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Karachi Traffic Police – Shan e Beniyazi

Rain – Its coming again

Pic taken near F.B Area

Pizza hut – All You Can Eat @ 599

Police Reporting Center or Ghost Reporting Center ?

Is it a coincidence or what that since last week i have been to this place near Eid Gaah (MA Jinnah) 4 times and i havnt seen anyone sitting here. Is it one of those run-time arrangements which are prepared for photo sessions for Ministers/PM etc visit? And the worst is, it wasn’t the only one, i have seen few like these at other places too.

Night Ramadan Cricket


Karachi Becoming Unbearably Unpredictable

Karachi is becoming more and more unpredictable every day. Today when everything seemed to be running smoothly, when all of a sudden around 3:30 in the evening a news alert announced 2 people being shot dead in the area near airport. I expected it to be the usual target killing which had been resulting in 2 to 5 killings every day in the city. But I was wrong. This killing had taken lives of members of a political party and their followers were not happy about it.

Minutes later reports of violence, firing and unrest started to pour in. I called in and smsed several of my friends, cousins, asking where their they were, updating them of the cities situation and hoping they reach home safe and sound. My eyes glued to the TV, panicking at every incident which would take place somewhere, some place near their possible path. My trauma lasted over an hour before everyone I was in touch  with was home safe.

Exhausted by the time I dosed off for an hour, when I woke up I realized that the trauma and misery of the city had continued and had actually gotten worst. Over 9 vehicles were being reported to have been set ablaze, there was a report that one of the car was burnt with the driver still inside. Several were injured in this spell of violence, many other effected as terror prevailed taking away the peace of mind of the citizens of the city.

At a time when 14 million people of the country have been effected, rendered homeless by the floods in the country. Every day epidemics, and harsh situation these homeless people are faced with are taking them more vulnerable, more fragile more difficult to survive another day. At a time we should be out there collecting funds and sending help to these millions of people who need us but we are too busy killing one another bringing city to a halt, forcing people to stop their businesses, interrupting their routine forcing them to stay home fearing for their lives and that of their loved ones day in day out.

This city of lights is becoming more and more heartless, it wont let us do much for the flood victims, for other fellow human beings, it will just keep us busy worrying sick for our safety and that of our loved ones. It will keep us crippled till we either become heartless like the city its self, or rise to rebel and revolt anyone and every one who tries to terrorize us.

Free Iftar @ Memon Masjid


“Democratic terror” in Karachi over Shoe incident reporting

PPP jiyalas (jiyala seems a tribute, lets change it to ghundaz or something similar) have decided to show their democratic muscle by resorting to threats and terrorizing GEO/ARY media groups. Apparently jilayaz “continued pouring in at the scene since noon today, sustained the siege of the offices and pelted them with stones. The PPP operatives showed shoes to the Geo News workers and uttered abusive words and set on fire the copies of Daily Jang. The party workers went on wall chalking spree under police cover writing bad meaning sentences and graffiti against Geo and Jang; however, police and administration kept standing as silent spectators.” more . .   (and more here)

One can see why i have often said all current major political parties in PAK are different shades of the same rotten faces. When it was possible all have used terror to silence anyone who has opposed their views. We saw it on May 12 in previous setup and now the PPP has decided to silence its critics. For ordinary man, democracy in PAK hasnt been anything better than a self decieving dream. While the country is under water, PPP gov instead of some work has decided to scare few media groups for exposing it While international press is questioning Zardari’s own personality, local media has simply reported some ugly truths but looks like PPP is still living in 90s or probably like Raja said 70s. Shall we learn anything from history?

Its coming again . . .

Or is it? This pic taken 20 min back shows black coulds over Gulshan side.

Huge Traffic Jam at Shahra e Faisal

Update: Traffic cleared [ 05:30pm ]
If you are coming from Regent side and going towards Karsaz/Airport, be careful because there is a huge traffic jam out there.

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