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Who is responsible for latest Karachi Killings

Karachi_killingsKarachi is once again in headlines for targeted killings and like always we have difficulty in finding the “namaloom afraad” behind. The media which is mainly Karachi based is completely silent on this (for known reasons) and is limited to informing only about deaths. Daily Ummat known for its investigative journalism has posted this story on details of the killings. Currently there are 3 parties in coalition and therefore the political responsibility squarely lies on PPP, MQM and ANP. If current situation is brought under control we may see a repeat of history but it is hoped that some quick meetings will follow to cool down the situation. We want to know readers opinion as to which party is actually responsible for these killings:


Will ANP and MQM support / oppose NRO ?

resultNRO, known now as National Robbers Ordinance is soon be tabled in NA and two parties will play a key role in its winning or loosing. This will be also the test of their “political morals” and principles since both have made much noise about the two major political parties of corruption and transferring money abroad. Moreover the “sarmayadarana” “jageerdarana” mantra is also deafening our ears since 70s as well as ANPs socialist makeup (esp the fuss they created during elections). We shall see how much their motives match their words in practicality and who is willing to give up “zaati mafad” for “ejtamai mafad”. Keep in mind, i am not using  “abstain” as a separate option as its obvious abstain means to support the motion. It is when these tests are thrown at the leadership when we see the true color of personalities. Will “principles” stay high or “siyasi mafadaat” we shall see shortly.

Karachi Traffic Jams: WE or GOVT?

We have been observed lot of development in last few years in Karachi. But traffic problem is becoming worst day by day. In my personal experience, the distance which took around 30 minutes to reach a destination a year before now it takes not less than 30 minutes.

In your opinion, who is the responsible of traffic jams in Karachi?

  • Public: because people don’t care about rules and still want to use incorrect paths regardless the impact?
  • City Government: because they didn’t plan properly and creating problems for public?
  • Traffic Police: because they are failed to control traffic properly?


The Next Clash

khi-mafia2Karachi, being a metro & with a population of over 15 million is difficult to manage and since long been the easy target of mafiaz. Due to incompetent state supervision small mafias (sugar/water/land/religious/business/education) of different kinds have cropped up slowly without even being noticed. Some with political cover , some business,  some resource oriented and some mix of it. Latest we hearing is this case (+ more).One wonders if next clash would be among mafias. Recently there had been some reports of action against illegal water hydrants in city as well. The interest here is a prediction of which area to be focused as to which mafiaz will clash/rule the city in different dimensions (social/political) or this is just too far fetched an idea.


Nazims or Magistrates?

Gilani says local govts illegal, unconstitutional

ISLAMABAD: Defending the provinces’ demand for wrapping up the local governments, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday that the decision to replace the 150-year-old magistracy system with the local bodies was ‘illegal and unconstitutional’. ‘Former president Pervez Musharraf’s decision to make local governments a federal subject under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution was illegal and undemocratic,’ he told reporters after attending a function at the ministry of science and technology…

…The five-year tenure of the local government will expire in October and there is a strong possibility that no more LG polls will be held and the old magistracy system will come back…

…The government, he said, was taking tough and unpopular decisions to save the country from difficult situation. ‘I would not say that the government is taking popular decisions. We have to put the country on right track. We are democratic people. We have faced imprisonment not for becoming the prime minister but for the rights of the people,’ he said.

read full news story here…

It seems like we are headed back to the old draconian system of having magisterial fiefdoms. Whereas the local government gives us the advantage of choosing representatives from our own area, the magistracy system is based on having somebody appointed over you who may not even be from your area. He will not be sincere to the region, will not know its problems well, and will have a tendency to rule with an upper hand like his personal jagir – which basically gives him power over anyone else – to use and abuse as he likes without question.

Which system do you prefer? I personally have a clear preference for the local governments system; primarily because its more democratic, more modern, ensures that the person running your government is answerable to you rather than being your boss, and because it gets results. The magistracy system leads nowhere. What do you have to say? Let your voices be heard – because YOU should make such key decisions in a real democracy.


Are pakhtuns being targeted?


Lately there have been shady reports coming in from different parts of Karachi that Pakhtun hotels and dhabas are being put out of commission overnight.

There are also reports that Pakhtuns are being systematically sought out and removed from mohajir based areas as the leader of MQM has warned his party of the dangers these people somehow pose. Removal means eviction by landlords, refusal to buy goods from pakhtun businesses and so on

I thought it would be a good idea for us to engage in some citizen journalism and see if this is actually taking place or is more here say to fan the flames of ethnic violence in our city. This can easily be accomplished as most of us live in different areas of Karachi and can report via comments as to what is actually going on while trying to stay away from a political tilt in any direction.

So answer the above poll and tell us why you think this is or is not happening, based on your own locality. Pretty soon we should have a city wide grasp of the ground reality in this matter

Should public toilets charge fee for using the service?

Whats the trend all over the world? Where its charged and where its free. I have no clue but i readers input could be valuable.

Why did Mustafa Kamal go to the United States?

The purpose of city nazim Mustafa Kamal’s on-going trip to the United States has been the subject of much discussion lately. All three major English dailies, Dawn, The News and Daily Times have carried stories on it recently.

On Monday, Daily Times reported he was getting “special treatment” from the State Department because they viewed him as a potential future leader of the country. The report in Monday’s The News was also on similar lines, it quoted CNN’s State Department Correspondent Zain Virje as saying that the mayor of Karachi was a “guest with a mission”. Daily Times also published the full transcript of the interview Kamal gave to Virje, and even though Kamal played down speculation about the purpose of his visit, telling Dawn‘s Anwer Iqbal that he had come to the United States to urge American businessmen to invest in his city, speculation is still rife. (more…)

manual or auto

as the number of reconditioned and import cars increase in the city (& country), more and more people are shifting towards automatic transmission cars. earlier, people were mostly reluctant to buy old automatic cars as there were a dearth of mechanics of such gearboxes and also a lack of spare parts.

in today’s traffic conditions, it is becoming more convenient, to the extent of preference, to drive an automatic transmission car rather than a manual one.

we want to know if you prefer a manual transmission or auto?


Would You Vote?

Special shoutout to LMB and Hasan Mubarak for pointing out the Vizu website.

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