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Guess what is this? It’s a Doughnut!

It’s been some time that I blogged and when I saw this, I thought a good opportunity to capture it and see what guesses the readers can come up with.

Don’t worry, this is about Karachi, something edible and easily available here.

So, what is this exactly?

Definitely a story is attached with this. And here it is after a day long wait:

It’s a Doughnut (Billie Jeans kinda got it right). Not a home baked doughnut even. A “Dunkin’ Donut” double chocolate doughnut of all the things, which arrived with the double sandwich deal they are currently running. This simultaneously amazed and icked me out.


Royal Valentine Evening

Lasania Cattle – Sacrificial Animals

lc Over the years marketing has taken different dimensions and the medium of internet is no exception. One trend is designing websites for sacrificial animals. Here is one for you. Will post others if i come across :
Gallery section is designed well, video section is a broken link and “About us” is also incomplete. Not sure if this flash-loader is a good idea here. Better skip to main content. Reason i am posting this is people want to jump onto “kaam kee baat” i.e some snaps or animals and contact which is very much there.

Mom’s Kitchen

Delivery currently only availabe in the Karachi Metro area.

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 Deals

Deal 1 – Serves 4 people ………………. 530.00 PKR
1 Jumbo Biryani
4 Shami Kababs
1 Raita
1 Salad
1 Pepsi

Deal 2- Servers 1 Person ………………. 150.00 PKR
1 Single Biryani
1 Shami Kabab
1 Raita
1 Soft Drink 300Ml

Deal 3 – Serves 2 People ………………. 220.00 PKR
1 Double Biryani
1 Raita
1 Zarda
1 Soft Drink 300ml

Deal 4 – Servers 8 People ………………. 1.050.00 PKR
2 Jumbo Biryani
8 Shami Kababs
2 Raita
2 Salad
2 Soft Drink 1.5L NR

Deal 5 – Servers 12 People ………………. 1.650.00 PKR
3 Jumbo Biryani
12 Shami Kababs
3 Raita
3 Salad
2 Zarda
3 Pepsi 1.5L

Deal 6 – Serves 1 Person (BBQ) ………………. 165.00 PKR
1 Chicken Tikka
1 Paratha
1 Soft Drink 300ml

For more : momskitchen

The Elbow Room at Karachi Airport

The Elbow Room occupies a small decent and elegant corner in the Domestic Lounge of Karachi Airport

The Elbow Room occupies a small decent and elegant corner in the Domestic Lounge of Karachi Airport

Sadia’s Kitchen


Karachi Deals


I recently came across an interesting service: KarachiDeals, which carries information about a host of deals and promotions in telecom, clothing, fast food, apparel, restaurants, travel etc. Being a Karachiite this site would appeal to anyone who wants to find deals in their areas of interest. For Ramadan, many Iftar, Sehri and Eid shopping deals have also been added.

The website has easy navigation with blog like tags and search options but I think they could do more to make it stand out.  The most attractive feature is that it not only lists down latest deals and promotions but also carries images of the ad promoting the deals, adding to the authenticity of what is being said.

Definitely worth checking out and revisit if you are interested in discounts and deals.

Sehri & Iftar Deals in town this Ramazan (Ramadan)

IFTAR DINNER BUFFET: Rs. 750 Including Tax

IFTAR DINNER BUFFET: Rs. 550 Including Tax

IFTAR DINNER BUFFET: Rs. 500 Including Tax
RAMADAN SPECIAL: 1 Zinger & 1 Drink: Rs. 150
RAMADAN SPECIAL: 9 Piece Bucket of Chicken & 1.5 liter Soda: Rs. 750

RAMADAN SPECIAL: Order any medium meal deal for Rs. 260 Including Tax
RAMADAN SPECIAL: Buy any dessert or shake of over Rs. 90 and get 1 free (both deals valid 7:30-9:30pm)

For more KarachiSnob

McDonalds Teacher Day appreciation program – Does NOT protect student privacy

McDonalds - Sab Sey Best Teacher Kaun? Campaign Billboard

McDonalds - Sab Sey Best Teacher Kaun? Campaign Billboard

Yesterday while on a routine visit to the McDonalds for a regular family meal on Tariq Road I noticed their new teacher appreciation program “Sab Say Best Teacher Kaun” an attempt to select the best teacher by public voting from the 20th April at all McDonalds outlets, in return the kids may even win themselves a free Kiddy Meal.

Surely this is a commendable social effort, appreciating the hard working teachers. On the form provided by McDonalds the student has to write a short comment as to why the teacher should be selected and in order to complete the entry [possibly to also win the prize] they also share their personal contact information and school particulars, submitting these entries to the respective McDonalds outlets

Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Center (KITCC)

Thalassaemia major is a fatal disease of the blood. Many people go on through their lives while having thalassaemia minor and never knowing about it. When two such individuals produce a child , the child has a very large chance of having Thalassaemia major.

For a Thalassaemia patient to have any chance of survival they need a blood transfusion every 15 days of their life. Currently the demand for blood for these patients is 15000 bottles of blood a month. The blood banks of this city cannnot and do not provide enough blood for these patients and this is why many of them die premature deaths, many times before reaching adulthood.

Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre (KITCC) is all set to launch a blood bank which will cater exclusively to the needs of these patients. A year ago MB from Karachi metroblogs did a post about this organization here.

All of us can give blood once every 3 months, I urge all of you reading this to please if possible provide blood to this organization. Your precious blood will save a persons life through them. I also urge all the bloggers of this forum to take up on Mb’s initiative and spread the message of awareness for this center and disease. It is very important for 2 thalasaemia minor patients not to marry and have children to add to the toll of this disease, for this people are advised to get blood tests done before marriage.

Please note (KITCC) provides blood “FREE OF COST”. i personally will not only be donating blood for this cause but will try to round up as many people as I can to do this. Please help, your help is needed now!!!!

Their contact info is

Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Center (KITCC) , Becham Road, Laiqabad, Landhi, Karachi – 75120
(+92-21)-8232414 , (+92-21)-4515600 , (+92-21)-5021188 (Fax)

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