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>>>Who am I? {{I am what would be called in the western world as a YUPPIE. A "Young Urban Professional". I am 26, and am an engineer of Oil and Gas mining. I have been living in this city for over 18 years, however, spent my college days in Austin, Texas, where I developed a healthy interest in Architecture and urban issues. In Karachiite terms, I would be called a "Burger". Especially also, because I live in the Southern locality of the city -- across the bridge of big divide, and report (for the major part) for the Clifton, Defence area.}} >>> Why do I blog here? {{Lots of issues in this city gain little attention of the press. However, this city has a lot of potential and a lot of things that can be improved here if rightful awareness is raised. I do this blogging as a personal "Jihad" to put try make it a better place.}} >>> Where can you find more work by me? {{I do have another blog which I use to rant about Pakistan and global politics and other issues. It is not updated quite often, however you can view it at }} Do comment.


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