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Fifty Fifty – Nothing has changed in 25 years

I have a FIFTY-FIFTY collection and at times i watch it and wonder if our issues have changed during 25 years. Not a single issue highlighted then saw a day of solution as we entered 2010. Even more added to bucket. Our leadership has failed miserably in every domain. They are not only incapable of handling our problems but are oblivious at first place and too corrupt for any good expectations. A recent headline and a 50-50 clip along: 5050

Why media is mum on Karachi Killings ?

This time i am writing about a more important issue , one that is very disturbing. Disturbing because it is exposing us as a callous society only busy in their material objectives, unable to think as a group. But my point is not society, mine is even more a serious one. Our media which doesnt let go any opportunity to report president’s fever/cough is mum and silent over Karachi killings. The reporting is more of a formality then any effort to inform the readers/viewers about what is really going on. While daily ummat is the only source doing some job, our TV channels and newspapers, which are also based in Karachi mainly, are happy churning out the “usual stuff”.

karachi_killingsOur media which has done a good job in acting like a surgeon to debate each and every legal/political point is less bothered about these target killings. May be they do not want to take the wrath of the players involved or may be this is not an “attractive package” at the moment. In any case, this is a very very disturbing trend. At one hand it follows the murder of a girl and a Colonel in Punjab like a National Security issue but on other hand it is absolutely mum on the many dozen killings in mini-Pakistan.

Who is responsible for latest Karachi Killings

Karachi_killingsKarachi is once again in headlines for targeted killings and like always we have difficulty in finding the “namaloom afraad” behind. The media which is mainly Karachi based is completely silent on this (for known reasons) and is limited to informing only about deaths. Daily Ummat known for its investigative journalism has posted this story on details of the killings. Currently there are 3 parties in coalition and therefore the political responsibility squarely lies on PPP, MQM and ANP. If current situation is brought under control we may see a repeat of history but it is hoped that some quick meetings will follow to cool down the situation. We want to know readers opinion as to which party is actually responsible for these killings:


MA Jinnah Violence – Terrorists Pictures released

Following are the pictures of terrorists of MA Jinnah Road Violence after the blast. Spread this and help LEA to catch terrorists.

Click here and here for better viewing


[image: Ummat]

CCTV Footage of MA Jinnah road Violence – Help Police Catch terrorist

I would like readers to share other video links in comments. Thank you Technology. Spread this CCTV footage and help LEA to catch terrorists. In the end all i want to ask is Who won in all this ? Hussaniat or Yazeediat ?



Pictures II – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Related : Pictures – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Street Poetry on Hoarders

atrophyingsenses[ Atrophyingsenses ]

Will ANP and MQM support / oppose NRO ?

resultNRO, known now as National Robbers Ordinance is soon be tabled in NA and two parties will play a key role in its winning or loosing. This will be also the test of their “political morals” and principles since both have made much noise about the two major political parties of corruption and transferring money abroad. Moreover the “sarmayadarana” “jageerdarana” mantra is also deafening our ears since 70s as well as ANPs socialist makeup (esp the fuss they created during elections). We shall see how much their motives match their words in practicality and who is willing to give up “zaati mafad” for “ejtamai mafad”. Keep in mind, i am not using  “abstain” as a separate option as its obvious abstain means to support the motion. It is when these tests are thrown at the leadership when we see the true color of personalities. Will “principles” stay high or “siyasi mafadaat” we shall see shortly.

Clean the mess before Exit – Street Thoughts

khi_mb2Karachi police has done well till now to tackle the terrorist threat, though there is a huge potential of any incident anytime. This pic below i took an hour back reminds us of the situation we are facing. Apparently nothing extra-ordinary happening in it but i’ll tell you. These 4 jawanz on 2 bikes were constantly being a pain in my *** since neither they were leaving the fast lane nor allowing me to pass. What more, they were even not allowing anyone to come close. On two occasions the guy sitting back at right used hath ka ishara asking me to stop (sort of) to stay back on 2 turns. While seeing these vehicles was routine in KHI this never happened before, except for VIPz obviously. For a moment i felt myself being a terrorist. From their perspective i guess they were doing the right thing because we already know how the terrorists were attacking the officers these days. Recently we had 2 brigadiers being attacked, one got killed. And i think we should support them and bear inconvenience for a while.

But this is not the point i wanted to make here. My point was does the officer sitting in this vehicle understands how their decisions in one era create a huge impact for the future generations? Does he understand that this “TERRORIST” is their product from GHQ laboratories of 80z/90z. That he (and his org) is equally responsible for all the mess along with weak political setups. We cant allow them to simply incite religious emotions at one time for Jihad and then take a U-turn after 2 decades. The question , we , as citizens be asking these fellows is, now that they are feeling the heat, will they not repeat history and have they understood well the old quote : As you sow so shall you reap. We cant allow our ARMY to manufacture one WHOLE NEW GENERATION of JIHADIST and push the EXIT button on a call from Washington. As that creates million jobless Jehadist who cant be integrated into rest of the society.

We strongly need to tell them that please clean your own mess first before you EXIT.

Who can guarantee that our karta-dhartaz are not planning PROJECT-JIHAD v.2 once we are done with this “inteha-pasandi” mess. Are we learning from history or just passing a difficult phase?

The Feudal Conglomerate of Pakistan

pak-feudal-structurePakistan is country under the occupation of a feudal Conglomerate consisting of different components (show at right side in a chart). While people have almost complete freedom of movement they are restricted by design in their thinking through the very same components that makeup this setup. Terror is one of the productive weapons of this setup to keep its occupation tight. This occupation is never discussed in electronic and print media which is itself a baby in an atomic age and is hardly able to come out of the roti, kapra, makan slogan. Under the very same occupation some media groups, civil society and courts have tried to get rid of this setup and it is too early to judge if they will succeed.
You must have all seen this video which is at least not a surprise for me since we know the reality is worst than what we can imagine. This video below, however is related to Karachi. I have full sympathy to these fellows terrorized by one of the components of this feudal setup (the rangers). If they had any proof of the wrong doings the law should have taken its course but as you will see, the “official” terrorist abuse law and beat the fellows just because they belong to a particular ethnicity.
(warning : Language/violence)

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