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A Public Service Message for Karachiites

18 October

Any update of Shahra e Faisal guys?

I got message from a friend “Babu karsaaz pay sindhi jaama hoona shroo hoo gaee hain”

3:12 PM Got another message from a friend “18 October 2007 Sanayha Karsaz kay silsalay may
Aaj sham 5pm say 2am tuk shahrah-e-faisal Drig road bridge say lay kur shaheed millat flyover tuk bund rahay ge”

Ban on pillion riding to end

Enjoy Pillion Riding

Enjoy Pillion Riding

Local television channels are broadcasting news that ban on pillion riding has been removed. The home minister is stating that it was imposed to control target killing and removed to facilitate common people as they were suffering due to this ban.

I am curious to know that whether this ban is removed only for election and will reinforce after few days? Whether they successfully controlled target killing and so there is no need for this ban?


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Those of you who might be interested in the cause of Education can benefit from this upcoming event. The theme of the conference is very apt with the conditions our country is facing with after the recent floods.

Transforming Pedagogies Emerging Contexts & Texts of Teacher Education
October 26-28, 2010
Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development Karachi, Pakistan

This year’s international conference aims to share innovative and integrated pedagogies aims to counteract human crisis and oppressive situations, which have implications for issues of human development as a whole, and in doing so invokes transforming potential of education in general and teacher education in particular, to search for ‘new’ language of possibilities and pedagogies for change.

 The conference will focus on following inter-linked themes:

Interested participants can register themselves at

More details at:

When The Bomb Goes off !

After a slight unrest in the morning the city had finally started to get back to its usual pace, i was on the road in a cab when a phone call from my home announced the news of two blasts, one after another at the Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi (R.A) and I automatically switched into a panic mode, My first reaction was to inform all friends and family to reach home or stay safe. Within an hour of the news the whole city had started to shut off, shops being closed , fuel stations being barricaded, cars rushing in total panic.

An hour later i was home, i was anxious to get the latest news, the fear that the death toll may have been very high was getting on my nerves, but as soon as i was about to reach the TV remote my mom warned “Jamal don’t ! ” her eyes were red from crying ” The footage is unbearable “.  That is exactly what happens each time there is a bomb blast in the country. The news channels blast out television screens with explicit, graphic insensitive imagery. Parts of human body drenched in blood, a head in a policeman’s hand as if its a trophy that you just got to find the culprit and yes any heads found must immediately belong to the suicide bomber and must be shown on all news channels. Yes I knew the news on TV would be all wrapped in imagery that would give any sane person nightmares for ages but i needed the news so the demon’s idiot box had to be turned on.

Terrorists attack Shah Ghazi’s Shrine; four dead

Four people have been killed and dozens others injured in two blasts at the entrance of Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine in Clifton, sources said Thursday.


Karachi Traffic Police – Shan e Beniyazi

A Nation Hijacked by a Lady

No doubt, Cowasjee is spot on. Lately, everyone in this land of “pure” from truck driver to the Elite, is worried about Aafia Siddiqui. No one is bothered (let alone questioning) about the 2 million $ (around 17 caror rupees) wasted for a useless cause. Since emotions have always overtaken wisdom in our country, MQM seeing the time “Right”, recently organized a big rally for Aafia so it doesn’t waste an opportunity to wash its own hands in behti ganga oblivious to the fact that it exposes their “ani-Talibanisation” rhetoric. One was not expecting them to fall in line too and take “populist” approach but nevertheless they are also part of the overall “Political Package” and a political analyst shouldn’t be surprised at all. Pakistan media is successfully leading the herd. A disappointed fellow SMS me that why PAK media inst presenting the other side of the story?. I say, you tell. Who will dare to go against the “mob”?. To top this all are some

cyber/SMS-jihadists bursting out www/texts on Aafia’s educational qualifications with a spicy touch of references to M. Bin Qasim and other super-emotional rhetoric, devoid of any rationalist analysis or factual info. My reader might ask why i dont post some info here if i see truth otherwise. The answer is : I dont want to fill pages on what is already there for the common sense to read. My point in this post is simply this: Pity on a Nation where hunger is on every street, 60% don’t have water, people are selling their children due to poverty, corruption is “National right” , inflation is touching new heights (with more coming next month), its at the brink of collapse with a “failed nation” crown and its National Agenda/Issue is a lady who had links with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. It’s no rocket science to find out what her past has been as well as her own behavior in court which resulted in the case been lost by her (one of the famous incident being where she offers “mediation” between Taliban/Al-qaeda and US gov). And my point is also this: I wonder where this hype goes when it is the matter of the other 8000 odd tortured/raped/killed in the name of honor women. Probably “ISLAM” isn’t in danger then, the rest of 8000 are not “Daughters of Islam” nor they are “Pakistan ki betiz” so its “Alright” to let those injustices happen but why would one waste an opportunity like this to cash some votes?. James Harvey’s words justify the current political environment may be:
” Political campaigns are designedly made into emotional . . . which endeavor to distract attention from the real issues involved, and they actually paralyze what slight powers of cerebration man can normally muster “

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