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MQM to sit in opposition if reservations not removed

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has stated that if its reservations regarding security situation in Karachi are not removed, they will cosider sitting in opposition. In a statement issued a while ago MQM said : “ The terrorists of Lyari gang war and other criminal groups have continued to kidnap and kill the innocent activist of the MQM. While some elements of the provincial government are patrioinsing these elements ”  More


Dhobi gath in lyari



Sea View sewerage

Every saturday I and my friend end up at Sea View for a walk minus everything else but clothes and shoes. No watches, no mobile and no other luxuries. But the presence of raw sewerage going into the beach makes us sad. Sadder still that not many people take note of it until they can actually smell it. Even then the registration of their protest is mild at best.

We, the Karachi wallas, have gotten used to the atrocities committed in our city in our name. Yet, as citizens, we do nothing and try nothing.

Plastic bags, excrete and people peeking pan are some other issues which need urgent attention. Otherwise, this beach would soon resemble Lyari naddi.


7th Lux Style Awards Highlights

One hears so much hoopla these days whenever something controversial happens. Financial situation has gotten worse, many banks are rumoured to be closing down and cutting down operations, while commodity prices are reaching new highs. A lot of budget cuts are happening in case of brands, cancellation of campaigns, concerts and what not.

It was a high time that an event happened to shake this town a bit. Seventh Lux Style Awards did just that. Shook up some people and created lots of controversies.

LSA was postponed in August to be held in Karachi at the DHA Golf Club on 29th Oct, 08, with much razzmatazz and security precautions. Whatever and however the event was organized, one has to give credit to the brand for going ahead with the event even when every head in the industry was going this way and that.

I’ll steer away from the controversy wagon about who wore what and said what. That’s just an industry thing and happens all the time (e.g. Gia going bald). What I will review on however is: how I was blown away by the performance of Reshma,–a very well known Punjabi folk singer–Atif Aslam and Shehzad Roy. Their fusion performance received a resounding round of applause. Reshma also received the Lifetime Achievement Award and candidly accepted the fact that she could not speak English and would prefer commenting in Punjabi.

Yes, there were lulling minutes, when the power went down; heck, it’s Karachi after all! At least the audience didn’t have to wait for the ceremony to start for hours. Shaan and Ali Azmat did fitting anchoring of the show along their female cohorts. And for the first time, students from NAPA and NCA were recognized and four outstanding students (two each from NAPA and NCA) were awarded Unilever Scholarships.

Continue for a complete list of winners: Read more


Lyari operation begins

A few days ago all the shopkeepers of Lyari a downtrodden area of this metropolis were handed chits. Each chit contained an amount which was to be collected later by the members of two gangs that operate there. Upon much hue and cry by these poor shop owners the government has finally taken action.

The whole area of Lyari is divided amongst the Ghaffar Zikri and Rehman Dakait gangs, they collect bhatta, run diesel from Gwader and engage in the drugs trade openly and without fear of punishment. They also provide a safe haven for most ransomists who kidnap people and keep them in Lyari till the ransom is received.

2 days ago, the rangers entered the narrow lanes of this area and set up pickets and are now carrying out a siege and search mission to recover kidnapped persons, arms and drugs as well as drug traffikers. Finally someone is doing something for the residents of Lyari, I hope after this the authorities will shift their focus on a city wide scale as well to counter the spurt of increasing robberies and crime.

The criminals of this city need to be taught that crime does not pay so that new entries into such gangs can be eliminated.


Police Action in Lyari

Later today evening the police in Karachi did a massive crackdown on gangsters located within the densely populated area of Lyari which then erupted in a gun battle, reports came in that a few people have been killed and a number injured. It seems that IG Karachi Shoaib Suddle in getting into action

Police in Karachi were embroiled in a deadly gunbattle with gangsters Wednesday in Lyari, a rundown town of the country’s biggest city. Police sent 100 officers and four armoured vehicles into Lyari on Wednesday in a bid to arrest underworld kingpins fighting a bloody turf war, Lyari police chief Imran Shaukat said. However, the officers met stiff resistance from gang members armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades. Shaukat said there were “a few casualties, some fatal.” He said at least one gangster was killed and police also suffered casualties. DAWN Latest News


An ordinary citizen’s assessment on different crimes in city

After reading barristerakc‘s comment i wonder what our police and intelligence agencies are doing if even ordinary citizens know about crime-pattern in this city. I shall reproduce his assessment as post and readers may agree/disagree but it seems like its more of a will problem than anything else when its resources vs performance. In a recent press conference the IG Sindh announced changes to improve the performance of policemen but as Sindh Police plans a low intensity operation, intelligence and honesty to the cause would be the key Read more


Dhandli in NA 249

The following report was sent out by Taj Haider, Coordinator, PPP Central Secretariat, Karachi, today. It concerns allegations of rigging in the constituency that returned Farooq Sattar. In the interests of fairness, I intend to speak to Sattar to get his version of events as soon as he gets some time to sit down for a chat.

Posts about the MQM predictably generate a lot of heat here on KMB. Whatever the truth behind those points of difference, I think Sattar is definitely one of the more agreeable personalities in the MQM and I know many of the party’s political opponents feel the same way. He is a workaholic, approachable and relishes talking about policy if you want to engage him. It’s a pity that his election is mired in controversy.

DHANDLI NAMA, 19 February 2008


MQM broke all records of rigging, ballot paper stamping and high handedness in Karachi to make sure that the mandate of the democracy loving people of Karachi was reversed. While results from even the far flung areas were being shown on television channels Karachi results were held up and it was almost this morning when the reversed and highly manipulated results in favor of MQM were given to the channels.
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Election Watch : NA-249 / Karachi – XI up to the final ten seats of Karachi beign covered on KMB Election Watch Series we head on towards Karachi NA-249 Karachi XI. KMB Election watch has previously covered NA-239, NA-240, NA-241, NA-242, NA-243, NA-244, NA-245, NA-246, NA-247 & NA-248, the countdown has begun with 11 seats evaluated we are left with nine more, I feel the entire series is very relevant for the people of Karachi and if someone is planning to vote it may be entirely relevant for the specific voter.

The constituency comprises some important business and trading localities of the old city areas, including Kharadar, Mithadar, Boulton Market, Ranchore Lane, Dharamsiwara, Nanakwara, Napier Quarters, Ramswami and Nabi Bakhsh and Jubilee market area, Pan Mandi, and KMC stadium in Saddar Town. Some parts of Lyari Town, which include Saeedabad, Singoo Lane, Sarbazi Mohalla, Lasi Mohalla, Mundra Mohalla, Khud Basti, Bakra Piri, Allama Iqbal Colony and Usmanabad.

Jamait Ulema-e-Islam’s (JUI) Karachi chief, Shabbir Abu Talib, is contesting from NA-249, opposite Dr Farooq Sattar. Dr Sattar. JUI has negotiated an understanding with PPP and is getting full support from PPP in the National Assembly while it will in turn support the PPP candidates in both the provincial seats of PS-110 & PS-111

Till 1970s, the JUI, had been a dominating political force in the constituency. In the 1980s, ethnic polarization in the city changed the political trends in favour of the MQM, which emerged as a strong political force in the 1988 elections when Dr Farooq Sattar won the seat by securing 40,716 votes against Habib Memon of the PPP (16,028 votes). In the 1990 elections, Dr Farooq Sattar returned from here by securing 52,887 votes against the JUP chief (35,804)
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Election Watch : NA-248 / Karachi – X Watch Series leads up to our tenth seat in Karachi NA-248 Karachi X. We have previously covered NA-239, NA-240, NA-241, NA-242, NA-243, NA-244, NA-245, NA-246 & NA-247, only ten more to go, will seem like an eternity to complete the entire series but I think it relevant for Karachi and if someone is planning to vote it may be fully relevant for the specific voter

The NA-248 comprises in full the Lyari area such as Agra Taj Colony, Katchi Colony, Juma Baloch Road, Naval Colony, New Kalri, Hingorabad Darayabad, Baloch Para, Liaquat Colony, Nawabad, Khadda, Memon Society, People’s Playground, Baghdadi, Shah Beg Lane, Basra Colony, Moosa Lane, Kakri Ground, Miran Naka, Mandra Mohalla, Gulistan Colony, Rangiwara, Moinabad, Hazara Colony, Punjabi Mohalla, Photo Lane, Karo Lane, Kalakot, Nabi Dad Lane, Juman Shah Plot, Sheedi Village Road, Noor Elahi Road and Gul Mohammad Lane, Chawkiwara.

The NA-248 is only the traditional seat in the city where the PPP has always defeated its rival parties. However, the results of the previous elections show that the dents appeared in the PPP vote-bank as in the 1997 election, its candidates won the seat with a margin of 300 votes against a PML-N candidate.

The Muttahida also has solid vote-bank in the Urdu-speaking areas of Lyari. but not enough to cause any form of discomfort for Nabil Gabol, with assassination of Benazir Bhutto this People’s party hub will come out in full force to support the PPP candidate of this constituency
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