistaniTM brings to IBA a once in a life-time opportunity to take part in a highly interactive session with Mr. Imran Khan. The seminar will be based on the following topic: “Building Brand Pakistan: Leading the change through youth”. Mr. Imran Khan will be delivering a lecture on this topic and will also be taking part in a Q&A session with the students of IBA.The seminar will be conducted on 19th June, 2010 at the APWA Auditorium, IBA City Campus. For further details, log on to


Telenor Square Green Belt

Environmental friendly initiative taken by telenor Pakistan. Geen belt has been created at Teen Talwar- on the concept of a thematic park.

Photographs by Telenor Pakistan

No Parking

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