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A Luxury apartments project in Nazimabad

landmafiaThis post is very much related to, but not a follow up of this article (“rape of the city”, rightly said) by Cowasjee yesterday. It was drafted quite earlier. Its incidental and very interestingly as i am making this post there is a short story on tv about decreasing number of parks/grounds/open spaces in Lahore too. So the issue is all over.

Land mafia, like others, has grown so much in size and power, thanks to “everyone’s” overwhelming support in last 20 years that even our mayor is now saying he is helpless. The image on right is my question today. There is some construction going in full swing there these days . . .  Read more


In other blogs- The Best Planned Localities of Pakistan: North Nazimabad, Karachi

Usually, in this series, we tend to pick up the topic discussed in other blogs that are relevant to Karachi and expand on them but the following description of the North Nazimabad Town by Owais Mughal in All Things Pakistan is worthy of being reproduced in full. Enjoy!

In April 2008, we had a post on Eight Bazaars of Faisalabad, and we presented it as one of the best examples of town planning in Pakistan. We would like to develop this topic into a whole new series about the best planned localities of Pakistan. Among many examples of fine town planning in Pakistan are North Nazimabad Karachi, Model Town Lahore, Faisalabad’s 8 bazaars, Federal-B-Area Karachi, Islamabad Master Plan, Wah Cantonment, and many more in other cities. In today’s post we will cover North Nazimabad, Karachi.

The satellite image below shows North Nazimabad’s 20 residential blocks bound in red polygon. East of NN is Federal-B-Area where as North of NN is North Karachi and Buffer Zone.

Whenever the aesthetics of Civil Engineering and Town Planning Projects is considered; it is an accpetable fact that curves and gradiants are considered more natural than squares or rectangles. Cities planned in rectangular grids, though easy to navigate, don’t have same aesthtics as brought out by circular roads and curves. If you look at North Nazimabad’s map above you can clearly see how aesthetically the curved roads and plots have been designed within mostly rectanguar grids. Atleast to me this is the town planning of highest aesthetic order.

Read more


Dolmen Mall in North Nazimabad!!

Finally a place for the teenagers of North Nazimabad to hang out at? Or just another window shopping chance for the area’s aunties. Decked with branded shops from top to bottom, I was forced to think if the shops were considering a revision in prices to cater to the customers in this part of the city. Not saying of course, that people here are any poorer but it is a general perception here that the ‘old money’ in North Nazimabad, is less ostentatious than pull paar affluent.

Serious shoppers still head to Hyderi, that’s exactly opposite Dolmen Mall. Hyderi, too has its own version of shopping mall in the form of Madni Mall. Nonetheless, for all those who used to head to Zamzama for shoe shopping can now find some good brands right here.


Another New Park – Fateh Park, North Nazimabad

Yesterday, Naib Nazim Nasrin Jalil, inaugurated Fateh Park North Nazimabad, part of the CDGK drive to build more parks at a mohallah level. Other parks on the agenda are Jheel Park, Quaid Park Landhi, Aziz Bhatti and Hill Park. Fateh Park has a jogging track, walking path, canopies, lights,
beautiful fountains, benches, dustbins, flowery patches, shadow trees,
modern swings and slides etc.

Whats interesting about this park is not that it opened, but rather that it was one of the ‘freezed’ projects when the present city government took over.

Back in february, in a comment to Umar’s post, D0CT0r made the following observation about fateh park

only reason that i can think of for freezing of funds for these parks
by MQM is that they’re both started by Ex Nazim Naimutullah Khan.. and
his residence is walking distance from these parks…

Guess political rivalry doesn’t play much part here after all. As far as this blogger is concerned, “Daer aaye, durust aaye” has much more relevance.


Pak-Hind Dosti Mushaira 2006 @ Annu Bhai Park, Nazimabad Karachi

I was in a “Mushaira” for the first time, last night. It was scheduled to start at 8:00 Pm but at that time the stage was even not prepared…. But recording of some old Mushaira was streaming in the background “It is 11:20 Pm and the beginning of Mushaira” JUST 3 Hours and 20 Minutes late…(Not to say more as It is Karachi :)
27 Poets & Poetess recited their “Kalaam” (poetry) and it continues till Azan-e-Fajar. The crowd behaved gently and pleased every nice Kalaam.
It was a good experience…


Security Alert

After the gruesome incident of terrorist attack on two (02) buses at Banaras Chowk which resulted in the death of ten (10) innocent persons and injuries to over twenty (20) persons, MQM announced Yum-E-Sog (mourning) late last night.

In addition to this, Karachi Traders Association (KTA) and Karachi Road Transport Association (KRTA) have also decided to keep the markets closed and public transport off the roads. Since morning transport has been scanty and markets and petrol pumps are closed.

Few incidents of firing have been reported in Golimar and Baldia resulting in deaths / injuries. Since morning July 08 youngsters have been observed stopping vehicular movement in Gulshan, Bahadurabad, Clifton, DHA Korangi Road, PECHS, Shaheed Millat Road, Garden F.B. Area, Azizabad, Nazimabad and North Nazimabad, therefore, play safe by restricting movements.


Protest Rally

Today the Ulema Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat, previously known as Sipahe Sahaba Pakistan and Jamat Ud Dawa, will take out a rally from Numaish Chowrangi, M.A. Jinnah Road up to Karachi Press club at 1500 hrs. Keeping in view yesterday’s targeted killings of the sector in-charge of Sipahe Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and an activist of Sunni Tahreek (ST) in North Nazimabad and Ranchor Lines, the above mentioned rally has a high potential to cause traffic disruption and violence.


Aalmi Mushaira 2011

Thanks MQM for arranging such an event for people of Karachi. This event held at Annu bhai park nazimabad with good security measures by MQM workers.


12 Rabiul Awal Processions

As you are already aware that Eide Milad un Nabi is being celebrated throughout the Country. Reportedly two (02) processions will be taken out in Karachi tomorrow February 16th being 12 Rabi ul Awal. The details of the same are appended below:

First procession will start From Memon Masjid, Kharadar/ Methadar and end at Nishtar Park. The second procession will start from Golimar (Rizvia Socity), through Lasbela, Teen hatti, Liaqtabad 10 #, Nazimabad # 2, Nazimabad # 7, Paposh Nagar and it will end at Golimar (Rizvia Socity).

Beside the above main procession, police has identified a number of smaller processions such as, 11 in New Karachi town, 09 in Nazimabad town, 07 in North Nazimabad town, 07 in Korangi town, 05 in Malir town, 03 in Shah Faisal town, 02 in Clifton town, 01 in Saddar Town and 01 in Gulshan Iqbal town. Traditionally all these small processions will converge on main procession at Nishtar Park, M A Jinnah Road.

Due to expected security concerns ,M.A. Jinnah Road will be closed a night before the actual timing (i.e. on Tuesday night to Wednesday evening). Shahra-e- Faisal may also witness traffic congestion due to movement of small processions. Incidentally Home Department, Sindh has imposed ban on pillion riding for two days with effect from today.

Please exercise due caution/care and plan your movements accordingly.


Eid Milad un Nabi Rallies

Please be informed that Eid Milad un Nabi Rallies being taken out in various parts of Karachi.

The tentative schedule of these rallies for today, Friday February 26 are:

* At 02:00 pm Sunni Tehreek will take out rally from Landhi No. 89 up to Liaquatabad Dakkana.

* Then at 08:00 pm Sunni Tehreek will take out rally from Dakkana Chowrangi, Liaquatabad up to Chuttan Shah Mazar, Kharadar.

* At 09:00 pm Jamaat Islami will hold a Jalsa at Cheeku ground, North Nazimabad.

* At 09:00 pm Sunni Rabita Council Pakistan will take out procession from Landhi No. 1 up to Landhi No. 5

* At 09:30 pmAnjuman Sarfaroshan – e – Islam will take out torch bearing rally from Saudabad up to Sadar.

* At 09:30 pm Jamaat Islami will organize a Jalsa at Gosht Gali, Lasbella Chowk.


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