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May I too…..,Please ?

Looking at this number plate makes me wonder who’s visiting card would i actually need in my pocket to bypass the law and have a fake Illegal numberplate on my car too, because no one really violates any law in here, they just ….. bypass it.

Foto of the day

Shared from a friend.

Is this legal?

Spotted near Jinnah Bridge today

Spotted near Jinnah Bridge yesterday

A few weeks ago, I also saw a car with the number plate saying Benazir. It also had blackened windows.

Excellent strategy to make sure you are never stopped by the police!  Take lesson folks.

Tombstone! No a number plate actually.

kmb609Suitable for a tombstone maybe but for car’s a number plate ! at least I wouldn’t want THAT on mine. And this number plate is seriously fake as the numbers are not embossed, there is no stamped government monogram, the letters are just hand painted on a green tin plate, and the car is yet on the road.

Park with difference!

How did he park there?
Stylish Parking

What drives insanity?

Every now and then we hear horror stories about reckless driving. I got to know of one such case where a person who was driving at speed of 120 without any reason. He first hit two motorcycles subsequently, killing both the commuters and then while he was being chased by the police, he lost control completely, he hit another car and now that guy is hospital in serious condition including fractures and head injury, and if he pulls it through then he will be in hospital for 3 months minimum. I hope he recovers. No good reason for anyone who is in such practice, even for the high which is sometimes stupidly proclaimed by some people.

This reminds me that there was some event of Car Racing organized in Hamara Karachi festival this year about which I wanted to write way back but I somehow forgot. Sab choro I mean how can you allow racing on the roads in the first place, even with whatever safety arrangements you claim. This decision was utter foolishness. Can’t we bring in some stuff except the boating, eating and racing?! C’mmon, wake up! I guess we seriously need some brains working.

Zardari mania – in Karachi

Mr Zardari is everywhere; in the Presidency, in the newspapers, on the television and plastered on the numerous hoardings and billboards that adorn the city of (candle) lights. Someone has taken this Zardari mania a step further and put his name on his car’s number plate.

Sighted at Civic Centre.

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