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The Flood Has Washed The Truth Out On The Shores.

Photo: Hira S. Malik

It was only less than a month back that i had my first personal encounter with the flood displaced people living in a small shanty town here at the Chakra goth, korangi. It was difficult to understand how over fifty people, including children living in a small single room house would be managing, and there were several such homes. but once we were there the picture become more disturbing than i could ever imagine. Almost all of these flood displaced people were infected badly with scabies specially the children, who are twice as many in number as the adults. There were several pregnant women, some of them needed immediate medical attention, many babies had diarrhea.

After a thorough assessment by the members of FLP, the NGO i am associated with for the flood relief efforts, they were immediately provided with food, and their medical needs were taken care of during the following few days. as some who needed a long term treatment are still being provided with the necessary medical support.

Who will cast the first stone in Pakistan’s TheMockracy – Ishaq dar at Nine Zero

The makeup over USA designed, Saudi-assisted, GHQ scripted, NROfied The-mockracy is, and as predicted in last elections, slowly coming off and the ugly face underneath appearing as country plunges into more uncertainty. The murder of Dr. Imran Farooq provided PML an opportunity to shake hands with MQM. This while Karachi is burning again and the circus of accusations and point scoring is ON. It is interesting that everyone (except PPP obviously) wants a change but no one wants to be blamed mainly because everyone wants this “change” for its own benefit and not the nation. “Change” itself being an alien commodity in general in our nation’s psychology the cartoon above is a good summary on Ishaq dar’s visit to 90. And this analysis by SS supplements it well. Every anti-PPP force is looking at each other to cast the first stone. PML wants MQM to end its support to Zardari in capital. MQM is googling for some “Muhibbe-watan-Generals”. The Generals waiting for the courts to make their life easy. The courts are hoping The-mocratic forces to join and bring a Constitutional change and people of PAKISTAN, while tired of the circus are a helpless, directionless herd waiting for some holy-assistance (which isnt coming and in fact reverse happening). Waiting to join this circus is former General Musharraf (the architect of this mess) and Imran Khan (his CV too good to be in politics) with JI (want to make Aafia the next PM) and JUI (5 ingulian ghee mei, always). Amid all this is PAKISTAN’s media, the circus telecast Inc. Welcome to Pakistan’s style of The-Mockracy.

Can Karachiteis guess this place?

Photograph by Zahid

Say you want a revolution?

All is well

I found this car at Shahr-e-Faisal near Park Avenue. I really like the idea that how a person changed the presence of an old car. Yes, this is why Karachi Rocks! :)

A car with label "All is well"

Dr. Imran Farooq Murdered in London

Rain – Its coming again

Pic taken near F.B Area

Eid Preparation

This traffic police guy was taking bribe/eidi from commercial vehicles @ Baloch colony.

Pizza hut – All You Can Eat @ 599

Police Reporting Center or Ghost Reporting Center ?

Is it a coincidence or what that since last week i have been to this place near Eid Gaah (MA Jinnah) 4 times and i havnt seen anyone sitting here. Is it one of those run-time arrangements which are prepared for photo sessions for Ministers/PM etc visit? And the worst is, it wasn’t the only one, i have seen few like these at other places too.

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