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Karachi – After Monsoon hide and seek


Scary Burger Eaters !

What an odd image to have as a signboard of a fast food outlet, I am sure it can be used to scare the kids away and keep them from eating the burger.

Mazar-e-Quaid at Seaview

I copied this image and later lost the source. If anyone knows the source please share

Launch of Meat One

Life of a blogger is strange indeed. I remember driving past Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer (next to S.Abdullah) in April and wondering what Think Red, Think Health could mean. I got a lot of interesting responses too when I posted a photoblog of it, ranging from it being a red bull outlet, gym, BBQ place to an eatery. INOVATIVE MAD and Aslam Chughtaye though were right in guessing it to be a hygienic meat joint. Who would have thought that I would be dragged to its soft-launch by a friend to cover it. Of course, I told him I would only post about it if it’s good, though before even entering the outlet my curiosity was piqued.

Meat One opened its doors to public on Sunday, 18th July 2010, and it turns out that these guys specialize in selling export quality meat at very affordable rates. The soft launch kicked off with a press conference in which Meat One’s COO, Kazim Namazi, briefed the journalists about the company’s ambitious plans to open 20 more outlets in the city during the next one year. They slaughter their animals in their semi-automated slaughter house and then transport the carcasses in refrigerated vans to the Meat One shop, where it is further sliced and diced according to customer specifications.


Don’t Let The Flea Market Be A Threat To Your Health !

Because inflation is taking its toll on their pockets, a lot of people, here in Karachi, flock to shop at the makeshift weekly markets for saving some money on their household monthly budget where usually the flea market (Lunda Bazzaar) stalls manage to attract the most of the crowd. I have been visiting such flea markets since almost over 10 years where i shop for almost everything including art work, shoes, toys, clothing and professional kitchen utensils. but i have noticed a lot of people buying from such stalls don’t consider the fact that these items are usually used, even if they are seared they may have been stored improperly or may have been contaminated during storage or in transit and can pose a health hazard if not disinfected and washed properly before use. hare is your guide to what you should and should not buy and how to avoid exposing your self and your family to potential health hazards.

Toys, specially the stuffed ones are the most commonly sighted item at these flea markets, i have seen a lot of people buying them and handing them right away to the kids. We all know that Stuff toys are made of stuffed fabric, which is an absorbent martial, that means it will absorb any liquid they may come in contact with.The stuffing in these soft toys is usually of 100% polyester fiber, which is less absorbent but often at times these toys are stuffed with cotton which is a highly absorbent natural fiber. you must understand that these toys while been used previously, or during storage may have been exposed to chemicals, toxins, or fluids which may contain germs and may prove extremely lethal if digested. When ever you are buying stuffed toys make sure the item is washable. never hand over toys to your kids with out properly washing them with some and a germicidal like Dettol. Hard / Solid toys too may contain some contamination, or may have been exposed to some toxic chemicals so they too should be washed properly with detergent and Dettol before they are handed over too your kids.


Sugar Priced Rs. 66/- For a K.g

It is still over a month before Ramadan starts and the price of sugar has already gone up to Rs. 66/- per kilogram which makes me think that it is really likely that this year too, people will faint and die standing in the rows for a bag full of sugar or we might just see another stampede this year. It seems now that the only hope for the people is to boycott sugar.


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