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Dhobi gath in lyari



Lyari operation begins

A few days ago all the shopkeepers of Lyari a downtrodden area of this metropolis were handed chits. Each chit contained an amount which was to be collected later by the members of two gangs that operate there. Upon much hue and cry by these poor shop owners the government has finally taken action.

The whole area of Lyari is divided amongst the Ghaffar Zikri and Rehman Dakait gangs, they collect bhatta, run diesel from Gwader and engage in the drugs trade openly and without fear of punishment. They also provide a safe haven for most ransomists who kidnap people and keep them in Lyari till the ransom is received.

2 days ago, the rangers entered the narrow lanes of this area and set up pickets and are now carrying out a siege and search mission to recover kidnapped persons, arms and drugs as well as drug traffikers. Finally someone is doing something for the residents of Lyari, I hope after this the authorities will shift their focus on a city wide scale as well to counter the spurt of increasing robberies and crime.

The criminals of this city need to be taught that crime does not pay so that new entries into such gangs can be eliminated.


Police Action in Lyari

Later today evening the police in Karachi did a massive crackdown on gangsters located within the densely populated area of Lyari which then erupted in a gun battle, reports came in that a few people have been killed and a number injured. It seems that IG Karachi Shoaib Suddle in getting into action

Police in Karachi were embroiled in a deadly gunbattle with gangsters Wednesday in Lyari, a rundown town of the country’s biggest city. Police sent 100 officers and four armoured vehicles into Lyari on Wednesday in a bid to arrest underworld kingpins fighting a bloody turf war, Lyari police chief Imran Shaukat said. However, the officers met stiff resistance from gang members armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades. Shaukat said there were “a few casualties, some fatal.” He said at least one gangster was killed and police also suffered casualties. DAWN Latest News


ATP covers Lyari Expressway
All Things Pakistan recently covered the Lyari Expressway. The post is a detail overview with some good pictures (though not very clear) added for explanation. Its a detail account of technical info plus stats on expenditure & distance calculations as well as different issues associated with the Expressway. An excellent post by Owais Mughal. Read More


Lyari Expressway- the Human Factor

According to this report, the Lyari Expressway has already missed two deadlines and now plans to open the southbound section running from Sohrab Goth to Mauripur for traffic by end of 2007.

The major hindrance in its completion, according to Lieutenant Colonel Adil Khan, the Commanding Officer of the FWO overseeing its construction, are the land owners who refuse to vacate the site without adequate compensation. These people who are entitled to another plot and a cheque of Rs. 50,000 have become victims to the bureaucratic management at the office of Lyari Expressway Resettlement Project’s commissioner’s who blames the Revenue Department for not providing him with the lists of people whose claims had to be settled.
Read more


Lyari and football

The beleaguered residents of Lyari finally have something to smile about – the football World Cup. An area that is wracked with crime, violence, drugs and, lately, illegal forced evictions (for the much criticised expressway) is getting a respite from crime during the World Cup.

It’s good to finally have some positive news out of Lyari . The residents’ joie de vivre this football season is a bit like the atmosphere in Brazilian favelas. Let’s hope the electricity stays on through Brazil’s matches – else the party atmosphere may quickly turn into riots.


Tensions in Lyari after political clashes

I happened to be in the vicinity of Kakri Ground yesterday, not knowing that there had been some political clashes late night on June 2 over an MQM rally to be held there on June 3.

Since i happen to be in the area almost once a month or so, th elack of traffic was visible. Infact, i managed to drive through from Bombay Bazaar to the Sarafa Bazaar in under 2 minutes. Those who go there often know that walking is the fastest way to get around in those lanes. It takes over 10 minutes to pull that drive through.

I asked the shopkeeper, his satirical response ” the political leaders of our nation have decided toi speak to us poor people”. Whay ofcourse, they speak to the poor people, but when they do, they force the shops shut so that the poor man who earns a daily living is starved. what a price to pay for politicians that dont do a thing for you.

So far Lyari has only recieved promises, wheras the rest of Karachi undergoes a make over. Sad.

On a slightly humourous note, heres an interesting image of a closed jewellers shop board.


Lyari gets Rs. 805 million grant

According to this news report, Lyari Town has recently recieved Rs. 805 million as part of a special package that will help the development of the area.

The package also includes a 6MGD additional supply of water from the recently complete K-III system.

Lyari happens to be home to several of Pakistans boxers (which are now packing quite a punch on the international boxing scene) and footballers.

Lyari was in dire need of develelopment funds and it is hoped that these funds will be the first in the series of many that will help bring Lyari at par with the developments in other localities.

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MQM to sit in opposition if reservations not removed

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has stated that if its reservations regarding security situation in Karachi are not removed, they will cosider sitting in opposition. In a statement issued a while ago MQM said : “ The terrorists of Lyari gang war and other criminal groups have continued to kidnap and kill the innocent activist of the MQM. While some elements of the provincial government are patrioinsing these elements ”  More


Sea View sewerage

Every saturday I and my friend end up at Sea View for a walk minus everything else but clothes and shoes. No watches, no mobile and no other luxuries. But the presence of raw sewerage going into the beach makes us sad. Sadder still that not many people take note of it until they can actually smell it. Even then the registration of their protest is mild at best.

We, the Karachi wallas, have gotten used to the atrocities committed in our city in our name. Yet, as citizens, we do nothing and try nothing.

Plastic bags, excrete and people peeking pan are some other issues which need urgent attention. Otherwise, this beach would soon resemble Lyari naddi.


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