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Stop Thinking.. Start Moving

The latest offering from Engro Foods, the makers of Olpers Milk, who gave us “Subha bakhair zindagee”, comes Olwell calcium enriched milk. But its not the milk which has taken my attention, its the campaign surrounding it. It literally ‘forces’ you to act, forces you to do have it with catch phrases as


Start training in rhytm… so you’re unstoppable
Start moving to the beat… so you’re unstoppable and so on.

Edit: Apologies for getting the heading wrong, there are actually TWO similar slogans, and i read one of each. They are 1) Stop Thinking, Start Moving and 2) Stop Ageing Start Living.

New Coffee Shop: Cafe Coffee

A new coffee shop has recently opened up in Zamzama (as if there weren’t enough in the first place). The place is called Cafe coffee and I must say so far I have been very impressed. Being new and kind of hidden (found across the street of Roasters Coffee, behind Arizona Grill) not many people know about this hidden gem yet.
So let me tell you the highlights of my experience.

The prices are actually decent and the selection is excellent. Their food menu is also quite delicious, with subs sandwiches and cakes.
I’ve had the frappes, the green tea and the peach iced tea, and have yet to be disappointed. The taste is actually really nice!
Beyond these seemingly common features of coffee shops these days, the one thing that has made Cafe Coffee stand out to me has been the service. All the waiters seem to enjoy their work, with big smiles, and will truly go the length to ensure you’re well taken care of.
The ambience of the place is also very bright with a diversity of music playing in the background.
There is even a divided section for smoking and non smoking! Not like Costa’s make shift non smoking room, Cafe Coffee has 2 different levels, smoking being on the upper level.
The one drawback I see is that there is only one shared bathroom, so if you’re in a group and you all need the washroom, you may find yourself waiting.

Do check it out, it’s a great alternative to the coffee goer enthusiast.

New in Town: Tea Latte.
I spotted this product at Naheed today, From the house of Lipton an instant tea “Tea Latte”. Neatly packed in a pack of 10 and incredibly the whole pack costs Rs.50, which means you get a 150 ml cup of irresistible Doodh Pati instantly for just Rs.5.

The product is a must to try for every tea lover.

New in Town: The CNG Rickshaw.
Spotted at the Iqra University Gulshan-e-Iqbal campus, this CNG rickshaw may not look very different but it really stands out for being super quiet. Manufactured locally and costing around 1,45,000/-, this new alternative is soon to replace the noisy ones from the streets of Karachi for ever.

New in Town: Lu Wheatable Biscuits.

The Continental Biscuits Ltd. (LU) has recently launched this whole wheat high fiber Biscuit. Packed in a 180 Gram pack are five tiny ticky packs each sealed around three whole wheat biscuits. The whole pack priced Rs. 30/ is eight rupees higher then their competitor’s 170 gram pack of a similar product. Inside the pack of this “Wheatable” is also a tiny pocket size magazine, which is a healthy eating guide.

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