“Democratic terror” in Karachi over Shoe incident reporting

PPP jiyalas (jiyala seems a tribute, lets change it to ghundaz or something similar) have decided to show their democratic muscle by resorting to threats and terrorizing GEO/ARY media groups. Apparently jilayaz “continued pouring in at the scene since noon today, sustained the siege of the offices and pelted them with stones. The PPP operatives showed shoes to the Geo News workers and uttered abusive words and set on fire the copies of Daily Jang. The party workers went on wall chalking spree under police cover writing bad meaning sentences and graffiti against Geo and Jang; however, police and administration kept standing as silent spectators.” more . .   (and more here)

One can see why i have often said all current major political parties in PAK are different shades of the same rotten faces. When it was possible all have used terror to silence anyone who has opposed their views. We saw it on May 12 in previous setup and now the PPP has decided to silence its critics. For ordinary man, democracy in PAK hasnt been anything better than a self decieving dream. While the country is under water, PPP gov instead of some work has decided to scare few media groups for exposing it While international press is questioning Zardari’s own personality, local media has simply reported some ugly truths but looks like PPP is still living in 90s or probably like Raja said 70s. Shall we learn anything from history?

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  1. AK (unregistered) on August 10th, 2010 @ 7:53 pm

    Good to see our jiyalas finally bringing sanity to the situation. I hate Geo (Jew) news anyways.

    Jiye Bhutto!
    Jiye People’s Party!

  2. balma on August 10th, 2010 @ 11:20 pm

    “The PPP operatives showed shoes to the Geo News workers and uttered abusive words and set on fire the copies of Daily Jang. The party workers went on wall chalking spree under police cover writing bad meaning sentences and graffiti against Geo and Jang; however, police and administration kept standing as silent spectators”

    Can you tell me what is wrong here?
    People have been showing shoes to each other for centuries in India and Pakistan. People give gaalis all the time. In fact, recently I have noticed that men in Karachi don’t mind giving gaalis even in the presence of women and kids. What is the big deal with setting copies of any newspaper on fire? Wall chalking? You have problem with that? Graffiti against Geo and Jang…is that a problem? Whole Pakistan is full of graffiti!
    I don’t see what your issue is?

    oh, remember, that bunch of ghundaas who gethered outside the Expo center and tried to stop men’s shaving competition? If those harami mullahs can do that, then I don’t see what is wrong with what you report…Mullah Munib!

  3. Mullah Big Brother (unregistered) on August 10th, 2010 @ 11:48 pm

    Oye Balma … tuh Harami aur tera khandaan harami bulkey teri nasal harami. Mullah ji and his pathan buddies, don’t forget. Our invitation is open.

  4. Prait-Atma (unregistered) on August 11th, 2010 @ 12:48 am

    @ balma.

    i was pleasently surpirsed when jiyalas showed shoes……coz i was under the impresion ke in harami hukmaraon nay tu tan pe kapray , paon me jota, aur dimagh me ghairat chori hi nahe hogi…but i was wrong….some of them still have shoes they can throw away.

    “mullahz at expo”

    sir gillete was headed by sum dumbo…he messed up big…had he got some brains..he cud have pleased the mullahz and broken the world record at teh same time……how….


    by turning it into a armpit shaving competition, which my shariyah is also okay…..and what not….mullahz outside wud have joined in the add to the number count…making a bigger record…( no body hates a free gift) wo bhi mach 3.

    sali sari multai compnay ke head of departs chay log hain…siwai meray…:D

  5. balma on August 11th, 2010 @ 1:36 am

    Good point, pajamay. Very creative.

  6. بستنی (wasiq) on August 11th, 2010 @ 3:14 am

    very good point….brilliant indeed !

  7. jaydee on August 11th, 2010 @ 5:17 am

    Bring back Mushy he will fix everything

  8. Prait-Atma (unregistered) on August 11th, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

    @ wasiq and syed balma ghotalvi.

    sir thanks for the appriciation…..but infact i had some other body part in mind equally eligiable for shaving…and shariyah compliant.

    but socha ke sali phatichar qoum ki sensitivity ka kabi tu khiyaal ker liya karoon…verna log kaheen gay pajamay ko phatichoron ka koi khiyal nai hai….see how much i care bout them

  9. ovais.tariq (ovaistariq) on August 13th, 2010 @ 11:17 pm

    What a shame!! People’s Party should be renamed to Ghunda Party. And it would be better to call them “jahils” rather then “jayalas”,.. Besides what can you expect from a party full of corrupts,.

  10. booba (unregistered) on August 15th, 2010 @ 6:07 am

    1)Auyb Khans progress disimated Bengoli population and used them as a colony.

    His children Ghoar Ayub and grandson Omar Ayub today are the most respected people / politicians.

    2)Yaya Khan carried forward the flame till the people could not take it anymore.

    Should have been hanged. Yet he resides peacefully in his grave.

    3)Zia-ul-Haq murdered Bhutto. Made it impossible to have a political thought different from him.

    His son continues to control extremist and kindle and the ideology of which we are bearing fruit today.

    3)Musharaf’s moderate enlightenment has brought us to our knees with suicide blasts

    However in the last two years you/me and what not have only found Asif Ali Zardari as the sole manifestation of all that is evil and crouppt.

    It really is amazing.

    He may not be saint but in doing what you and alike are doing is alienating the 90% of the population which is without access to blog and means to propagate their propaganda.

    And this what are witnessing.


  11. Ovais Tariq (unregistered) on August 15th, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

    Here are some facts for you booba

    Some achievements of Ayub Khan:
    – Signed the Indus Waters Treaty with archrival India
    – Established close political and military ties with Communist China
    – Established Pakistan’s National Space Agency, Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)
    – Built the Mangla Dam which is the twelfth largest dam in the world
    – Built Karakorum Highway (linking China with Pakistan)

    Though this does not mean that I am supporting Ayub Khan, but these are some facts.

    Now coming to Mr. Zardari, can you tell me why did he used to be called Mr 10%? Why have there been so many corruption cases against him? Every single person of Pakistan, what Mr. Zardari is all about, robbing and stealing from Pakistan’s wealth. And the past two years that he has been the president, condition in Pakistan has gone form bad to worse. Such is the state of poverty of the people that they are bent upon either selling their children or killing them. What has Mr. Zardari given to Pakistan and to the people of Pakistan except for woes and hunger and misery!!

    And here are some 2008 election statistics which Mr. Zardari won:
    – Registered voters 79,932,806
    – Voter Turnout 35,170,435 people (44%)
    – Voted for PPP 10,606,486 which is 13.3% of the registered voters

    Ohh vow PPP is really very very popular among the masses and why not “Roti, Kapra, Makan” is what PPP has taken away from them.

    Given the current situation where the government hasn’t done anything to help people affected by floods, this 13.3% is gonna come down rather sharply and then 90% of population without access to the blog would be damning Mr. Zardari

  12. booba (unregistered) on August 16th, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

    man am i glad u brought up Indus Water treaty

    In a non political, dictatorial discourse,Ayub and his team sold of future water of Pakistan for cash. What he agreed to was to solve the problem of 1960s and create the problem of 2000s.

    That is why you have places like parliament were diversity of opinion and expertise brings out the best interest of the people. We as a nation had no option under Ayub.

    >Established close political and military ties with Communist China
    So the one man show got into friend ship to promote and army that ultimately had to fight its own people. I dont know how you rate that.

    Individual acts like Mangala, SUPARCO and Karakorum does not make a nation. They are like building great statue of gold in Sadar Karachi, Anarkali Lahore, Apara pindi without involving the people who live around those statues.

    OK lets, call spade a spade.

    Even if he is Mr 20% more then 10% of which he is not been convicted of (and i doubt purposely because the state of Pakistan wanted to keep some leverage in their hand) Had democracy been allowed to evolve we would have been in much better place.

    My only point we should stop glorifying the dictators and look and understand why we as a nation do things(like surround GEO TV) and the way we do them.

    You cannot cut corners and give me boxed reply.

    Because this is what we have been doing as a nation. We have decided not to realize what our problem is and what the solutions could be.

    All we want is scape goat.

    Cause if that is what you want you have Zardari

    my questions is what next?

  13. aktzeichnen (unregistered) on August 17th, 2010 @ 3:46 am

    When there is no freedom of speech or any other way of circulation of ideas or views from one body to another, people have to rely solely on gossips and rumors.

    So here are some interesting gossips I would like to share:

    * Raza Rizvi gets assassinated. A staged event created to abrupt sectarian violence. Everything goes according to the plan. People start burning, killing and looting each other up.

    * UK’s PM David Cameron and Pakistani President Ali Zardari decide to have a good old fashion hangout. All the media attention diverts from the flood victims towards their meeting. “Come on Who wants to see some poor old people begging for a piece of bread over a Political Drama serial”

    * And it gets even better. They thought that helping and rebuilding a disaster struck country (both naturally and intentionally) is too much to do right now. “Why don’t we just start banning the news channels? yeah thats a great idea to divert the little left attention .Something is better then nothing.”

    “The last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious informed public capable of critical thinking. Which is why a continually fraudulent zeitgeist is output via religion, the mass media, and the educational system. They seek to keep you in a distracted, naive bubble. And they are doing a damn good job of it.” Zeitgiest 2007

  14. ovais.tariq (ovaistariq) on August 17th, 2010 @ 6:13 pm


    Ahan,. so he sold the water of Pakistan,. what do you think would India have let you have all the six rivers’ water,,. had he not signed the treaty then Pakistan would have been fighting wars over water with India,. and Pakistan’s economic condition has never been so stable so as to allow it to fight wars,,.

    A place like parliament that is full of cheats and goons,. a place that has people who have fake degrees., these people who say “there is no difference between a genuine degree and a fake degree”, ( I am quoting CM Balochistan ),. do u expect them to increase the literacy rate of Pakistan., these people who themselves are not literate you expect them to change the future of Pakistan,.

    And as far as close ties with China is concerned,. that has always helped Pakistan be it financially or militarily,. ( you better read the history of Pakistan )

    And if building dams and other institutions are individual acts, even then these acts have helped the people of Pakistan and any thing that has helped the people needs to be praised,.

    Now come on, dun turn a blind eye to all the black money accumulated by Mr. Zardari,. call spade a spade will you,.

    Now tell me one thing what has democracy given to the common man in Pakistan except for pain and suffering,.. poor common people of Pakistan dun really care whether its democracy or dictatorship., what they care about is “Roti, Kapra, Makan”,. which every subsequent democratic government has failed to deliver,.

    Do you call this democracy in Pakistan,. where people instead of voting based on deeds and actions, vote based on ethinicity, tribes, family relationships, or by terror,. More than 50% of the registered voters dont cast their votes because they dont trust this so called democracy,. And there are many more who are terrorised to vote in favor of someone,. Then there lumps and lumps of fake votes,. I was even surprised when in Karachi their were places where the number of votes that were casted were more then the number of registered voters,. This is how these guys become a part of the parliament,. and then people like you expect them to do wonders for you,.

    Democracy in its current form, can never make Pakistan any different from what it is right now,. yes it can send it further down into misery thats for sure.

    You have to get the people educated first,. create a sense of trust among them,,. only then will the democracy bring any good for Pakistan,.

    Dictatorship, democracy,. these words dont really sound different to the people,.

    And whatever you may say dictatorship has brought good to Pakistan,. army men are disciplined at least unlike our so call democratic leaders who have nothing to do but to fill their pockets with our money,.

    ANd finally Zardari is no scape goat,. people are calling a spade a spade,.

  15. Bismil (unregistered) on August 17th, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

    A bit of a rant this, even off-topic but who gives a f**k. These good-for-nothing-lets-kill-whoever-can-make-a-difference illiterate c**ts and their superiors have failed us many times. These are the dogs of the same, first 2 generations of Pakistan who after 63 years of independence have only managed to create one of the worst examples of modern state. And yet, its the same first and second generation of Pakistan who continue to occupy key positions in politics, government and the military while the third and the fourth generation of this great land is too busy writing blogs and just BOL-BACHANING. We, the 3rd and 4th generation of Pakistan are the most assimilated and integrated generation of this nation. Which are much more intermixed, cosmopolitan and articulate thn our baaps and our baap k baaps. We bring together the best of what a Pakistani represents. Yet, its the feudals and the Jaahilz ruling us. We need to govern a change, a DRASTIC change, or create opportunities to nurture change.. We need to bring that pride back. Pride thats been long lost now. We really can make a difference if we want to. We can outnumber, outweigh and overwhelm them with our intellect, enthusiasm and unique ideas. Lets be part of a revolution that refuses to let the 5th and 6th generation of this nation grow old to sit on these blogs and complain too.

  16. ovais.tariq (ovaistariq) on August 18th, 2010 @ 12:15 am

    @Bismil,. how do u suggest we start making a difference,.

  17. Prait-atma (unregistered) on August 18th, 2010 @ 5:01 am

    @ O-T

    by typing long speeches on the blog…:)

  18. booba (unregistered) on August 18th, 2010 @ 3:08 pm

    >Dictatorship, democracy,. these words dont really sound different to the people,.

    they do. the little bit of ignorance that we show comes back to haunt us in every way.

    If we don’t let evolution takes hold of the process of government then this cycle of up and down will continue.

    World history current and old if full of such examples.
    Where ever process got hold the nation survived where ever the process faltered the nations faltered with it.

    >We need to govern a change, a DRASTIC change, or create opportunities to nurture change.

    i totally agree with you here. However we need to keep our feet on the ground and make sure its not just a change for the sake of the change.

    Change should be sustainable, change should be ongoing, change should be positive self correcting.

    and that can only be lead or done through a process ideally where voice/intelligence of the people is respected

  19. ovais.tariq (ovaistariq) on August 18th, 2010 @ 9:20 pm


    i completely agree with whatever you are saying,. but my only point of contention is,. for me democracy want make any difference until and unless people are literate enough to know whats bad and whats good., how do u expect people to bring about a change when they really are not decided about wots good and wots bad,.

    and then in such times,. its not the majority that takes things into hands,. but its kind of a minority of people that bring about a revolution and then the majority follows., the red revolution of china is an example,.

    so what do u suggest how do we start bringing about some change,.

  20. Bismil (unregistered) on August 19th, 2010 @ 8:52 pm

    Lets form a party!! And I am dead serious..!

  21. ovais.tariq (ovaistariq) on August 20th, 2010 @ 11:31 am

    @bismil., i m in if its for the sake of saving pakistan,.

  22. prait-atma (unregistered) on August 20th, 2010 @ 5:58 pm

    suna hai us ka chairman, sab say pehlay pakistan fame comoando sab hoon gay

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