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The Murder of The Innocent.

 In this country innocents get murdered every day, may they be the victims of a bomb blast, a pedestrian trying to cross a road, a collage student waiting for a bus, a person resisting a robbery bid, or pet dog sitting calmly outside his house.

Here is just another one of the heartbreaking narrative:

In Other Blogs: Balti Baths

Living in Karachi we are always complaining that the national resources are low on clean water, we complain of the load shedding and power breakdowns, gas water heaters rendering useless at times with the gas load shedding. But between all those complains and whinings how easily we forget that we can conveniently over come at least one of our issues by simply changing our showering habits, actually not even changing but going back to the good old ways, and enjoying it, yes I am talking about the Balti Baths, and this blog that I came across today, give it a read and you might too turn to enjoy the Balti Baths in the future.

Here is the Blog for your read:

Karachi – Early morning fog

Bundle of thanks to friend Asif Khan for pics. My immediate reaction was “Heck no, this isn’t Karachi, or is it?” . See if you can figure out difference places in these pics.

In Other Blogs: Karachi ek maa hai, Bambai bichada hua beta.

I came across this blog by Samvartha ‘Sahil’, where he mentions a poem by Nida Fazil. 
 Here is the poem he mentions: 

” Karachi ek maa hai

Bambai bichada hua beta

yeh rishta pyar ka pakeezha rishta hai jise ab tak

na koi tod paaya hai

na koi tod paayega

na meri maa kabhi talwaar taane ran me aayi hai

na maine apni maa ke saamne bandook uthaayi hai

yeh kaisa shor-o-hangaama hai yeh kiski ladaayi hai

Karaachi ek maa hai. ”
                        Nida Fazli, 

Read the rest of his blog here.

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