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Driver Education Drive- Lesson 2

Most people out on the roads of Karachi are in a hurry to get somewhere in time. It’s not like people are very particular about being punctual, but when driving, the sense of urgency still prevails. Under such circumstances, even the most law abiding citizens feel its justified to ignore the red light, or drive in the wrong lane, or simply put- be a menace to others on the road.

Safety signs on the Super Highway read ‘Better Late than Never’. I propose a modification. Being Early never hurt anyone. If everyone gave themselves a 20 minute cushion, instead of leaving for their destination just in time to make it on time, the traffic situation would greatly improve. All the comments on the previous post in the series suggested, if everyone could just be a little patient, half the problems wouldn’t exist. But, when pressed for time, no one even considers being patient.

So the next time, you absolutely have to reach somewhere on time, give yourself a good time margin when you take to the wheel. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Driver Education Drive- Lesson 1

Even after all the signal-less corridors and the underpasses and the overheads, the traffic situation in Karachi doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Traffic jams, bottlenecks- CHAOS are still daily occurrences on the city’s thoroughfares. But, there are ways to avoid the everyday mess on our roads.

In this new series ‘Driver Education Drive’, authors at KMB will post a lesson every now and then, which if every driver on the roads to Karachi could make a point to follow, Karachi’s roads would be a much safer place to drive. That everyone will save on time and fuel will come as an added benefit.

Lesson # 1

Never drive the wrong direction on a one-way road.

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